Creatures 4 Official Q&A Chat Session

Session Start ( Thu Feb 28 19.01 GMT

This was a live Q&A session between game designers Andrea Di Stefano and Samuel Languy, from the C4 dev team,
Pascal their PR manager, and the Creatures Community, hosted at Laura's CC Chat (CreaturesCommunity Chat).

<C4DEV_Sam> Hi everyone!
<C4DEV_andrea> Hi everyone :)
<Officer1BDI> Hi!
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Yay!
<Dr_Shee> CCC Combo breaker!!!
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<DiscoverAlbia> Welcome, Andrea and Sam!
<TehSamm> Hi! :D
<McDuff> Welcome to our chaotic kingdom of C4 fanboys
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<@Ghosthande> welcome welcome!
<CNDN_smoker> tobinCR here
<@Don> Welcome Andrea and Sam :)
<yifski> welcome :)
<C4DEV_andrea> wow, a lot of people here!
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> You are 1 min late!
<Raithial> welcome
<LilyNorn> I am so excited I could burst!
<TehSamm> Boys? D:
<dk1987|dealerking> Cookies and tea for everyone
<C4DEV_andrea> we are 1 min late, sorry!
<Panda-mist> Haha nah it's cool.
<Pirate-rob> It's fine I'm sure
<@Ghosthande> fashionably late!
<McDuff> figure of spech, but at least I'm one
<C4DEV_andrea> (we're always late ;) )
<YeikoVneef> Thanks for being here!!!
<DiscoverAlbia> Thanks for stopping by for this Q&A!
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> TehSam everything on the internet is male - except proven otherwise
<DiscoverAlbia> Ha ha!
<LilyNorn> No worries luv, you came! That's all that matters!
<NornsOfOurAlbia> It's okay, we forgive you, everyone is just very excited.
<C4DEV_Sam> yup didn't expect so many people! Everyone's got tea?
<CNDN_smoker> you guys deserv a BIG thank u before we really start
<Pirate-rob> ^Agreed
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Yay, yes.
<TehSamm> I am a girl haha
<Panda-mist> Yes tea! *serves*
<DiscoverAlbia> Agreed!
* @Rascii is making more tea as we speak.
<Pirate-rob> Too many girls here
<McDuff> I'm going to get a hot cocoa soon. To early for tea
<C4DEV_andrea> no problem! our pleasure being here!
<TheDarkPsycho> Left my tea in the skull shaped baskets
<Panda-mist> Haha
<Pirate-rob> Ew
<C-Rex_> Anyone want some fairycakes?
<@Ghosthande> I guess you had tea on the brain at the time?
<LilyNorn> Ooh, I can't go get tea, I'm afraid of missing something!
<Doringo> Don't reach in the skull shaped baskets :o!
<LilyNorn> ^^
<TehSamm> Now our sanity is wet
<Pirate-rob> Gross
<Doringo> We dump our insanity in there.
<!Laura> Hello Andrea and Sam :D Welcome to CC Chat!
<@Don> So.. How did you guys want to begin?
<Panda-mist> Aww great my sanity's gone. Oh wait it was already.
<HolyTomato> sanitytea, yum ;p
<Marvolo323> Hello, devs!
* Pirate-rob goes to wash the baskets
<DiscoverAlbia> What would be the easiest way to go about asking all of our crazy questions?
<C4DEV_Sam> haha! Insanity is always good!
<C-Rex_> Is everyone here yet?
<Panda-mist> Yeah it's epic.
<DiscoverAlbia> We're a curious bunch because we're all so interested in Creatures 4!
<Doringo> Heh.
<dk1987|dealerking> everyone who matters
<Panda-mist> That's nostalgic
<TheDarkPsycho> Good ghost. We need more skull shaped baskets too
<CNDN_smoker> so were finally here
<C4DEV_andrea> so, we've seen there are already a lot of questions on the forum!
<@Ghosthande> okay okay, I'll fetch them immediately.
<Pirate-rob> Notice how there are moments of silence randomly?
<LilyNorn> I even have my purple Norndoll here :D
<NornsOfOurAlbia> So excited about Creatures 4. I've been looking forward to Creatures 4 ever since Creatures 3 came out.
<Panda-mist> I have no idea what to ask because my questions will probably be asked by others
<C4DEV_Sam> Pascal our dear PR manager is climbing up the staircase at the time being :D
<Pirate-rob> Wait, we need to Initiate Sam and Andrea
<dk1987|dealerking> SILENCE PLEASE
<DiscoverAlbia> Did you want to address the prepared questions first, or mix those in with the questions of those here in the chat?
<@Rascii> Whoa.
