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I hope you noticed - they become more and more :o)

Note: If there's a Readme follow the instructions given there else just put the agents file in your C3 'My Agents' folder for C3 *and* DS or C3 only installed - or in your DS 'My Agents' folder if only DS is installed. Most agents are in English, German and French.

Click to see Screenshots Wolfling Monitor V1.03
Updated: 29. July 2001. If you had problems with the ones before try this, please, and read carefully the readme file.

Designed to monitor your creatures during a wolfling run though the statistics are always useful :-).
It has a statistic and a export function (DS: reimport without cloning!), names your creatures (if unnamed) and has several options what to monitor. Hm... just click on the picture on the left side and have a look what you can adjust.
You want to have a try? Then click here to download (190kB) or move to my download page.

Ghostcam Ghostcam
Uploaded: 16. Nov 2001.

As many other people I get annoyed of the huge amount of bodys of dead creatures laying around especially after long wolfling runs. This agent moves the camera when you are away and this way all dead bodys will vanish. It creates a statistic of all deaths in the world and you can switch on/off a fastmode like the one known from the wolfcontrol (When this option is on you see the left handed agent). After injection you find two small longish blue/red buttons beside the HUD in the upper left corner.
Click here to download (27kB) or move to the download page.

Tux Tux
Updated: 29. July 2001. If you had problems with the one before try this one, please, and read carefully the readme file.

Maybe you already know Cuddles the Teddybear which your norns love very much? And maybe you have even heard something about Linux for which Tux is a mascot? Neither nor? No problem you and your norns will love Tux anyhow ;)

Tux behaves like Cuddles from JayD and therefore decreases your norns lonliness, anger and boredom when they play with him or hold him. Moreover they can hit poor Tux. That decreases only their anger a bit and Tux is crying out even more than usual for someone to play (nicer) with him.
Click here to download (30kB) or move to the download page.


Updated: 02. September 2001.

It's kind of a sandbag that boxers use for their training.

Designed especially for hardmans and their desire to hit grendels. Because of thorough tests (that's why it looks a bit used) I can tell you my *love* it ;)
Creatures will loose their anger while playing with this toy.
Click here to download (71kB) or move to the download page.

Any problems or suggestions? Email to: tehirsch@arcor.de