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Like Creature Labs says playing Frankenstein is very interesting.
We can just splice norns with norns and even with ettins and grendels or play direct with the genomes.

For the last you need a special program. There is one available in the mall of Creature Labs and the other one I know is the Genetics Editor of Chris Double for free. The first one I don't know personaly but I read that it has a lot of features. The second one doesn't have many features but for the first tries it's totally enough. It displays all genes with their values and, of course, you can edit them. The only thing you should never click on is the gene 0 where you can define the species of your creature. This action crashes the program. You can find it at www.double.co.nz/creatures in the C3 Programs section.
I was told now that there exists a third genetics editor. It's free and is now available in German and English. I haven't tried it myself but it looks quite good on the screenshots and it has some nice features. You find more information and download at http://www.murczak.de/dennis/

Sorry, to the Linux users, AFAIK there is currently no genetics editor for this OS.
Since Chris' editor is Open Source and the programming language Dylan is also available for Linux one might try to port this one to Linux. AFAIK Chris' started with this some time ago and so I recommend interested people to contact him and ask him for what he has already done. Some sources can be found at dylanlibs.sf.net.

On the Creatures homepage there is a genetics tutorial and other interesting information about genetic of our norns. Go to Creatures Community (at menu on the top) on the Creatures homepage. Click on Library in the frame on the left and visit the Science Section. There they are.

Any problems or suggestions? Email to: tehirsch@arcor.de