<CNDN_smoker> prep questions later, live questions now
<Pirate-rob> Welcome to the creature community Sam and Andrea, please deposit your sanity in the skull-shaped basket and have a cookie!
<Panda-mist> Yes!
<DiscoverAlbia> It's up to Andrea and Sam: We want to make this as easy as possible for them! Maybe they prepared answers for some of the questions already?
<CNDN_smoker> did they?
<!Laura> I agree with Jessica; it'll be very interesting to hear their answers!
<CNDN_smoker> sam andrea?
<Panda-mist> *nods*
<LilyNorn> Whatever works for them!
<Marvolo323> Indeed.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> There must be a reason they haven't posted something now - maybe copy paste answers right now? just wait untul they say us what to do
<HolyTomato> I think it's the best to do the prepared ones first, so everyone gets a share? ;w;''
<McDuff> they are getting tea me thinks
<C4DEV_andrea> yes we've reviewed the questions but we're planning to go freestyle with the answers :)
<CNDN_smoker> ok
<LilyNorn> Cool beans!
<TehSamm> woo hoo
<Panda-mist> Alright.
<DiscoverAlbia> Awesome!
<C-Rex_> Good idea!
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> freestyle!!!!
<DiscoverAlbia> So would you like people to just start asking questions?
<Pirate-rob> Question 1, when do the questions start?
<!Laura> The best way I think - more exciting!
<Panda-mist> Haha
<NornsOfOurAlbia> I like a bit of spontaneity.

Take Your Seats..

<Hellfrozeover> Oh it's started!
<Marvolo323> I can ask a question!
<C4DEV_andrea> yeah, the best thing would be one question at a time
<Dr_Shee> question: you mention 150 chemicals ; sounds like the old versions, did you change or improve things about biochemistry or did you stick on the previous mechanism?
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> QUESTION: will any norn breed get any kind of tail or hoirns?
<Doringo> Don't forget about Unknownase. the unamed and unused chemicals.
<Pirate-rob> Wait for them to answer before asking
<CNDN_smoker> mabye by the end of the chat we could get some new video or maybe in the days following
<Pirate-rob> Yes!
<<C4DEV_andrea> ok question by Dr_Shee
<Ascent> Should just let Jessica ask the questions and moderate.
<dk1987|dealerking> agreed
<@Rascii> I agree with Ascent.
<Panda-mist> Good idea.
<Raithial> yup
<TehSamm> I second that motion
<HolyTomato> yes
<CNDN_smoker> yes agreed
<TehSamm> or like 4th it :P
<C-Rex_> Agreed.
<McDuff> ditto, but the jess might get spammed with PM's
<@Ghosthande> geez guys shut up XD
<Hellfrozeover> that works
<DiscoverAlbia> I was thinking we could go with the prepared questions, since I'm sure there will be duplicates. Then others could add in their questions as we go along, as they see fit.
<@Rascii> People can send DiscoverAlbia a private message with their questions that aren't in the prepared list.
<!Laura> You don't need registered nicks to send PMs anymore, that changed when we switched to AlphaChat :)
<@Ghosthande> oh, sweet
<DiscoverAlbia> That will work! I can handle the questions and all!
<Pirate-rob> Finally on the chat!
<SSR> heyhey
<C4DEV_andrea> ok let's let Jessica ask the questions
<C4DEV_andrea> it will be a lot easier
<Pirate-rob> I have my pen ready
<SSR> I have an exam tomorrow and this is the last thing I should be doing :P
<Doringo> I've got Maxwell's pencil :P
<DiscoverAlbia> Shall we just start going in order with the prepared list?
<Pirate-rob> Well actually I got a keyboard
<HolyTomato> sounds best
<LilyNorn> Ohh, okay!
<Officer1BDI> I think that would be best
<DiscoverAlbia> Andrea and Sam are welcome to just say pass if an answer can't be given.
<Panda-mist> Yeah.
<HolyTomato> lets start please c;
<Pirate-rob> currently 50 people in chat with pepsi

Norns and Breeding

<C4DEV_andrea> Jessica, ask the questions as you see fit ;)
<DiscoverAlbia> 1.1 Will the Creatures mate on their own without any player intervention? (Seonta)
<SSR> all the beginning questions basically amount to "will wolfling runs be possible"
<C4DEV_Sam> 1.1: Totally, as in the previous game, norns can and will totally mate without player interaction!
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> does this include hatching of eggs?
<CNDN_smoker> yay6
<Panda-mist> Gonna be romantic in heeere
<dk1987|dealerking> thats one of the next questions so please
<dk1987|dealerking> silence
<DiscoverAlbia> That answers 1.2... Onto the next one!
