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Ok, the first thing you need are all those commands of CAOS.

To get them just open any world and open the CAOS-Command-Line with Ctrl-Shift-C.
Type in (with all spaces!!)

  • for a categorical sort order: file oope 1 "caos_categorical.html" 0 dbg: html 1 file oclo
  • for a alphabetical sort order: file oope 1 "caos_alphabetical.html" 0 dbg: html 0 file oclo

You can name the files as you like but don't forget ".html" because the outputs are html files. You find them in the "C:\Program files\Creatures 3\Journal" or "C:\Program files\Docking Station\Journal" directory on Windows (depends on which game you are running and where they are installed) or "~/.creatures3/Journal" or "~/.dockingstation/Journal" respectively on Linux.

There are a several differences between C3 and DS CAOS on Windows (not on Linux since it's the same engine). However as long as you don't use absolute world coordinates in your scripts and you use the 'old' CAOS your script should work in both. Make also sure that you don't rely on Creatures3 images, sounds, etc. if you declare your agent to be DS compatible or explicitely write that people need this game too! There is a fairly amount of new commands in DS for example those for network functionality. If you use them and you want to make your agent also available for 'C3 only' you have to rewrite the cos-file without those commands (and compile the agent for C3 and DS with different cos files. I explain that more later in the text). Only 'commenting' them out by if-clauses doesn't work because during injection the *whole* script is read and the C3 engine currently doesn't know those commands and - instead of injecting the agent - invokes an error message.

If you made all necessary files and want to distribute your agent at the end you need to compile it. This is done with the PrayBuilder from CDN (it's *only* available there and you need to be a member to get it!!). When you got the program you write a so called pray template. There is described of which parts your agent consists, i. e. which files are needed for it and which ones you want to distribute with it. The tool, easyPRAY, I created takes care of that for you.

Any problems or suggestions? Email to: tehirsch@arcor.de