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These are some of the images I've created based completely on Norns from Creatures 2 for the PC. None of them actually exist as breeds, they are merely pictures I designed for my own amusement. Each of these was posed using NornPose for Creatures 2 and edited in Photoshop 4.0. This particular series is the Zodiac Norns! Hope you like them. My ideas of what makes the Norns who they are... it's written in the stars.

Also, all Norns pictured were posed using Norn Pose, one of the coolest Creatures programs I've played with.  Check it out at The Norn Underground!

Disclaimer: The following information is purely for entertainment value and intended to be humourous. It won't mold or change your life, nor will it bring new meaning to you existence. And please don't yell at me if your sign isn't written as you'd like it to be... it's just all in fun. ^_^ Heck, my sign is hardly flattering by this write up. ^_^;;


Okay, here it is. Since it's become a problem with a few people out there who KNOW WHO THEY ARE, this is the bottom line. My art is not public domain. It is not up to be taken for other pages and used for any purpose what so ever without written consent from me. If I, or anyone who knows me, find my artwork on any page without prior consent from me... the violator will be immediately turned in to their ISP without warning from myself. This warning is the only one would-be thiefs get.

The Aries Norn

aries.JPG (3308 bytes)
The Aries Norn is energetic, persistant, and a natural leader. These Norns have their moments, however, and when in a bad mood can be impulsive, dislike being told what to do, and have a tendency to ignore the hand without real cause. So while they are born to leadership, it is more likely they'll lead the others along, and right off a cliff edge...

The Taurus Norn
The Taurus Norn is known for patience and gentle demeanor. These placid Norns tend toward dependability and are generally very attentive. Unfortunately, they can also be stubborn and slow-moving, even ponderous to a flaw. So you'll have to wait a few moments before they refuse to do what you say and lumber off.
taurus.JPG (4710 bytes)

The Gemini Norn

gemini.JPG (5898 bytes)
The Gemini Norn is the Sultan of charm, able to win others over with a well-placed smile. Their ability to entertain, and an inquisitive nature make them highly attractive to others. On the downside, they're also the schitzos, flipping unpredictably from pleasant to restless and irritable. One minute it's "Come hand, yes." The next, "Gemini bored, run hand."

The Cancer Norn
The Cancer Norn has a kind and compasionate personality. They're very protective of those they care for, and are eager to help those in need.The flip side of the Cancer Norn is that they're terribly moody and are easily hurt emotionally. They can also be... well... crabby. In an off moment, this is the Norn most likely to give you the "Evil Grin".
cancer.JPG (4424 bytes)

The Leo Norn

leo.JPG (4151 bytes)
The Leo Norn is honest and responsible. They know there are impressionable young Norns out there and try to set a good example with their sunny disposition. Be warned, though, an angry Leo can be like a nuclear explosion! Cross them, and they become bitter and can be downright cold. In these moments, they're not above pushing an offender into the nearest sea.

The Virgo Norn
Gentle and warm, the Virgo Norn is well suited to Albian life. This humane sign knows best how to get along with others, showing an unmatched dedication to fellow Norns. But the Virgo Norn has its moments just as any other sign, they can be eccentric and nervous, and tend towards hypocondria. This is the Norn that'll have stars over its head, then get up moments later.
virgo.JPG (14956 bytes)

The Libra Norn

libra.JPG (17133 bytes)
Libra Norns have a lot going for them; they are generally cooperative, charming, and love to champion a good cause. They'd be the perfect Norn... were they not so flirtatious and indecisive. It's that Norn who's kissing one moment, then slapping the next. Or the Norn who's been going up and down on a lift for the last hour, you know the one.

The Scorpio Norn
The Scorpio Norn is an explosion of clashing characteristics, all trying to dominate at once. On one hand, they're passionately caring and protective, while possessive and somewhat overbearing. Though compassionate and concerned, this sign can become quick tempered and downright dangerous. They're the kind of Norns that could make a Grendel cry.
scorpio.JPG (10563 bytes)

The Sagittarius Norn

sagittarius.JPG (16623 bytes)
The Sagittarius Norns are optimists, and often see the best in any Creature. These happy-go-lucky Norns seem to be the most enthusiastic of all. But not all of them show these traits, as unhappy Sagittarius Norns can be arguementative and hotheaded. You'll spend hours in debate with an illtempered one: "Eat food." *Food!* "Eat food." *Food!* "EAT THE &#@! FOOD!" *Food!*

The Capricorn Norn
The Capricorn Norn is hardworking and serious. Cautious, realistic, and scrupulous; they're very nearly the most boring to watch as the tend to stick to one area and seldom stray from their small group of friends. Capricorn Norns can be highly annoying when depressed, becoming somewhat critical and unforgiving, not to mention fatalistic. You can often find them bashing their heads into walls.
cappie.JPG (13593 bytes)

The Aquarius Norn

aquarius.JPG (4138 bytes)
The Aquarius Norn can be communicative and thoughtful, keeping other Norns' needs in mind. They're interest in other Norns can sometimes turn bad, becomming a near obsessive curiousity. At worst, they may take an extreme interest in themselves. Ever wonder why that Norns's been staring at itself for the last hour?

The Pisces Norn
The Pisces Norn is the Norn of extremes. At their peak, they can be helpful, kind, and creative... while at the other end of the spectrum, they can be depressive, self-pitying, and dependant. Pisces Norns, in their worst moments, can be the perfect Norn stereotype: Continuously whining about how miserable they are, but unwilling to do a thing to help themselves.
pisces.JPG (5807 bytes)

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