<DiscoverAlbia> 1.3 Will natural eggs be able to hatch without intervention, and quickly so as to sustain the population? (Not like, 30 minutes later?) Is it necessary for the player to click on every egg to hatch them? Or could they hatch on their own after an amount of time? (SpaceShipRat and dk1987)
<@Don> With the kiss-popping sound effect? ;)
<McDuff> what will be the max populas on that note?
<C4DEV_Sam> MK-Grendel, in the current players have to manually hatch egg, but we definitely love that feature in C3 :)
<Marvolo323> So you're planning to include that feature?
<Pirate-rob> What feature?
<McDuff> self hatching eggs
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> without that wolfing runs would be impossible.... because they least for generations
<Pirate-rob> ok
<dk1987|dealerking> hatching eggs by there own
<C4DEV_Sam> eventually, pirate-rob, self hatching eggs.
<Pirate-rob> k
<SSR> there we go, we're screwed.
<DiscoverAlbia> 1.4 How long does the natural hatching of eggs take? How long does pregnancy last? How long will it take for a Norn to recover from a pregnancy? (dk1987)
<DiscoverAlbia> And since it's related: 1.5 At what age are Norns able to breed? (dk1987)
<C4DEV_Sam> 1.4 Currently hatching and pregnancy last around 2/3 minutes each, but we are still tweaking it :)
<C4DEV_andrea> (btw, hello to everyone who logged in after us :-)
<Officer1BDI> Ok, a few minutes sounds reasonable.
<McDuff> I'd like to see a longer gestation period myself.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> may i suggest making pregnancy a bit longer - i guess most people won't mind - maybe around 10 min
<Pirate-rob> It was longer before
<LilyNorn> Like in C1.
<McDuff> I was thinking 10-20mins
<dk1987|dealerking> cool would be a time-multiplayer you could set in the options
<Hellfrozeover> Yeah that would prevent mass egg explosions!
<yifski> 5-10 minutes sounds good
<SSR> Remember, hugely fast breeding = less attachment to norns
<Panda-mist> Yeah
<C-Rex> That's true.
<YeikoVneef> True
<DiscoverAlbia> 1.6 Will Norns form monogamous attachments, kissop like crazy as per the previous games or a bit of both depending on the Norn? (Hellfrozeover)
<McDuff> I'd like to see norns live for weeks, not hours
<HolyTomato> such short pregnancy sounds a bit unrealistic
<CNDN_smoker> em hm
<Yaravana> A slightly longer time might help a little in stopping the overflow of eggs that you could end up with in Creatures 3.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> make it around 10-20 min and golden egg upgrade for fast breeders
<C4DEV_Sam> such timeframe will be locked during the testing phases so you'll have still time to contribute your thoughts and feedback on this!
<CNDN_smoker> these arnt tamagotchis
<NornsOfOurAlbia> But you do have to manually hatch the Norns out yourself, so it does slow things down a bit.
<C4DEV_andrea> (also, we are taking notes about everything is being said here of course)
<SSR> alright, shh the next question has been asked
<LilyNorn> Ooh! Lovely!
<TehSamm> good to know Andrea
<C-Rex> Great idea!
<Panda-mist> That's awesome.
<DiscoverAlbia> Nice! I would like to see longer times, too, only because you don't end up with so many Norns, and can get a little more attached.
<LilyNorn> Ditto Jessica.
<Marvolo323> Well, I don't know, for people who like doing lots of Norn breeding it might not be SO ideal
<dk1987|dealerking> its the moment next question?
<Marvolo323> But yeah, it's ok enough
<DiscoverAlbia> The last question wraps up the breeding section. I'm going to skip ahead to the Norns section, only because that's the section I think we're all mainly interested in!
<Panda-mist> Yess
<LilyNorn> Yes!
<HolyTomato> yay
<C4DEV_andrea> 1.6 at the moment they kiss like crazy :-)
<CNDN_smoker> longer time spent with norns is defenetly a plus
<Yaravana> sounds good!
<@Ghosthande> lol
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.1 How long do the Norns live? (Seonta and dk1987)
<C4DEV_Sam> Small problem here, apparently Andrea and I miss some different message, maybe due to high traffic, I hope you guys aren't missing our messages!
<SSR> that's norns for you :P cyber-bunnies
<Creature867> maybe a gene that would affect length of pregnancy
<Panda-mist> So many peopleee
<silberengelchen> huhu
<Creature867> so people can make it longer or short by themself
<@Ghosthande> yeah the questions went from 1.6 to 9.1?
<SSR> ok, no complicated suggesions right now I'd say)
<TehSamm> she said she was skipping ahead to the norn section
<DiscoverAlbia> I skipped ahead to the Norn section, which explains the numbering.
<McDuff> Let Jess pick how and what order she asks
<Officer1BDI> Jessica skipped to the norn section of questions due to interest
<!Laura> Maybe it's better to go in order, Jessica?
