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02. Apr. 2002 Bring your most beloved norns away! They come, they are already near you...the BorgNorns! Resistance is futile!
Get them from my download section.
16. Nov. 2001 Got annoyed by the bodys of dead norns that are laying around after a long wolfling run? Then my new agent, the ghostcam, is the solution for you.
07. Oct. 2001 Eventually I cleaned up the code of the whole site. Though you won't see much of it because it's mainly just a nicer html that deserves the W3C standards. However I made in this process some minor updates to the development section.
Now some announcements which are already some days old. There's a new version of easyPRAY and the C16-tools and two new GIMP (the free GNU Image Manipulation Program) plugins - one from me and one from Tony Hoyle.
02. Sep. 2001 There's a new agent available to download. I made it because those poor hardmans I get from the warp are always so angry.
21. Aug. 2001 I have now a little gallery with some pictures from the games
10. Aug. 2001 Meikel and I created a Open Source Project at SourceForge for our development tools. Those tools include easyPRAY, libc16 and c16 tools, prog modes for Vim and XEmacs and others. This means that when you try to visit my projects section you will be presented with our page there.
03. Aug. 2001

As promised a new release of easyPRAY and as always you find more information in the projects section :-)
Moreover pasto translated my agents to French.
Parlez vous français? Visitez l' homepage du pasto.

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