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In this section I give tips about developing for C3 in general and programs I use for developing.

Almost all programs I give are free. Because of this everyone can have a look and if you don't like it - just remove it without wasted any money. If you are interested in more freeware visit www.sourceforge.net. Here you can find almost any program or tool for any platform. And now you find my boyfriends and my developing tools for C3 and DS there too. If you want to find out more about them click on the projects link on the left.
Most programs there are more or less under developing i. e. you can follow a programs progress and sometimes there is only a comment that someone plans to develop something (usually those you are *really* interested in :o) )

If you want to know more about how C3 works, the norns are made and how to build new worlds or agents I absolutely recommend to join the CDN (if you aren't already :-)) The CDN provides a lot of information about C3, C2 and (new!) Creatures developing; several important tables, tutorials about creating food, toys, ASO with CAOS, how the norns "work" and much more. Moreover you can download there the SpriteBuilder (converts .bmp to .c16 and the other way around), -new!!- a CAOS Debugger for Windows and some other developing tools for free (but CAOS tool and Genetics Kit are *not* free :-( ).

I think it's really the first step to join the CDN at CDN Homepage

Any problems or suggestions? Email to: tehirsch@arcor.de