<CNDN_smoker> yep
<SSR> let it be.
* @Don points to the Ettins watching from the back ;)
<DiscoverAlbia> I just don't know how much time we have, and most of the PM questions revolve around the Norns section.
<CNDN_smoker> let it go
<!Laura> Rascii's updating the resource article for the log as we go; just a thought. But okay, let majority rule :)
<@Ghosthande> okay, I didn't see that... I'm getting a bit of lag so I missed the explanation and got confused.
<NornsOfOurAlbia> I'd prefer Norn questions. :)
<C4DEV_Sam> 9.1 The current lifespan of a Norn is 3/4 hours, but again, as for the pregnancy we will lock it during testing, and you'll have occasion to give us more feedback in opening testing phase!
<DiscoverAlbia> Would everyone prefer we go back to going in order?
<Ascent> I'm fine with you picking the order.
<LilyNorn> Whatever's good for you luv!
<McDuff> its fine how your going jess
<Yaravana> To be honest I think most of us are most curious about the norns themselves.
<dk1987|dealerking> no opinion
<CNDN_smoker> yep
<HolyTomato> can we continue? ;n;
<Pirate-rob> It make it easier to write down
<@Rascii> Jessica is the moderator. Let's let her choose and continue :)
<YeikoVneef> Norn questions are very intresting!
<Officer1BDI> I'm fine with whatever's easiest to go with
<Panda-mist> Same.
<CNDN_smoker> mod is god
<DiscoverAlbia> A question from PM related to the Norn section: How procedural are the C4 Norns' colorations, patterns, etc. - are they being "hung off" of pre-created assets/patterns/shapes or generated entirely based on genetics? Do we know all the 'types' of coloration patterns, or will we see things no one has ever seen before? (Marvolo323)
<McDuff> well said smoker
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> just around 4 hours? that's nearly nothing - you won't love the norns as much when they die as fast
<Panda-mist> 7 hours is pretty good yeah.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> pleas make at least one breed that lives aorund 10h+
<Tapestry> Agreed. Not to tramp over the new question, but 3-4 hours seems extremely brief.
<Doringo> Maybe a short life extention when making achievements in life? Nah thats just a bit silly.
<NornsOfOurAlbia> That's a good question. Re: pattern inheritance.
<C-Rex> I personally think 9 hours would be good enough :)
<McDuff> four hours dosn't give them enough time to travel differnt players worlds and stuff like a geocaching travel bug
<LilyNorn> Ditto.
<Hellfrozeover> If there's the "life" chemical it's all good lol.
<Panda-mist> 9 is good too
<DiscoverAlbia> I read that as three quarters of an hour, or 45 minutes. 3-4 hours is still a little on the short side, but not too terrible. I still love my C1 Norns who last 8-12 hours. Personal opinion, though!
<Dr_Shee> I tend to not agree, 9 is too long
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Yeah, seriously, Life halflife, easy peasy. ;)
<CNDN_smoker> yes it dose and as the dev team menchind everything will be noted
<Dr_Shee> 4-5 hours is a good balance
<SSR> 5 to 7. But yeah, this is easily changed during beta.
<Panda-mist> Woo
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> the easyest sollution make different breeds 3-12 horus - depending on the breed
<Yaravana> I think longer then 4 hours would be nice. You want to keep breeding going, but I do like time to get to know my norns
<@Don> Yeah, I couldn't expect to get attached to Norns that don't live at least a week.
<Doringo> Maybe we could get a longer life modification in the gen-kit.
<dk1987|dealerking> best idea - a multiplay every can set by themself for extending or reducing the lifespan, etc of the norns
<Creature867> maybe also make it so with breeding lifespan would expand longer?
<C4DEV_Sam> We take good note of it guys! Again, you'll get your say in it when testing the game :) Exactly SSR ;)
<C4DEV_andrea> DiscoverAlbia, About the patterns and colors, they are procedural in many ways. Each Norn is made of several pattern layers. We are planning to write a blog post detailing all this very soon.
<dk1987|dealerking> so every hat there personal favorit
<C4DEV_Sam> MK Grendel it is also a good alternative! Different breed, different lifespan ;)
<CNDN_smoker> how long are alpha testing and feature locking expected to take before open beta?
<SSR> (PLEASE no complicated suggestions!)
<DiscoverAlbia> Awesome! Next up: 9.2 When will we see a clear picture of the Aqua Norn and mysterious fourth breed? So far we have seen the Cave and the Common Norns. (Seonta)
<CNDN_smoker> yes
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Oh awesome. As a geneticist I'm really interested in how the genetics of this game differ to previous games. It seems you've really ramped up some aspects of the Norns' dDNA and inherited traits this game.
