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   On a fluke, me and my boyfriend decided to sign up for a program called the Early Adopter's Program. In doing so, we were to be put 'in a hat' hopefully to be one of the 250 chosen participants. Well, I lucked out!! What this entailed was my receiving a copy of Cyberlife's Creatures before it went to the American public in July. In doing this, I agreed to give my opinions on the game and offer suggestions as I saw fit. Also, whether required or not, I decided to keep track of how my progress in the game went. writing little journals each day on what me and Ken did with our Norns. What is a Norn? Well... read on and you'll find out. ^_-.


The world as we know it...

Just some quick footnotes... okay, maybe they're not technically footnotes, since they aren't on the bottom... headnotes maybe? Well, you know what I mean anyway.

~ = Survived 'The Plague'. * = Died in 'The Plague'. Strike Through Name = Deceased.

1st Generation, 2nd Generation, 3rd Generation, 4th Generation

Also, Norns are listed in order of hatching... as opposed to alphabetical or by generation. This is to maintain a semi-story-like continuity. ^_^
* * *
No longer downloadable due to an unreversable corruption... all that remains is their legacy.  This is where it all began, with this little handful of Norns whom I adored and spent weeks with.
* * *
Lastly, I decided to do up a page telling you a little about the names we've given each Norn... that can be found by going to my origin of names page... this will also give you a few cool links to follow if you like anime. ^_-

There you go! Enjoy!

Hiroshi 1st Gen, Father to Godai and Ryouko
Hiroshi Hiroshi was the 1st Norn we hatched. He wasn't terribly bright, thinking his name was HiHi up until his death. He was also somewhat infertile for most of his life, producing only two children. He had a love for carrots and could often be found in the garden watching said vegetable grow. This was one of only two Norns we did not get to back up, and he died fairly young, less than 7 hours old. Sadly, he was a victim to our not knowing what to do yet.

Aerith 1st Gen, Mother to Godai, Ryouko, and Kyoko
Aerith was the second Norn we hatched off the egg disk, around 3 hours after Hiroshi. She was a fast learner, considerably smarter than Hiroshi. Though, to his name, Hiroshi did help her learn to eat. She had a fondness for music and, after time, discovered the hooch still. Aerith was the only other Norn we did not get to export for copying. She, like Hiroshi, fell victim to our newness to the game and faded away soon after Hiroshi... she died at Hiroshi's side, unwilling to leave him. Aerith

*Godai 2nd Gen, Father to Kyoko.
Godai Godai was something of a troublemaker as a child. His birth was in the wild, and he ended up wandering around underground for a long time before we could get him to the computer, which is what we used to train our Norns. ^_^ So before he could even really speak, he'd seen a good portion of the world! He grew up to be a fairly intelligent Norn, acquiring his father's looks and Mom's aptitude for learning. And where the average Norn lives 15 hours, he lived for 17. Sadly, he was taken in a plague which killed four of our Norns. Otherwise, he'd probably still be alive.

Kyoko 3rd Gen, no offspring.
Kyoko was the first 3rd Generation Norn to be born in our world, and as with each progressive generation, she was the smartest we'd seen so far. She spent a lot of time at the computer, and with her father Godai. Kyoko produced no children, as she seemed to inherit Hiroshi's sterility problem and was unable to mate successfully. She spent most of her adulthood playing with the Grendel, Beh... who was strangely friendly to her for a deadly evil beasty. o_o Her days ended with her unwilling to eat for any reason. Like her Mom, she slowly withered away and died. Kyoko

~Ryouko 2nd Gen, Mother to Sakura, Ataru, Lum, and Takashi
Ryouko Ryouko was a very bright Norn, even from birth. She was very attentive, having her Mom's smarts. She was the first to fully understand full sentences, that is, instructing her to do two things at once. This was something of a feat for us, and we were very happy with our progress with her. She, like her brother Godai, had a longevity streak. She was still alive at 19 hours, and showed no signs of dying any time soon. Notedly, she's also one of only two Norns who survived the plague which killed four.

