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On this page, you'll find a unique breed of Norns known as Kai Norns! Kai Norns have been developed especially for those of us who want Norns that actually care for their young and actually enjoy each others' company. Kai, Japanese for "Social", fits this breed pretty well. You'll find they seldom, if ever, complain of crowding.

The Kai Norns were created by J. Vara a.k.a. Wafuru (That's me) and Lis Morris. I did all the sprite editing, While Lis gave the breed life with her wonderful new genome and her abilities with attachment files! This was my first original Norn concept, created long before Creatures 2 ever came out. I hope you like them!

Some of you may be wondering why exactly I've named these Norns "Kai" Norns. Well, the word "Kai" is Japanese and has many meanings... some silly, some rather interesting. However, the version of "Kai" I've chosen for this particular breed means "society". This is for the simple fact that these Norns should be fairly social, enjoying one another's company far more than normal Norns might. Hope this makes a little sense to y'all. ^_^

And lastly, before you ask, this breed is to remain an exclusive to Lis' and my (Wafuru) pages.  Please do not ask to host them, and please do not host them in spite of this statement.  What does this mean?  It means do not repost in part or in whole the package, eggs, and norns available on this page.

Female Kai Norns Male
This is the baby stage. They start out very tiny and have to be watched over by their mother at this point.
As children, their hair starts to come in a bit
In full fledged adulthood, the Kais have a full head of beautiful blue hair
When the Kais have reached old age, it's easy to tell: their hair changes to teal for the boys, and dusty rose for the girls. Maybe in time I'll do up some senile sprites. = )

So there you have it. Here's a few quick notes on how to care for your new Kai Norns.

Kai Norns are very social, they enjoy being around each other and other Norns. This can be a good and a bad thing. Seperating them is a little more difficult than normal, and antisocial Norns such as the Scorpio Norns might get sick of their ever close proximity pretty fast.

Very Important: Baby Kais can not care for themselves... they will die if left unwatched and uncared for. Baby Kais need to have their mother with them at all times, as she will raise the baby to childhood for you. They can not eat normal foods, and must be fed milk from either their mother, or a milk bottle. Keep this in mind before importing and exporting the babies.

Also, when you install your Kai package, a milk vendor will show up in your objects. This is for any baby Kais that might be left without their mother to care for them. It's very important you use the bottles to feed them if there is no mother present.

We have the Kai Norns in
one simple, easy to install package! Just unzip these to a
folder, click "setup" and Voila!! It looks at the file, and puts
the Kais in their proper folders, with their proper sprites,
wherever they may be on your computer!

This is all you need... isn't it nice? ^_^

Download the Kai Norns Zip file! (Approx 3 megs)

Having problems downloading the Kais? It's likely your download program isn't downloading the entire file. This file is 100% fine and works exactly as it should, provided it is downloaded in its entirety. If you're getting errors, or not getting the file properly, please click on the link below and download Getright before emailing me to send you the file. Getright is free, and it's a wonderful downloader to have. Also, if you have any problems using it, check out their FAQ, it's very useful.


Download this .zip file and extract it to your egg folder to add Kai Norns to your Hatchery! These Kai eggs will appear as dark teal eggs in your hatchery. Click Here!

Coloured Norns!

(Coming Soon)

A couple alternate colours to toy with.

Female Kai Norns Male

Closing words..

Thanks go out to the Beta testers - Carolyn Horn, Mike Fahey, Chris Double

Also, thanks go to Mark Ashton and the CDN for the reservation of the chemical and breed slots!

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More will be added as they are completed.