<McDuff> I think the same could be asked of ettin and grendel sub specices too
<CNDN_smoker> beta testing is not release speicfic
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> but don't forget - if they have a lifespan of e.g. 12 horus - they would also need longer on pregnancy - would be something like creatures hard mode with that breed ;)
<Panda-mist> Ohh yeah
<Pirate-rob> 61 people including pepsi
<C4DEV_andrea> NornsOfOurAlbia, the visual side of each Norn is really more complex than in C3, we're really happy with it
<Officer1BDI> Ah, ok
<CNDN_smoker> yes
<McDuff> The visual skinning, from what I saw on Youtube, seems to resemble that of Spore. Well done I say. Its a good mechanic and works well.
<NornsOfOurAlbia> It looks much more complicated! I can't wait to see the genetic workings behind it. :)
<Yaravana> I'm very curious to see the possibilities.
<Panda-mist> Definitely.
<CNDN_smoker> dev team?
<C4DEV_Sam> 9.2 When will we see the aqua Norn clearly? We are not entirely happy with the squishy skin yet, we are working on it, so we can show in in its environment, all shiny and beautiful!
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.3 Will the Norns get tails? Maybe simple fluffy ones? And horns for the male ones? (Genesis, lightyagami777, and Norngirl)
<SSR> yesss squishy! <3
<Panda-mist> Sounds lovely.
<DiscoverAlbia> This was also asked by a few other people, so I apologize if I didn't include any additional usernames!
<TehSamm> Just realized who SSR is.. I apparently am very dumb today haha
<Pirate-rob> lol
<LilyNorn> SSR is?
<Officer1BDI> ...OMG it just hit me, too. XD
<Pirate-rob> SpaceShipRat
<TehSamm> haha okay I don't feel so bad
<Panda-mist> Ohh!
<LilyNorn> Ohh
<Panda-mist> I didn't realize either.
<McDuff> user names not needed Jess
<Hellfrozeover> Aah! Didn't clock that one!
<C4-Fishing-Scal> CNDN-smoker: the nature of an alpha-testing is such that we can't say that for sure. When our boss/producers and publisher say: "happy enough. You can show it to beta testers now." Can be two weeks. Can be six. Maybe even eight...
<Creature905Yme> Will we be able to look at, and manipulate neurons and stuff, like in the older games?
<Pirate-rob> Is Scal really part Of c4?
<C4DEV_Sam> 9.3 Tails, Tails, Tails, Horns? Well at the time being no base race has it! Doesn't mean it wouldn't come in an upcoming updates?
<DiscoverAlbia> I assume C4-Fishing-Scal is Pascal!
<Pirate-rob> Sorry, No offence if you are
<CNDN_smoker> thank you c4 team
<SSR> lol, I look away for a moment... Yes I'm the resident spacefaring rodent.
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.4 Will baby Norns crawl? (Malkin)
<C4-Fishing-Scal> Pirate-Rob: not really. He's only a PR guy who found the right job to play C4 before everyone else. But his contract backs up his nickname though :-)
<@Don> Can I add, and can baby Norns get picked up?
<Pirate-rob> Hehe, thanks
<SSR> Can't say the resident rodent, because we also have Chimerat :P
<LilyNorn> Ha ha!
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> Yay - possible breeds with fliffy tails ^_^
<McDuff> that makes a nice point of horns etc only being on certian races forcing cross breeding to get them
<Officer1BDI> Ooh, that could be challenging.
<Panda-mist> Yeah!
<TehSamm> haha poor SSR looks away for a moment and becomes the topic of conversation
<Pirate-rob> Lol
<C4DEV_Sam> Scal is really offended! Now we shall give him more cookies and tea!!! Well DONE :D
<Yaravana> I love the idea of crossbreeding for certain traits.
<CNDN_smoker> emperors new clothes is all i was getting at the more we see the more we can beleave
<Marvolo323> ^^^
<LilyNorn> *gives tea*
<Pirate-rob> Ooh, he needs to deposit his sanity
<Marvolo323> (that is, I agree with Yaravana. Strongly.)
* Pirate-rob gets the skull-shaped basket
<Panda-mist> Haha
* Pirate-rob gives Scal a cookie
<DiscoverAlbia> Did 9.4 get answered? I'm all over the place with PMs and keeping up, so I apologize if I'm blind!
<Pirate-rob> No
<Yaravana> not yet I think. Unless I'm getting lag.
<SSR> so, do baby norns crawl?
<C4DEV_Sam> 9.4 Andrea wants to answer that one :D
<Pirate-rob> hehe
<Doringo> I kinda like how they walked in the demo video.
<C4-Fishing-Scal> Thanks for the cookie!
