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These are just a few of the images I've created based completely on Norns from Creatures 2 for the PC. None of them actually exist as breeds, they are merely pictures I designed for my own amusement. Each of these was posed using NornPose for Creatures 2 and edited in Photoshop 4.0. I'll add more as I come up with them. ^_^

Also, all Norns pictured were posed using Norn Pose, one of the coolest Creatures programs I've played with.  Check it out at The Norn Underground!


Okay, here it is. Since it's become a problem with a few people out there who KNOW WHO THEY ARE, this is the bottom line. My art is not public domain. It is not up to be taken for other pages and used for any purpose what so ever without written consent from me. If I, or anyone who knows me, find my artwork on any page without prior consent from me... the violator will be immediately turned in to their ISP without warning from myself. This warning is the only one would-be thiefs get.

Lem.JPG (10904 bytes) Lemming Norn

What can I say? Norn's are pretty much lemmings in C2. At least, the earlier ones were. turn your back for a minute and off the cliff they go, into the drink.

 punk.JPG (15225 bytes) Punk Norn

I made this one because I thought it was funny. o_o

 aqua2.GIF (6296 bytes) MerNorn

These actually became a C2 breed! I never thought it would happen. ^_^ I did this piece of art because I like Merfolk... so I thought a MerNorn would be neat.

frog.JPG (13608 bytes) AmphibiaNorn

This is what A Norn would look like as a frog... scary, isn't it?

 pika.JPG (10347 bytes) PokéNorn

What can I say? I love PokéMon! This is my Creatures 2 tribute to PokéMon... a Pikachu Norn.

flame.JPG (24390 bytes) Flame Norn

This is a tribute to the Norns in my game of Creatures 2... evil little buggers. o_o They drive me insane quite frequently. For all intents and purposes, they may as well look like this. :P

 bfly.JPG (11709 bytes) Butterfly Norn

I just suddenly had an idea for a winged Norn... I thought he might look pretty as a butterfly. ^_^

 uni.JPG (12041 bytes)


They started as a piece of art, someone suggested a UniNorn.. so I created one. These are actually now being made. = )

uniga.gif (6036 bytes)
 cat.JPG (13316 bytes) Cat Norn

This was just a little idea that was at the back of my head for some time. I just thought a little kitty Norn pawing at a butterfly might be cute. ^_^ That, and I like cats.

cat2.gif (6147 bytes)
 dino4.JPG (3332 bytes) HadroNorn (Based on An Herbivor Dino)

I love Dinosaurs... I always have. For the longest time I wanted to be a Paleontologist, but I couldn't make it through the boring Archaeology classes. ^_^ Anyway, this is a HadroNorn, based on the Herbivor dinosaur called Hadrosaur (Had-ro-sawr). I may make other ones later. ^_^

 bull2.JPG (15610 bytes) Bull Norn

This is a bull Norn, I was really bored one night. ^_^ Not entirely certain I like how he turned out, but there he is anyway.

bird.JPG (8936 bytes) Avian Norn

Well, it's my first artwork in a very long time... this is actually a severe revamp of an unreleased Norn I was working on back when C1 was the only Creatures game out. I think this one looks far better than what I originally had. ^_^

 zebra.JPG (7140 bytes) ZebraNorn

This is one of the many concepts I've had sitting in my sketch book for over a year. I have a few more to finish off.

 geat.gif (5754 bytes) Geat

This was what I'd always had in mind for what a Geat would look like. Maybe some day.

jill.jpg (12462 bytes) Ferret Norn

This little picture is a memorial to my albino ferret Jill, who recently died peacefully in her sleep.  She had been ill, it wasn't completely a surprise.. but it was still very saddening.  She will be missed.
November, 2000.

wolf11.jpg (2396 bytes) Wolf Norn

Not my best work, but this little guy was built especially for my Norn Art Tutorial.   In light of that, I think he turned out pretty neat. =)

datle.bmp (44444 bytes) Datle Norn

This little Norn is based on a creature called a Datle.  The Datle is created by Sarah Pixen, you can find her page at Pixen's World.  Definately have a look, she has a lot of very nice artwork. =)

crawlernorn3.jpg (13900 bytes) Nightcrawler Norn

I actually did this one for a friend from the Nightcrawler community who was poking around on this site.  He'd asked me, "No Nightcrawler Norn?" to which my response was "I haven't done any Norn art in a looong time."   Well, I figured, heck, why not? And made one =)

Zoom.jpg (55155 bytes)


This was an attempt at a diorama, my dedication to both Creatures 2 and Dogz 3. This picture features a random Norn and my Scottie, Jock! They look like they're having a good time, don't they? ^_^

fetch.JPG (66971 bytes)


Diorama number 2. Creatures 2 and Dogz 3 clash over what's what in Albia. This little pooch is nobody's fool.

 evo.jpg (38399 bytes)
Hey, those little Norns had to come from somewhere, right? Well, here's my little theory. ^_^

Old School
kai.GIF (4864 bytes) Clif.gif (5458 bytes) Mega.GIF (4303 bytes) lion.gif (4564 bytes)
Original Kai

One of my first renditions of the Kai Norn.

Cliff Norn

An original concept I had for a Goat Norn.


A Norn I wanted to make but never got around to it.

Original Savanna

My original Savanna Norn was intended for C1.

Please do not take the images on this page without permission. I worked very hard to make these graphics, and they're very much a part of me. Besides, they're unmistakeably mine, and it would be a cinch to trace them back to me if they are taken without consent. Bottom line, please don't steal my art.

Thank you.

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More will be added as they are completed.