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Hello again!  I bet you're thinking, 'Wow, this format looks awfully familiar'... well... yeah, it is. ^_^  I like to do my Creatures pages up so they're simple and easy to look at.  They aren't fancy, or anything, but I like them.   Anyway, what to say here... ah yes.  Creatures 2 is the sequel to the very popular and equally cool Creatures!  On this page you'll find my new Norn family!   They're just as cute as the first family, but like any other type of life (real or simulated) they're a little different.  How so? Well... you'll just have to read on. ^_^

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Welcome to the new world...

Just some quick footnotes... okay, maybe they're not technically footnotes, since they aren't on the bottom... headnotes maybe? Well, you know what I mean anyway.

Strike Through Name = Deceased.

C1 Import (Default 1st gen), Import (Default 1st gen),1st Generation, 2nd Generation,
3rd Generation, 4th Generation

Also, Norns are listed in order of hatching... as opposed to alphabetical or by generation. This is to maintain a semi-story-like continuity. ^_^
* * *
I've determined generation by the later generation, just for my own sanity.  So if a 2nd Gen Norn has a child with a 3rd Gen Norn, the child will be 4th Gen.
* * *
Each of my Norns are downloadable now, and you can get them all in one shot by clicking here. ^_^  They'll know many of the words, just not all of them, unless I'm really ambitious. 
* * *
Lastly, just like before, I'll put up a page telling you a little about the names we give each Norn... that can be found by going to my Creatures 2 origin of names page.  You'll also probably find a few video game links here as well.  My Creatures 1 family was all anime names, this family will be mostly video games. ^_-

There you go! Enjoy!

Nina 1st Gen, Mother to Akira, Natsu, and Hinata.
I'm afraid Creatures 2 is proving to be a bit more difficult than I had planned.  Nina was a wonderful Norn as a baby... she was obedient, willing to learn, and minded me when I told her to eat and sleep.  She explored much of Albia for me, acquiring 3 of the power up applications for me with very little coaxing.  However, as she began to mature, all she had learned seemed to be forgotten, and she began to ignore me.  Also, the organ which would allow her to reproduce died at some point, leaving her infertile.  I finally broke down and reimported her as a baby and aged her using a program called BORG to make sure she wasn't born infertile.  I used this reimporting of her to breed with Ryuu.


Ryuu 1st Gen, Father to Akira, Natsu, and Hinata.
Ryuu Ryuu started out pretty well... he was overly fond of eating, and fell in love with the little toy car which he marveled over whenever his wanderings crossed it.  He seems to be a fairly quick learner and is a pretty healthy breeder.  Like Nina, however, he seemed to become an idiot once he reached adolescence.  Poor Ryuu... he was infatuated with Nina and would fawn over her constantly... all his advances being met with a firm slap.  Once I reimported Nina, however, the two got along a lot better, with Nina being far more receptive to Ryuu's company.

Momo 1st Gen, No Children.
Momo ended up with the same problem as Nina. I chose not to reimport her, though, and the file I have for her is already infertile.   So, sadly, I'm going to let her live out her life until she can be cured... or she passes on.  Beyond that, Momo is pretty decent as far as listening goes.   however, she's no adventurer, being completely unwilling to leave the incubator.   She's a sucker for the little toy dog, and fawns over it almost exclusively of the toys available to her.


Akira 2nd Gen, Mother to Hiro.
Akira Akira has taken a shine to Takashi and tends to hang out with him a good deal.  It's kind of a love/hate relationshihp though... as she likes him when she's 'friendly', and hits him when she's not.  Rather unfortunate as Takashi seems to appreciate her company regardless.  Due to health difficulties, I had to export Akira after she finally gave birth to Hiro.

Natsu 2nd Gen, No Children.
Natsu is the second born of the three girls, so far I've noticed she has a thing for the slinky.  Until I do further observations, I really don't know a lot about her.


Hinata 2nd Gen, No Children
Hinata Hinata is the third daughter, and probably the most curious of the three.  However, she seems to also have the shortest attention span.  We'll see. o_o

Takashi Import, 1st Gen Default (Originally 4th Gen)
Takashi was my finest 4th Generation Norn from C1.  He was very friendly and something of a socialite.  He likes to eat and tends towards actually hogging food now, from what I've seen.  In C1, before I had purchased the Lifekit, Takashi was born with Santa arms... that is, complete with blue cuffs.  As it turns out, he had been born with Ron arms, but I hadn't yet gained the sprites... so it defaulted to Santa.  This is why he looks so much different from his C1 appearance on my C1 family page.  Anyway... this is the only survivor from my first family.  I had the fortune of emailing him in during the original EAP and he can actually be found on the Mindscape C1 downloads page.  This is the only thing that saved him from the hard drive crash which destroyed the rest. ;_;


Tarn Import, 1st Gen, No Children.
Tarn Tarn is my one import to strenthen my family's genetics and add a bit of colour to the line.  He replaces one of my hatchery eggs as a 1st Gen Norn.  Tarn was provided to me by Frimlin (Colouration) and Lis (Improved genetics).  I'm looking forward to the children his genetics may bring.

Frimlin's site can be found by clicking HERE.
Lis's site can be found HERE.

Hiro 3rd Gen, no Children.
Hiro is my first C1/C2 child!  I think he's absolutely adorable!  With a nice mix of his Mother's body, legs, and tail... and his Father's face and arms, he's quite the charmer.  I'm hoping he leans more towards his Father's side, as that's where the higher intellect lies.


While the above list is the family I'm currently working with, I'm not above light tinkering with outside beasties.  On this page, you'll find my weird combos.  Man, I love that splicing machine. *_*  This would be my Weird Science page. ^_^

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