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In theory, these little norns should be very social, but only among themselves.  They'll be friendly to each other, but somewhat shy around other norns and creatures.  I'm not entirely sure how noticeably inclusive these little Norns actually are, but they seem to flock towards each other most when given a choice of Norns to associate with. ^_^

The UniNorns were created by J. Vara a.k.a. Wafuru (That's me).  Lis Morris was kind enough to contribute a nice genome to give them a little bit of personality beyond that of normal norns.

The UniNorns occupy slot "U" of the Geat breeds.  With any luck, there shouldn't be too many breeds that will conflict with it.  If there are... my apologies.

And lastly, before you ask, this breed is to remain an exclusive to my (Wafuru) pages.  Please do not ask to host them, and please do not host them in spite of this statement.  What does this mean?  It means do not repost in part or in whole the package, eggs, and norns available on this page.

Female UniNorns Male
babyunigirl.bmp (50814 bytes) This is the baby stage. Aren't they cute? ^_^ babyuniboy.bmp (50814 bytes)
youngunigirl.bmp (51237 bytes) As children, their mane starts coming in, and their tails fluff up a bit. younguniboy.bmp (51237 bytes)
adultunigirl.bmp (51294 bytes) As adults, UniNorns had a full mane of flowing hair and a whispy long tail. adultuniboy.bmp (50814 bytes)
oldunigirl.bmp (50814 bytes) UniNorns really begin to show their age when they become old, the female's mane and tail goes a rather starched lilac colour, while the males lose a bit of their mane. olduniboy.bmp (50814 bytes)

We have the UniNorns in
one simple, easy to install package! Just unzip these to a
folder, click "setup" and Voila!! It looks at the file, and puts
the Unis in their proper folders, with their proper sprites,
wherever they may be on your computer!

This is all you need... isn't it nice? ^_^

Download the Uni Norns Zip file! (Approx 3.09 megs)

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Having problems downloading the Unis? It's likely your download program isn't downloading the entire file. This file is 100% fine and works exactly as it should, provided it is downloaded in its entirety. If you're getting errors, or not getting the file properly, please click on the link below and download Getright before emailing me to send you the file. Getright is free, and it's a wonderful downloader to have. Also, if you have any problems using it, check out their FAQ, it's very useful.

Downloadable Unis!

Here's a few downloadable Unis to add a bit of colour to your world.  They're all newborns, so take good care of them.  Just click on whichever Norns you'd like to download them. =)

aqua.bmp (21030 bytes) Aqua and Sky sky.bmp (21030 bytes)
grass.bmp (21030 bytes) Grass and Lime lime.bmp (21030 bytes)
pinky.bmp (21030 bytes) Pinky and Blush blush.bmp (21030 bytes)

A few last notes on this breed.  They haven't been thoroughly tested, just enough mostly to figure out that they work alright in the game.   There may be a couple atts that are a little off, and a graphical glitch here or there.  If you happen to find anything majorly wrong with this breed, please feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do to fix it.  If I make any further changes to this breed, they will be noted on my front page.  Thank you.

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More will be added as they are completed.