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Looks like you've stumbled across my Creatures page.  Creatures is a life simulation for the PC, developed by Cyberlife and initially produced by Mindscape.  You have to nurture and raise a race of small creatures known as Norns in a huge world where both danger and  reward abound.  If you're good, your Norns will flourish, and breed, and hopefully produce a family.  I've gotten more into the graphics of the game, and actually spend more time testing out new ingame graphics than I do playing anymore.. but hey, it's what I do. ^_^

pose1.bmp (28302 bytes)I have a tendency to update these pages when the whim strikes me, so no... I don't have a set time that I make updates. It's just whenever. Why is this? Because I have pages up for fun. ^_^ If I feel I havc to continuously "keep up" with everyone, it's not so much fun anymore. And anyway, I'd rather spend my time working on new graphics for C2 then worrying about wether or not my site is "hip".

Last update to these pages was on 06/24/04 ^_^

Finally, UniNorns are up for download.  Didn't see that coming eh?  Yeah, me either.  Hope y'all enjoy them. Be warned, there may be a couple bugs here and there in the sprites and atts.  Also updated a couple things here and there.  Still need to work on a lot of outdated links though.   I'll nip them as I find them.

Added a new Norn art to My Artwork page.  Yeah, nothing major, but there it is.

Killed a few old links I had on my links page, apparently one of them lead to a rather distasteful page now (Thank you to the jerk who did that, you know who you are), while many others lead to now defunct pages.  That's been fixed

Did a few minor updates/cleaning.  Nothing to write home about.

And lastly, please, I beg of you, don't put my downloads on your pages.  Folks, I worked hard on these things, and taking my downloads just shows an astounding disrespect for the time I sacrificed to this community.  These pages are up, and remain up even now so that people can still download any of the projects I had a hand in.  All I ask is a little courteousy.

Next update will be when I have time between projects... maybe tomorrow, maybe in a few days, maybe when I find something else to put up... ^_^

Link to AIN!

If you'd like to link to me and want to have a button for the link.. here you go. = )  Just click on this image and use the information on the page.

Hey wow, I guess this counter does still work.   Woo =)

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I got it for free at
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This is my page's personal LopEar, Spike.  He's curious little fellow with a habit of getting himself into trouble.
This LopEar Norn was adopted at
Adventures in Nornsitting!

Adopt a LopEar at Adventures in Nornsitting!

For the curious, this page has been up in one form or another as Adventures in Nornstitting! since June 16, 1997.  Nifty, isn't it?

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