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Here you find any link mentioned somewhere in the C3/DS section and additionally links to other C3/DS sites. All about the company behind the Creature series and their products The home of Creatures3 The home of Docking Station The new CDN Homepage A site by Richard Lovison, AKA Sylv, dedicated especially to the Linux port of our favourite game. The home of EasyPRAY, EasyATT and other tools developed by us that are useful for developing for Creatures3 and DockingStation A very nice Creatures site in French from pasto - who is so kind to translate my agents and easyPRAY to this language - et al. MysticFalcon's Worldz BioLabs, the actual home of the BorgNorns. Tomtscheks homepage about his great room NornGarden, several agents and an overview of available/planned metarooms including reservation of place in the C3/DS map. Also a site dedicated to the Linux version of DockingStation. A free GeneticsEditor, Scriptorium browser and several other useful tools for C3 Home of another free GeneticsEditor for Windows. Available in German and English. An also free text editor available for Windows and Linux. It's far more comfortable than notepad. :-) Moreover my boyfriend wrote a CAOS-mode for me. This CAOS-mode features syntax-highlighting, indenting, commenting in and out only with two mouseclicks. Look for more information at c3-ds-tools on SourceForge. Another free text editor available for Windows and Linux. For this too exists a CAOS-mode. Like the one for XEmacs it features syntax-highlighting, indenting, commenting in and out. Look for more information at c3-ds-tools on Sourceforge. A powerful and free 2D graphics package for Windows and Linux. The great, powerful and free 3D modeller and renderer for various platforms. Will become Open Source in the near future :) A free raytracer also for various platforms. Unlike blender you describe your scene with a script language and see the result only after rendering. The great crossplatform development toolkit I use for easyPRAY and easyATT :o) Homepage of the Simple Directmedia Layer. Think of it as an crossplattform 'DirectX'. It's used for the linuxport of DockingStation. A great reference and tutorial about html including various scriptlanguages for beginners and advanced users. It's free for download. Unfortunatelly (or luckily for me ;) ) it's in German, however it might be translated in your language. Look for information about this at Lots of open source programs

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