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Welcome to my Scorpio page! This is where you'll find a brand new breed of Norns known as Scorpio Norns! This special breed is highly aggressive, and more than eager to show anything that might antogonize them a whole new world of hurt. These norns while give two to three times better than they get, which makes them highly abusive of anyone who might be foolish enough to tamper with them. They're also overly fond of heat, and thrive in warmer climates, such as the desert. While they can be extremely hostile at times... they usually don't go out of their way to cause trouble... but in a fight, they WILL be the ones to finish it almost every time.

The Scorpio Norns were created by J. Vara (me) and Mannkind. I did any and all the sprite editing, with very VERY minor tweaking to att files, while Mannkind worked extremely hard to make them all fit together properly, and gave the breed an aggressive and interbreedable new genome that has a very distinct personality all its own! I think they turned out really well, and I'm fairly proud of the resulting creation. Hope y'all like them!

Also... for those of you who don't feel like reading the "Read Me" file... the Story behind this unique breed of Norn can be found HERE.

And lastly, before you ask, this breed is to remain an exclusive to my (Wafuru) pages.  Please do not ask to host them, and please do not host them in spite of this statement.  What does this mean?  It means do not repost in part or in whole the package, eggs, and norns available on this page.

Female Scorpio Norns Male
This pair is currently in their youth stage... not quite adult, yet no longer child. Scorpio Norns pretty much have this appearance throughout their life, changing only in size from age to age.

So there you have it. Here's a note or two on how to care for your new Scorpio Norns.

Scorpio Norns like warmth... their energy is at its peak when the conditions provided are balmy and hot. The desert is a great place for them to hang out. Raising them in the hatchery area, then leading them up the lift to the desert is the best thing you can do for them. They can live pretty much anywhere, but they'll be most comfortable in the desert.

These Norns are also Fertile the moment they reach chilhood... and they breed pretty quickly. So unless you're looking for a hoard of these fiesty little critters, you may want to keep the boys and girls seperated until you're ready for large families. ^_^

I also thought I should note... while they have the full capability of showing any emotion available to the average Norn... they tend to be angry more often than anything else. Believe me, they're happy this way. :)

We have the Scorpio Norns in
one simple, easy to install package! Just unzip these to a
folder, click "setup" and Voila!! It looks at the file, and puts the Scorps in their proper folders, with their proper sprites, wherever they may be on your computer!

Download your Scorpio Norns NOW!

This is all you need... isn't it nice? ^_^

Download the Scorpio Norns Zip file! (Approx 3.3 megs)

Having problems downloading the Scorps? It's likely your download program isn't downloading the entire file. This file is 100% fine and works exactly as it should, provided it is downloaded in its entirety. If you're getting errors, or not getting the file properly, please click on the link below and download Getright before emailing me to send you the file. Getright is free, and it's a wonderful downloader to have. Also, if you have any problems using it, check out their FAQ, it's very useful. ^_^

NEW! Eggs!

Download this .zip file and extract it to your egg folder to add Scorpio Norns to your Hatchery! This is an updated set that I made myself. ^_^ These Scorp eggs will appear as yellow eggs in your hatchery. Click Here!

Downloadable Scorps!

Because I know people are going to want them... here's a couple downloadable Scorpio Norns. ^_^

Male Scorpio Pairs Female
Clamp Clamp & Crimp Crimp
Sonny Sonny & Cher Cher
Mulder Mulder and Scully Scully
Homer Homer & Marge Marge

Desert Cobs!

As an added bonus, here's just a few cobs to go with your new Scorpio Norns! There's nothing here yet, but there will be soon. If anyone has suggestions, I'm open to them. ^_^

Coming Soon Coming Soon Coming Soon
More to come...

Closing words..

Thanks go out to the Beta testers - Emily Sachs (Emy), Lis Morris, Ashley Harman (Frimlin), NORNGod, and AntiNorn! Thanks for the help, guys!

Also, special thanks to Lis for pointing out all the errors in the original genome, along with additional help with updating the genome for release. Thanks Lis! *hug!*

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More will be added as they are completed.