I'm going to use this page here to set down some very basic ground rules so people understand fully what is acceptable and not acceptable on my pages.

First off, nothing on my page is "Public Domain". This page is up so that I can offer downloads and information about the PC games in the Creatures series. Everything here you are welcome to download for personal use, but you most certainly may NOT repost anything in part or in whole to your own pages/someone else's page ANYWHERE on the net. You may NOT take any of my artwork/files/articals and tamper with/modify them for use elsewhere on the net.

In layman's terms, you are NOT welcome to download files/artwork/information from my page for any purpose other than enhancing your own, personal enjoyment of the game Creatures. I'm not here to enhance other peoples' pages.

This ALSO means you may not take images from my downloads, change them, and release them as your own.

Also, do NOT link directly to any of my files/images/pages. This is called Bandwidth theft, and everytime you do it, I KNOW who you are, because my server makes a note of it and points out the page in question. Please, for my sanity and your safety, just DON'T do it. If you want to link to my page, you link to THIS one. This way, when people come here, they know darn well I don't want my stuff showing up anywhere else. Period.

If you don't have a problem with these rules, then by all means, welcome to my page and


If you feel you can not abide by these rules, then you are NOT welcome. Please save yourself some trouble and go elsewhere.

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