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On this page, you'll find a unique breed of Norns known as MerNorns! These MerNorns are especially created for those of us who enjoy having Norns with the ability to roam under the sea. The thing that makes these so special is that not only can they breath in water, but they have a fully functional fishtail! These MerNorns have all new sprites so that their stay in the water look a little more natural for them. Although, they do look a bit odd when swimming around on land. For their own health, they shouldn't be on land anyway. ^_^

The MerNorns were created by J. Vara (me) and Lis Morris. I did all the sprite editing, While Lis gave the breed life with her wonderful new genome and her abilities with attachment files! I must say, I'm awfully proud of the result... I never thought it could be done. I'm happy to say Lis proved me wrong. ^_^

And lastly, before you ask, this breed is to remain an exclusive to Lis' and my (Wafuru) pages.  Please do not ask to host them, and please do not host them in spite of this statement.  What does this mean?  It means do not repost in part or in whole the package, eggs, and norns available on this page.

Female MerNorns Male
This is the baby stage and they look much like any other normal baby Norn. They can't breath water, they won't have functioning gills until they get older.
This is the juvenile stage of the transformation, in which the MerNorn can still breath on land with its slowly withering lungs, but can now breath in water with still developing gills.
Here, the MerNorn is a full-fledged adult. It's legs have merged into a fine piscean tail. Once it has reached this stage of its cycle, it can never return to land.

So there you have it. Here's a few quick notes on how to care for your new MerNorns.

When the MerNorn is born, it can't breath in water. A good way to care for a naturally born MerNorn is to remove them from the water upon hatching and place them in the incubator area. Here, they can eat and learn as they're growing.

Your MerNorn will be okay on land until they reach full maturity at around 1 hour. You'll want to get them to the nearest ocean before that time. The best ocean in my opinion is the light blue one. It's the bigger of the two and is more level. It also has the airlock, where you can hatch eggs naturally if you can get the girls to lay them there. You can drain the water in the airlock so the eggs will hatch and your baby won't drown. I prefer picking them up and putting them in the incubator still. ^_^

We have the MerNorns in
one simple, easy to install package! Just unzip these to a
folder, click "setup" and Voila!! It looks at the file, and puts the Mers in their proper folders, with their proper sprites, wherever they may be on your computer!

This is all you need... isn't it nice? ^_^

Download the MerNorns Zip file! (Approx 2.8 megs)

NEW! Eggs!

Download this .zip file and extract it to your egg folder to add MerNorns to your Hatchery! These Mer eggs will appear as blue wavey eggs in your hatchery. Click Here!

NEW! Coloured Norns!

Not much here yet, but I kinda slapped these on here so there'd be something to play with. I'll add more in a day or so. ^_^

Female MerNorns Male

Berke and Neptune

Shelly and Lapras

Undersea Cobs!

As an added bonus, here's just a few (okay, several) cobs to go with your new MerNorns!
(Please do not post any of these cobs to your page without first getting proper permissions from their creators.)

By Martha Brummet
Kippers A type of cooked fish for your MerNorns to eat!

By Martha Brummet
Red Algae A natural underwater plant for your MerNorns to eat. Healthy and nutritious!

By Jay Dino
Neptune's Womb V.2.1 This is an underwater incubator. Great for hatching eggs, then putting the resulting baby where ever you want it.

By Jay Dino
Zummy Fish This fish is a lot like the Zander fish, only more appealing and easier to stock oceans with. These hatch quickly, and during any season.

By Jay Dino
Flood Volcano V.1.3 This great new cob gives you a whole new water area for your MerNorns! This cob injects a flood into the Volcano, rendering it inactive and radiation-free. The still bubbling lava does, however, keep the Norns relatively comfortable in their warm, volcanic sea. If you plan to use this, you may want to replace your Grendel genome with this amphibious Grendel genome by Lis Morris!! This'll keep your newborn Grendels from drowning when they enter the volcano area beneath their nest. Just put this new gen into your genetics folder.

By Jay Dino
Neptune's Undertow V.1.2 This wonderful teleporter will transport your Norns around the world via various underwater portals. Perfect for allowing your MerNorns the opportunity to explore places they normally couldn't access.

By Jay Dino
Steamer Pack This is an all new cob from Jay Dino! It provides you with a launcher that shoots eggs which produce tiny crabs for your Mers to eat! Not only that, it includes a steamer so that you can cook various critters and give your other Norns a tasty snack to munch!

By Cuff Droppin
Edible Goldfish Patch This patch will make the goldfish in your Albia edible! Now they'll be chock full of protien and vitamins for healthier, happier MerNorns.

By Cuff Droppin
Water Carrots These carrots will actually grow underwater, giving your MerNorns yet another source of nourishment in the normally barren oceans.

By Cuff Droppin
Cheese Spitting Anemone This anemone will spit out a piece of cheese every couple seconds. It is activated and deactivated by the hand. You probably don't want to leave this on too long, least you have a hoard of cheese.

By Rick Krebs
and J. Vara
Water Doozies These ingenious little creatures wander the ocean bottom, deftly cleaning up all the detritus left by those messy little MerNorns. They also squawk a word every time they are pushed.

By Jay Dino
and J. Vara
Tiger Fish This is a brand new fish for your MerNorns! These Tiger Fish hatch in the winter and mature near springtime. And due to their large size, it take two bites to finish them off!

By Ali Maggs
and J. Vara
Porcupine Puffer Fish This brand new puffer fish does its best to protect the Norns of albia, both on the land and in the ocean. These cunning little puffers can actually tell the difference between a drowning Norn, and a Norn that breathes water naturally.

By Ali Maggs
and J. Vara
Angel Fish This new fish hatches in the spring. They're a lot like Zander fish.

By Helen
and NORNGod
Undersea Ledge This wonderful ledge flattens out the floor of the dark sea! A must for MerNorn lovers!

By Lis Morris
Norn Ball Extremely useful! Click on it and it will wrap itself around suffocating Norns! Great for land-trapped Mers or drowning Norns. :)
Sea.gif (4294 bytes)
Sea Horse This wondererful cob was sent to me by derk5482.   This is a launcher that spits out golden Sea Horse eggs.  These eggs will only hatch in the spring time... eggs launched in any other season will disappear.  Adult Sea Horses are edible and Norns seem to love them!
More to come...

Closing words..

Thanks go out to the Beta testers - Emily Sachs (Emy), Tracy (Spoon), Ashley Harman (Frimlin), and Carolyn Horn! Thanks for the help, guys! And yes, the babies stayed land-based only. ^_^

Also, special thanks to Emy on the original 565 conversions of the sprites, and to Frimlin, who's blue Tarn Norn provided the model which I based my sprites upon. ^_^

Another thanks to those who have provided and/or are working on new undersea cobs for the MerNorns! I look forward to seeing them!

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Any images on this site not
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More will be added as they are completed.