*Tenchi 1st Gen, Father to Sakura, Lum, and Ataru.
Tenchi was our third disk egg Norn... we brought him in mostly for Ryouko to play with and to add some variety to our Norn gene pool. Well, it worked! Unlike Hiroshi and Godai, Tenchi was extremely fertile, mating with Ryouko, and ONLY Ryouko 3 times. Oddly, he showed a sort of devotion to his first love that we haven't seen much of. Tenchi had a good grasp on instinct, eating when he needed to and sleeping when tired... unlike SOME Norns that you have to yell at to get cooperation. He had an instant grasp of buttons, levers, and movers, very intuitive. He was lost to the plague at the age of 11 hours old. Tenchi

Ataru 3rd Gen, Father to Madoka and Takashi.
Ataru Ataru was the first hatched child of Tenchi and Ryouko. Like his Dad, he had an excellent understanding of how things worked... operating lifts and pushing buttons on his own. Also like Tenchi, he ate on his own, often downing a carrot before I even had the chance to tell him it was food! He produced only one child by Lum and another by his Mom, Ryouko, before falling victim to the plague. Ataru was the first to die in the plague, his health plummeting from 70% to 0% so quickly, we had no chance at all to save him. He was less than 6 hours old.

*Lum 3rd Gen, Mother to Madoka.
Lum was the second child to be hatched by Tenchi and Ryouko. At least as smart as Ataru, she caught everything quickly and easily. Her primary problem was her antisocial streak... as she would often run away from other Norns to be by herself. Being born by Tenchi, she was the first natural Norn to be oddly coloured... her fur mustard yellow instead of brown, with pinkish poofy hair and cute pink ears. She died before she had a chance to leave much of a mark on the world, at about 5 hours or so. She died within 5 minutes of Ataru to the plague. Lum

~Sakura 3rd Gen, Mother to 4 unhatched eggs... 2 by Takashi, 2 by Nikaido.
Sakura Sakura was something of a social butterfly... she was smart, but when other Norns are around, she tended to ignore you. She would more enjoy hanging out with Takashi and company than go out exploring. Somehow, she was more annoying than most of the others are. Her tragic beginnings should have been an omen, as it was her who spread the plague which killed Tenchi, Godai, Ataru, and Lum. Yet somehow she survived it. 'Patient zero' as it were. Ah well.

Takashi 4th Gen
Takashi is somewhat unique, bearing odd blue cuffs on his wrists. We'd only seen this in his father, Ataru, who acquired them in an oddly premature old age. It's a cool and interesting mutation we'd hoped to build on. Like the others in his age bracket, he was very social... but he does mind you if you can get him out of the group set. He's also very prolific, and amazingly so... especially when you look back in his family tree and see so many low fertility males in the line! O_O He liked to hang out with Sakura mostly, and it was difficult to pry from her side. He was the only servivor from the file corruption that took my entire family. tak.bmp (50874 bytes)

Madoka 4th Gen
Madoka Madoka, Lum's only child, was probably the smartest Norn we had! She learned most of the computer's lessons in two tries per word. She was eating on her own and playing with buttons and lifts before she could even stand. However, once she got to adulthood, she became more like Sakura... very social. Her preference seemed to be Nikaido, whom she'd hang out the most with by far. She inherited her looks from Lum... it's no wonder the other Norns were always all over her!

Nikaido 1st Gen
Nikaido was another disk egg, like Hiroshi, Aerith, and Tenchi. So in teaching him, it took a great deal of patience. After the intelligence we'd grown used to in our 3rd and 4th generation Norns, teaching this 1st generation one was a bit tedious. However, his instincts almost made up for his slowness, in that he would eat on his own... making him that much easier to maintain. Also, his appearance was far off kilter to what we're used too... with his blue eyes, black booted feet, and green-striped wrists.  We had hoped to see some interesting combinations with his addition. Nikaido

   The eggs and world this family is from are gone, sadly.  I had managed to hatch three of the eight eggs, but the three were lost when we reinstalled windows apparently.  Ah well. ;_;   Looks like I'll just have to get to work on my Creatures 2 family.

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