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Well, I decided to name all my Norns after characters from Japanese animation, or Anime as it's more commonly called. Every name has a series... and here's what they all are...

Hiroshi Hiroshi

Hiroshi is a character from the anime series known as Ranma 1/2. His part in this series is minor, as he is little more than a background character who occasionally shows up to annoy Ranma, the main character. Hiroshi is just a normal school kid who happens to go to the same Highschool as Ranma. You can find him in almost any episode involving Furinkan High! ^_^

More can be found out at this list of Ranma 1/2 pages.


Aerith is from a series known as Final Fantasy 7. If you've never played this Squaresoft game, I HIGHLY recommend it.

More can be found out at this Squaresoft page.

*Godai and Kyoko

Both Kyoko and Godai are from a series called Maison Ikkoku. This series done by Rumiko Takashi... who also created Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura. This, of all of Rumiko's works, has to be my favorite. Kyoko is a widowed young woman who takes over an apartment known as Maison Ikkoku... in doing so, she is forced to deal with the somewhat annoying residents, primarily the loon squad (Consisting of Yotsuya, Akemi, and Ichinose.). Godai, one of said residents, is a struggling college student who is usually the brunt of everyone's abuse. It's a wonder he manages any studying at all with the loons partying in his room all the time! He falls madly in love with Kyoko... and does everything in his power to win her affections.


Nikaido is another resident in Maison Ikkoku, he shows up only in the books and the final movie. He's a clueless and tactless college student who ends up at Maison Ikkoku by mistake. Against his Mom's wishes, he stays, hell bent on outpranking Yotsuya. He is easily be grouped with the rest of the 'loons' as he, wether intentional or not, bugs the heck outta Godai.

More can be found out at this Maison Ikkoku page.

~Ryouko and *Tenchi

Tenchi and Ryouko are from a series called Tenchi Muyou! Tenchi is an average teenager learning the way of the sword from his Grandfather. One day, he manages to get the key to open a cave forbidden to him... little did he know this would free the legendary space Pirate Ryouko, demoness extraordinair! As it turns out, Tenchi is actually descendant of the Masaki family... Juraiin Royalty. Many years ago, his Grandfather imprisoned Ryouko, freeing the galaxy from her evil terrorist activities. And now, Tenchi had released her... good thing she instantly fell in love with Tenchi! Anyway, poor Tenchi is the target of five women's admiration... Ryouko being among them. o_o Poor Tenchi, so many girls... and nowhere to run.

More can be found out at these Tenchi Muyou! pages.

*Ataru and *Lum

Ataru and Lum are from Urusei Yatsura. Ataru is the worlds unluckiest guy... born on Friday the thirteenth, on a full moon, on a day considered most unfortunate on the Budist calander,... etc. He's a magnet for misfortune. He's also the world's biggest lecher! His lechery unrivaled, he has been known to persue any pretty girl he sees! Lum is from an alien race which had come to conquer Earth. They chose Ataru as the only man who could save the planet. If he could tag Lum's horns within 7 days, the planet would be spared. Not to be defeated, he managed to touch Lum as many times all over, including her horns. Accidentally, he proposed to her. How? She misread his words. From there, it's all down hill for poor Ataru.


Sakura is also from Urusei Yatsura. She is the highschool nurse at Ataru's school, and Shinto priestess in her spare time. As a child, she was always plagued by illness. One day, in trying to exorcise Ataru's bad luck, she gave him all her maladies. Sakura. now healthy, decided she would continue to try and 'help' Ataru further... wether he wanted it or not!

More can be found out at this Urusei Yatsura page.


Takashi is from Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! He was a normal kid who wanted a change, so he went delinquint. To do this, he dyed his hair a golden blonde! From then on, he would no longer be normal! Through out his series, him and his best friend Shinji, are continuously having to pound the heck outta school bullies... and anyone else who happens into their path!

More can be found out at this Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! page.


Madoka is from Kimagure Orange Road. She's considered a delinquint, and thusly avoided. Her life changes drastically when a young ESPer by the name of Kyosuke moves into town, and falls in love with her. Meanwhile, her best friend Hikaru falls for Kyosuke, and this forms a love triangle right out of daytime soaps when Madoka find herself falling for him too.

More can be found out at this Kimagure Orange Road page.

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