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I didn't ever want to have to do this... but I'd like to cut down on some of the unnecessary spamming of my mailbox... that, and some of these questions just really urk me everytime I get them. I'll let you try and guess which ones tick me off as you read through it. Anyway, here it is... what my general views on the most frequently asked questions of me are in no particular order. = )

On Making Norns/Norn Art

Q: Will you make sprites for my new Norn? I've done the genetics already, I just need sprites.

A: No. I don't want to be mean, but no. I have a large number of Norn breeds I'm already working on, or planning to work on, and I'm already having difficulty working on those as it is. I mean, one Norn is made up of over 2000 individual bitmaps, that's 1000 per gender. That's an awful lot of work, even when I'm not necessarily editing all of them. Just changing the heads alone is about 1200 sprites, that's 120 per head, per age, per gender. That takes me many hours alone, easily days, weeks, months. I currently work as well, that takes up my entire evening. When I get home, the last thing on my mind is working on sprites for my own Norn breeds... try to understand where that would put someone else's breed. And even then, there's still the issue of attachments. I can not do attachments... at least, not well. Having the genome done is a very small part of a Norn, and unless you've actually added new lobes or modified them to have a distinctive personality, it's the easiest part.

Q: What program do you use to make new Norn breeds?

A: Doh... that's a hard one, and I get it a lot. I use a lot of different programs.

  • Sprite editing - I use Photoshop 4.0. Photoshop is not a free art program, it's very expensive and can not by downloaded off the net through any means that are not illegal (Short of paying the 300 - 500 dollars via Credit Card at Adobe's site). It can be found, yes, but I'm not about to point it out as the sites they are on are HIGHLY questionable, and I will not be a party to illegal aquisition of said program. An alternative program is Paint Shop Pro... you can generally find a free demo of that on the net if you look a little.
  • S16 - For extracting and importing images to and from an s16, I use BoBCob's Sprite editor. You can find it at I use this program religiously. :)
  • Genetics - (If I did genetics, which I don't) I use Cyberlife's Genetics editor. Yup, I bought it, and I like it. :)  You could, though, use Gel, which is free.
  • Atts - (If I did attachments, which I don't) I use the Cyberlife Att Editor. I found it on their CDN pages, under downloads. I don't know if it's public or not, you might actually have to be in the CDN to aquire it.
  • Compiling - I use Kinnison's Breed maker. His page is no longer around. :( Unless he gives me express permission to distribute this wonderful program... I can't and won't send it out. :(  You can check at Nornophite for it though.

Q: How do you make new Norn breeds?

A: Lis has created a FAQ on that very subject. You'll find a link to it on my page under the Norn Breed FAQ. Please read it over.

Q I like your Norn art, can I use one of them to make a new Norn?

A: No. My art is my intellectual property. If you want to make a breed like one of my pictures, I probably can't do much to stop you (as annoyed as I would be) but you can't use my art. I would like to see some of them become real... but as with anything else I've created, if they are to be real, it will be me who brings them to life.

Q: Will you make (Insert whichever norn art you like here) into a breed?

A: I generally don't intend to, but it's happened twice now with Mers and Scorps, which both started as just art. Sometimes I go back and pick out one I like and turn it into a Norn breed, but with the amount of time it takes to make a Norn, it's usually a few months between each. As it stands, I have about three breeds I'm working on. One is based on a Norn picture. The other two are not. Also, some of the art pieces can't be made into actual breeds, at least, they wouldn't look very good if they were.

Q: How do you make your Norn art?

A: That really depends on what you mean. I mean, I can tell you the tools I use, and the college I went to in order to learn how to work in Photoshop... but I can't exactly teach you how to do decent art. It's an aquired skill with little technical knowledge short of being able to work the program. When I make a Norn picture, I tend to sketch it out first in my sketch pad to see what I'm looking for. After a few rough sketches, I take the idea to my computer. Using NornPose (The best program on Earth! Hey, I can have an opinion ^_^) which you can download at The Norn Underground, I pose the Norn and export it to an art folder I call "Norn Images". From there, I bring it into Photoshop and edit it with various art tools, primarily Line, Airbrush, Levels, and Smudge. :) Other than that, um... I've had two years in college as a Computer Graphics major... and believe me, for two years experience, what I do isn't all that impressive. :)

Q: Can I put some of your art on my pages?

