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h5.gif (3437 bytes) What is this?  I bet you're wondering just that... and here I am to tell you. = )


In the amount of time I've been in this community, I've recieved many compliments on my artwork, both in my Norn Art and breeds... it only just now has dawned on me that, without a very special artist at Cyberlife, most of my art and all of my breed work would not exist at all.  What am I talking about?  The "H" norn, or the Hebe norn.  This is the cute dark brown norn included in C2 when you purchase it... it's one of the primary three C2 breeds. h3.gif (5810 bytes)


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When people see my breeds or my artwork, what they're seeing primarily is this wonderful little brown norn sporting whatever new look I have designed for him.  He's still at the heart of the design, he's still the basis, even if the art piece looks nothing like his original appearance. Very few pieces of my Norn art don't use the Hebe Norn, and the Savanna breed will be my only breed that does not use it. All in all, my current three breeds and a large number of my art pieces started as this one special norn, not bad at all.


I just wanted to show my gratitude to the one who created this wonderful little Norn, I feel that this is something I should have done long ago.

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h7.gif (5630 bytes) The creator of the Hebe norn is none other than Colin Swinbourne, Cyberlife's own Senior artist! I wish I had a little bit I could say about this talented fellow, but I've only had the pleasure of speaking with him once briefly at an online meeting long ago.  I can only say that Colin's Hebe norn has been an inspiration to me, and I hope one day I will be even remotely as skilled as he.


Thank you Colin, for producing what is, to date, my favourite Norn breed... even with C1 and C3 factored in, this lovely little norn will always be closest to my heart.  This is my dedication to Colin, and the norn I lovingly refer to as "The H Norn" in any conversation I have regarding almost anything I've created. = ) h8.gif (5666 bytes)

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