<Doringo> Just skipping in such a cute way.
<C4-Fishing-Scal> I forgive you now.
<C4DEV_andrea> We are experimenting with crawling. The problem with it is that it requires all new transition animations to "normal" actions
<Pirate-rob> thanks!
<HolyTomato> i hope it works n,n
<DiscoverAlbia> A question from a PM: Do Norns get fat and gain/lose weight and/or muscle mass? (Hellfrozeover)
<CNDN_smoker> awesome thx
<@Ghosthande> fat Norns would be awesome
<LilyNorn> *gives Devs lemon teas* :3
<McDuff> nice question
<Creature700> Why do the norns have no tail, and are missing the fur on their stomach and chest resulting in a monkey like look?
<DiscoverAlbia> Please PM all questions to me, as we're trying to have a sort of order. Thanks!
<Panda-mist> Yeah, you'd have to watch out what to feed them
<Officer1BDI> I really hope this is the case. The cave norns seem to hint at it.
<Yaravana> That would be interesting,
<HolyTomato> whoooo my question is next in the list >w<
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Haha, Norns on a diet.
<TehSamm> haha tubby little norns with little pot bellies. I think I would faint from the cuteness
<Yaravana> I do love that there are at least multiple body shapes.
<Hellfrozeover> Third party diet pill agents :D
<Panda-mist> Haha
<Pirate-rob> lol
<Creature307> hehe
<TehSamm> oh goodness haha
<@Ghosthande> I kinda like the Cave Norns... they're rather like what I was going for with the Sabertooths :)
<Yaravana> Oh dear. XD Norn diet pills.
<C4DEV_andrea> About the weight. Norn shape is only affected by their breed or from which breed genes they have
<Marvolo323> Aww... shame
<Doringo> Beefy norns are kinda cool. Gives grendels the ability to pick on one their own size.
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.5 We've already seen that the Norns vary a lot in colours, patterns etc. But will there also be other things that make breeds different from each other? Like a breed that has floppy ears, some have horns, different tails and such? (HolyTomato)
<Yaravana> Well then we can still breed for pudgy or skinny norns. That's fine with me.
<LilyNorn> Ohh! How I miss the Banana Norn's floppy ears!
<Officer1BDI> Yes. Floppy ears FTW
<McDuff> brb, cat just woke up and wants food
<Hellfrozeover> On the same note, hair? I used to like norns having head hair!
<C4DEV_andrea> 9.5 Norn body varies too depending on their shape. Also, gender affects their look
<SSR> (I can just imagine kids starving their norns to death to make them "thin")
<Officer1BDI> :(
<Pirate-rob> Sadisticly funny
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Oh awesome, sexual dimorphism.
<C4DEV_andrea> Different breeds have different ears for instance :)
<LilyNorn> Yay!
<Yaravana> Great!
<YeikoVneef> Yay!
<Officer1BDI> Awesome!
<CNDN_smoker> i like
<Macwa> Nice
<DiscoverAlbia> Will there physical traits we can only breed and not genmanipulate? (MK-Grendel)
<C4DEV_andrea> You can only alter the breed and a couple of properties in the splicing machine (more on that in a future blog post). All other genetics are specific to natural breeding (for now at least)
<DiscoverAlbia> Will aqua norn be amphibious so it can go on land to breed and mix with others? (McDuff)
<NornsOfOurAlbia> I like the sound of these future blog posts!
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> would be funny if people kill millions of norns because they wanna mixbreed froigsnorns with normal ones xD
<Officer1BDI> Didn't that already happen in C2 to some extent? At least in my world....
<Pirate-rob> Hehe
<Marvolo323> I kind of like the specificity to natural breeding.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> nah the gensplicer killed them, not me....
<Hellfrozeover> Mine as well haha! Although it was ettin/norns that were my biggest problem with their breathing issues.
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Naw, sad. I nearly cried when my first C2 Norn drowned, years ago. I don't think I can handle than kind of emotional trauma again in C4.
<CNDN_smoker> lol.
<C4DEV_Sam> Yes Aqua norn will be amphibious! It will be able to go on land, breed with others, yes, mix with others, yes!
<DiscoverAlbia> Regarding Norn shape, is it going to be possible to crossbreed two differently shaped Norns and get something in between, or a mix? (Marvolo323 and Ghosthande)
<Officer1BDI> Woo!
<Yaravana> Awesome! That is bound to make for some really interesting offspring.
<Panda-mist> My norn was so dumb they fell in the water on purpose. Had to export them
<Panda-mist> Ohh awesome
<C4-Fishing-Scal> One thing: there are some tiny details about the Norns for which we'd like to keep a bit of mystery too. Just, you know, to keep the surprise element in the game too ;-)
<DiscoverAlbia> And since we're on the subject: Will Aquanorns have swimming animations? (C-Rex)
<Officer1BDI> Fair enough.
