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No, I don't have a comic... I only wish!   Maybe someday. = )  This is just a page that gives you links to all the comics I read.  Neat, eh?  This is to give you a little something to look at every few days.  These are my favourite strips, I visit them all every week!  Maybe you'll find something you'll like as well.


For anyone who's an online roleplayer, this place is the best!

Player Vs. Player!

PVP is an awesome daily comic with continuous plots and a great cast of characters!  This one is a must for anyone looking for a brilliant daily strip.
Updated Daily

Cool Cat Studios!

Ohhhh... this is such a pretty strip, I love this comic!  It has a more continuous story line than most of the strips I read, but it's another of my favourites for that very reason.  I keep going back to see what happens next!
Updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

The Japanese Beetle!

GYAH!   What a goofy strip!  I don't know what to say, just go look. =)
Updated Monday - Friday

Spaz Labs!

Another one where you just have to have a look.
Updated Tuesday and Thursday

The Superdeformers!

This one's just rediculously cute in every way.. I couldn't believe what I was seeing the first time I popped in at this comic!  It's a Super Deformed parody of The Transformers!   If you like any of The Transformers incarnations, this strip's dead on funny.
Updated Monday

Penny Arcade!

This is Penny Arcade, the strip that got me hooked on Internet comics.  Not for everyone, but I like it. =)  Tycho and Gabe are just damn entertaining when they want to be.
Updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

Angst Technology!

Angst Technology is a newcomer to the internet comic scene, it's been up for maybe a month or so.  Funny stuff here, especially for those who've actually worked for a small start up computer company.
Updated Daily

Life on Forbez!

This is another newcomer, but I knew I loved it the minute I started reading. =)  Go have a look, and if you've never been there before.. start at the first comic.  It's a continuous story and well worth the read.
Updated Daily

Kevin and Kell!

Here's one a friend pointed out to me, and I'm shocked I'd never heard of it!  It's a wonderfully funny little strip that started back in 95!  Wow!  And it's furry, which is a bonus in my eyes. =D
Updated Daily

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