A: No. For me, my artwork is my page's primary draw, and so I like to keep them exclusive. It's not a very big request, I don't think, I only want them on my page. It's very flattering that other people do want to use them, but it drives me nuts when I see my work used as clipart or altered in any way on someone's page. If they're only on my page, I know they're being displayed the way I want them to be displayed. I've allowed maybe two people to use art... and they were people I knew well who asked really nicely, and only wanted to use one piece. I don't let anyone else use them because I don't want emails saying "Well that's not fair you let so and so use your art and no one else". I've gotten those emails, and every time the emails were referring to a page that had taken my art without permission.

Q: Will you do some art/web graphics for me/my page?

A: I wish I had the time. I don't even have time to do web graphics or art for my own pages, let alone anyone else's. I'm sorry. :(

Q: All the art on you art pages is broken.

A: No, no they're not.  Either you're not waiting long enough for the art to load, or your java plugin is old or nonexistant.  Try refreshing the page a couple times, if that doesn't work, I suggest getting the latest java plugin for your browser.

On Downloads/Uploads

Q: Can I post your cobs to my page?

A: If it's something I worked on, No. I like to distribute my cobs personally, keeping them exclusive to my page and whomever worked on them with me. Alot of cobs I've worked on have popped up on other pages, know that I honestly don't approve. These pages pretty much posted them, THEN asked me if they could use them after my pointing out the slight. It makes it VERY hard for me to update or fix cobs I've worked on if they're all over the net. This makes for a ton of different versions and makes it that much more difficult for me to upgrade them.

Q: Will you post my cobs on your page?

A: If they're really cool and themed to Scorps, Mers, or Kais... possibly. :)

Q: Can I post your Norn Breeds to my page?

A: No. Period. After spending several months doing the sprites for these and getting only recognition for them (I don't charge anything for the work, my breeds are totally free) I think me and my partners at LEAST deserve exclusivity to them. That's the bottom line. If I DO find them on other people's pages, their ISP will be notified immediately and consistantly until the offender has removed the files, or the offending page is gone. Maybe I sound a bit mean here, but it's very frustrating when we work so hard on these things for your game, only to have people take them for their own pages. We're looking at my several months work to put them on my page versus someone elses 20 minutes of downloading, then uploading them. The breeds are exclusives, they should only be on their respective creators' pages. if they're on any other page, they're up illegally.

Q: Will you send me your cobs?

A: They're on my page so you can download them. If I had to email them to every person who was too lazy to get them for themselves, I'd go postal.

Q: Will you send me your norn Breeds?

A: 2 to 3 megs of file does not travel well through my email service, so that's a no.

Q: Will you send me all the files on your page?

A: No. See above.

Q: Will you send me some Norns?

A: As I make any Norns, they will go up for download. However, there's tons of pages out there with plenty of downloadable Norns. Just have a look at my links. : ) you'll find plenty, I assure you.

Q: Will you post my Norns on your page?

A: I don't have a place to put other people's Norns at the moment. Once I make a page for donated Norns, maybe. Until then, please don't send me Norns unless you have something really spectacular... and then, make sure it's zipped at the very least. Thank you.

Q: Your downloads aren't working properly, all the files I get are corrupt.

A: All my downloads work. If you are getting corrupt files, it's more likely your program is cutting off the download before it's finished downloading. In this instance, I recommend Getright. That's the downloader I use, and it continues broken downloads.

On Technical Difficulties in Creatures 2

Q: Why don't my Kais/Mers/Scorps show up properly?

A: First off (And this is what my reply would be if you emailed me... so don't) did you download and install the norn breed packs to your game? Without the sprites and atts, the various norns will not show up properly in your game. If atts are missing, the norns may be stretched out or crumpled, with the right sprites. If the sprites are missing, you'll have oddly misfigured, normal looking norns. Download the packs, and install them. Just having a scorp/mer/kai egg isn't going to do it.

Q: My Norn is floating in place and I can't click on them anymore/when I click on them they act like an object/a jumble of Norn bits that can't move.

A: This is about the oddest problem I've encountered... it usually occures when you have a certain norn selected and you import an object. Occasionally (Rarely) the game will suddenly think the norn is this type of object. This can sometimes occure if the imported object was badly programmed or missing sprites. There's really not much you can do for a norn that's had this occure to it. = (

That's it for now... I'm sure I'll add more to it. Can't think of anything else at the moment though.  Still wanna email me?  Alrighty, well, click on the little bird in the left hand column.

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