<DiscoverAlbia> Very good point, Scal!
<Marvolo323> Indeed.
<C4DEV_andrea> yeah we're not going to show you all the breeds before you get the game right? :)
<SSR> fantastic point, do they actually swim?
<Panda-mist> Yeah that wouldn't be as fun!
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> Panda-myst your norns werent dum - they can't see water - they don't feels really bad when they drunk - they can't know it's bad for them
<CNDN_smoker> fair?
<Yaravana> I'd love to have some surprises left.
<CNDN_smoker> yes
<C4-Fishing-Scal> No problem to discuss breeds and such broadly. But at some point: we don't want to go too deep. We want to make you smile while you play too, not only tonight :-)
<LilyNorn> I love surprises!
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.6 Continued: Will Norns also have different personalities? Like when one Norn sees a critter, it immediately approaches it out of curiosity, but another Norn is too shy or scared to do that? Have you given a great deal of thought as to how to help Norns develop and show their personalities? (HolyTomato and Malkin)
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> it's like co2 for us - deadly but we have no chance at all
<Panda-mist> Oh yeah. *facepalms* That's right I didn't realize.
<NornsOfOurAlbia> That's an excellent question!
<C4DEV_Sam> No they don't actually swim :(, as sad as it is. We wanted to do it really bad but that sole features brings a lot of changes and limit cases. We do not have the time to implement it!
<Marvolo323> Indeed!
<Yaravana> I'd love to know! Different personalities would be fun. Especially if they can be passed on via breeding too.
<Panda-mist> I thought they had just been curious, thanks for clearing it up MK-Grendel
<Pirate-rob> Whats the first part of the 9.6 question?
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> panda and now you should feel even more sad - you should have protected your norns! but you failed!
<SSR> I think swimming is pretty low priority for most of us, considered the difficulty of implementing it.
<dk1987|dealerking> 9.6 Are Norns still able to pick up stuff and interact with it? (HolyTomato)
<Panda-mist> It was C2 so I was still kind of a newbie, haha. I'm used to C3/DS
<Pirate-rob> thanks
<@GirlySatan> please be nice MK-Grendel, not necessary to talk down Panda-mist
<DiscoverAlbia> Did I forget to ask this part of it? 9.6 Are Norns still able to pick up stuff and interact with it? (HolyTomato)
<Creature832> Hey everyone
<Panda-mist> Hello!
<HolyTomato> yesshh that was the thing I was the most concerned of
<HolyTomato> thanks n,n
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> yes satan , i do like you say - my lord!
<C4DEV_Sam> 9.6 About specific behaviors, we are currently working on it. All I will say is that we have an norn which is really really afraid of other Norns and another one which tends to be rather aggressive. ;)
<TehSamm> angry nornito very angry :p
<Panda-mist> Oh wow that sounds cool!
<Doringo> Aggressive Norn. Nornito Much?
<Yaravana> Angry nornito?
<DiscoverAlbia> Nice! And if it wasn't clear, I forgot this part of the question, Andrea and Sam: 9.6 Are Norns still able to pick up stuff and interact with it?
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Norns with behavioural disorders.
<Doringo> Angry nornito Bibble. Give Nornito Lunch Money Eem!
<Panda-mist> Pfft
<C4DEV_Sam> Exactly guys, you remember last gamescom demo well ;)
<C4DEV_andrea> angry nornito very angry !!
<TehSamm> <3
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Haha.
<TehSamm> :D
<AngryNornito> Eem angry
<C4DEV_andrea> aha
<NornsOfOurAlbia> HA.
<C4DEV_Sam> +1 :D
<Doringo> Nornito should have some kind of Mascot relation like Ron had with creatures 1.
<Panda-mist> Oh yeah
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Yes!
<TehSamm> I agree
<HolyTomato> i was just about to say that, it would be so lovely
<C-Rex> Angry Nornito should have his own fanclub!
<TehSamm> yup
<C4DEV_andrea> Agreed!
<TehSamm> going to facebook to make it right now. brb
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Angry Nornito memes anyone?
<Pirate-rob> lol
<Panda-mist> Haha
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> angry nornito HAS his fan club!
<SSR> Some of us proposed to call the toys Nornito and Nornita, like the plushie was called Bluebery
<Pirate-rob> One does not just simply anger nornito
<HolyTomato> but can we get to the question? Will norns pick things up and move with it? ;w;
<C4-Fishing-Scal> we've just decided to lock the name down on the spot: Angry Nornito will be his in-game name. Done deal;
<LilyNorn> Aww! How sweet!
