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Here you'll find tips and 'cheats' for C3 Logo and DS Logo


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Knowledge Stones

They teach all your creatures who are near one all known words and usually they are unmovable and can only be activated by a creature. One in the Grendeljungle (1), one in the Ettindessert (2) and one on the Bridge (3).
If you want to change this open the CAOS-Command-Line with Ctrl-Shift-C. In the lower left corner appears the line.
Type in: enum 2 24 x attr 198 clac 1 next
Replace x with the number of the stone (in brackets above) you want to alter. attr 198 is for moving the stone with the hand and clac 1 means you can activate it with the hand.
Press Enter and close CAOS-Command-Line with Ctrl-Shift-C.

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You need them to acivate and improve the efficiency of the creator, replicator, recycler and splicer (latter only activate). There are two other which allow you to select ettins and grendels and to pick up all creatures.
Only norns are able to activate pickups. (To change this the pick-ups.cos has to be altered)
If your norns don't go to the pick-ups then the pick-ups should go to your norns :o)
To make this possible open the CAOS-Command-Line again.
Type in: enum 2 24 4 attr 198 next
Press Enter and close the Command-Line again.
Now the hand can pick up the pick-ups (silly, isn't it?) and bring them to the norns.

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Too less bioenergie? No problem - type setv game "Bioenergy" 1000 in the CAOS-Command-Line and you have the maximum power for the creator and several other things again.

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No ettins and Grendels

Max. Creatures

You want to have more Norns/Creatures in your world?
Type in: setv game "c3_max_norns" x
Replace x with the number of norns you want (I think 10 is standard setting). This is ONLY for Norns and not for Ettins or Grendels!
If you change the game variable for norns or just want to have more Ettins/Grendels or Norneggs laying around type the following too:
setv game "c3_max_creatures" y
Replace y with a number greater than the x above!! Otherwise your Norns lay eggs and after a while those eggs disappear.
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Next Lifestage Of A Creature

Maybe you only want to know how a special Creature looks like if it's older or you need an older for breeding.
Type in: targ norn ages x
Replace x with a number how many lifestages your Creature should age. E. g. your Norn is a child and you want it become adult. child -> adolescent (1) -> youth (2) -> adult (3). This means you need to type 'targ norn ages 3'. In this command 'norn' works for Grendels and Ettins as well! Note: When this was your last command *and* the CAOS-Command-Line is still open *and* you change to the next Creature with TAB then this new targeted Creature will also age!! Only the lifestage is altered with this nothing else. It takes some time until the Creatures ages and it does it step by step.
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Processing Speed

If you want to get information about how fast your computer processes C3 (with respect to the expected speed) please see 'Ctrl-Shift-p' and 'Ctrl-Shift-m' in the Shortcuts section below.

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Note to CAOS:
  • Commands *always* have four letters ( e.g. setv or sin_ ) or consist of two words each with four letters (e. g. dbg: html or hist name).
  • Type the above (and maybe on other pages) given commands always with all spaces.

Remember always: Anything you try that's descriped on my homepage you absolutely do on your own risk.
I'm in no charge to any damages or losses on your computer and/or in C3/DS.

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Shortcuts in both games

Press and Description
Pause   Hm.. it is hardly to remember the function of that key, maybe ... pause? ;o)
Print   Prints a screenshot to the clipboard
Alt-Shift- Return Toggles Windowed Mode On/Off
Ctrl- Break (Pause) Exits without saving. Very useful if an agent, e.g. the creator, disappears because of a scripterror.
Ctrl- 1 Opens/closes Creature selection
" 2 Opens/closes Options
" 3 Opens/closes Inventory
" r Saves (without leaving). Very useful before injecting a new designed egg or agent (See Ctrl-Break).
" s Repeats last typed sentence. You really want your norns to do something? Then "shout" by repeating.
Ctrl-Shift- c Toggles CAOS-command-line. Be careful with this. You can really crash a world with the wrong commands! :(
" m Magic Profiler Find out which agents are taking up all the processing speed. A file 'NameOfTheWorld'.'CurrentWorldTicks'.csv will be created in the worlds journal directory when the countdown finishes. You can open it with any spreadsheet.
" p Activates the Framerater The first number is a factor of the expected pace (One world tick correspond to 1/20s). If this number is lower or equal 1 - your computer has enough or even spare time processing C3. If this number is greater than 1 - your computer (like mine :(  ) is too slow. The second number is the total number of agents in the world.
" r Gives the number of the room where the hand is located (not metaroom)
" x Gives current world coordinates of the hand. With this you can check the coordinates where a new agent should appear.
" w Activates Wolf Control. Here you can see how old your world and slow your computer is ;o)
    The next two only work if Wolf Control is activated!
" f Toggles Fast Mode. Refresh screen only every minute and should therefore be faster. Watch the framerate!
" a Toggles Autokill. If enabled (standard) an agent with a scripterror will automatically be removed from the world. If you develop new agents and/or breeds I recommend to disable autokill. Your creator and egglayer won't just disapear then because you can select what should happen with it. I. e. you receive a message box that tells you what error happened and where in the script it was found (marked with {@}). Carefully read the message because there is also written which agent causes the error. If it's the creator or egglayer don't choose kill or freeze agent, otherwise you don't have one anymore in this world! :o(
" h Only DS Minilogo! Brings you to the next Hoverdoc and causes the doc to 'jump' and make a sound to attract your attention
" e Only DS Minilogo! Injects ten each of lemons, justanut and carrots.

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