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Well, this is where I keep all my wonderful toys... ^_^   You won't find much here, and you won't find anything downloadable yet.  What you will find is some of my concepts for new Norns and new toys.  This is what I do in my spare time. Anything I put here as a concept, if it's a Norn.. it will likely get its own page once it is finished. Toys will find themselves on my Download page.

Also, all concept Norns pictured were posed using Norn Pose, one of the coolest Creatures programs I've played with.  Check it out at The Norn Underground!

Savanna Norns

Alrighty, I have a male and female concept for this breed!   Yes, I will be doing them, yes, they will be for C2. Don't ask when they'll be done, I'm not answering any emails regarding an eta on these.

Savanna Norns


Savanna Norns are commonly found in small packs in warm places, primarily deserts.  They are highly resistant to heat, but hate the cold.  These Norns are also very aggressive, both sexually and physically.  They mate frequently and have no qualms with chasing off the Grendel.

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Kaleidoscope Norns

Here we have something I'm just kinda toying with.  They aren't impressive, they might get a new tail.. but it's really the colours I'm after.   I want to see how crazy the colours can get with genetic enhancement.  Anyone have any interest?  Should I bother?  And please.. don't email me to tell me that you don't like the tail.. that's incredibly rude.  The tail is likely to change, so don't bug me about it.

Kaleidoscope Norns
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Ohhh.... lookee the pretty colours...

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Yes.. yes.. the tail looks odd, I know o_o

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