<Raxzje> <3
<C4DEV_Sam> hahaha, lets spread the angry nornito angry love! :D
<Panda-mist> Haha that's awesome.
<DiscoverAlbia> Was there an answer regarding picking up and interacting with stuff? (Catching up here!)
<SSR> oh dear :P
<Doringo> Maybe Nornito was angry at the shee for not getting the power and portal back online until you came along. which may mean it took the shee ages.
<Yaravana> I don't think so.
<dk1987|dealerking> not yet
<C-Rex> I love how on the demo video Nornito makes a demonic face at the other Norn XD
<@Don> Ah but are any of the Norn models 'female', to be called Nornita?
<C4DEV_andrea> 9.6 Norn are able to pick things up like fruits. They won't be able to pick everything up (like gadgets) as it's really hard on animations...Still, at the moment we're having a funny bug, they can sometimes pick up fruit trees!
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.7 Are Norns able to distinguish family members from stranges? (dk1987)
<Doringo> Norn lumberjack!
<Officer1BDI> Oh dear. XD
<TehSamm> hahahaha
<Panda-mist> Hahaha
<Doringo> *Rips tree out of ground*
<SSR> Nornita is not a slave to society's gender notions.
<Doringo> Then steve from minecraft is jealous because he has to punch trees.
<Panda-mist> Nornito: You don' me..when..I'm..angry! *pulls tree out*
<C4DEV_andrea> Lumber-Norn!
<C4DEV_andrea> aha
<C-Rex> XD
<DiscoverAlbia> Ha ha! That must be one funny bug!
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> *angry nornito rips tree out of the ground*
<LilyNorn> Lily intensely scared, run tree!
<Doringo> Needs to be a meme also.
<C4DEV_andrea> about the physical traits, yes, you can totally see who the parents are
<Doringo> Creatures ragecomics anyone?
<Yaravana> great!
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Where's the love of the treehugger Norns when you need it, huh?
<Panda-mist> Haha yes
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.8 How many external properties determine the appearance of the Creatures? What are they? (Norns will differ in adult size? Same size ears? Various fur-spots?) (dk1987)
<Doringo> When you realise the treehugger norn has done the same glitch and dropped the tree.
<Panda-mist> The treehugger norns will chain themselves to the trees from Nornito's norn rage.
<Marvolo323> Ok, I have a headache and my parakeet is chirping in my ear. Goodbye.
<Creature700> I am pm'ed a number and none of them have been answered. Some of these questions I have asked on the site; one was mailed to the whole game adress. Yet waiting for an answer.
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Haha, Panda-mist.
<SSR> We don't have to conform to facebook's idea of memes either- the Creatures Community makes it's own way.
<dk1987|dealerking> please be patient
<NornsOfOurAlbia> I think there are a lot of questions, Creatures700.
<Panda-mist> There are a lot of questions to go through.
<DiscoverAlbia> There are hundreds of prepared questions, Creature700. I'm trying to mix in newly PMed ones as best as possible.
<Pirate-rob> Whats the answer to 9.7?
<SSR> @Creature there are hundreds and we just started, wait patiently
<C4DEV_Sam> 9.7 Yes they are able to recognize family members, they have a brain lobe which allow to recoginze father/mother son/daughter, but currently we haven't had the time to wire it properly and test some very cool behaviors!
<Pirate-rob> Ta
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Wow, neat.
<@GirlySatan> oh thats exciting :)
<TehSamm> neato!
<Panda-mist> :D
<SSR> haha! Creatures 3 had that, but it wasn't used- would be cool if you manage to use it!
<Creature885> In previous creatures titles we had various different creature types, purple moutain norns, horse norns ect can we expect actual different types rather than just colour changed versions of the same norn?
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> that means no inbreeding anymore :(
<LilyNorn> Aww! That is so cute! Imagine, a little Norn getting scared of a critter and running to his mummy!
<C4DEV_Sam> I want precise that the possibility is there, but I can't confirm if it will be present and properly wired at release!
<SSR> we'll see, genesis.
<Panda-mist> Aww...
<Dracia> aww
<Officer1BDI> I'm about to make lunch while simutaneously watching the chat. If I suddenly log out it's probably because my laptop caught on fire.
<Dracia> and maybe some family feuds?
<Pirate-rob> hehe
<LilyNorn> Sibling rivalry XD
<Papriko> maybe I should change my messenger again
<C4DEV_andrea> Officer1BDI, be safe!
<YeikoVneef> Infinite possibilities *mind blows up*
<Pirate-rob> Ooh, Papriko's on?
<LilyNorn> Me dislike big sister Norn.
<LilyNorn> lol
<SSR> Hey that's cool of you to advance info on a feature you're not quite sure about, we'll reciprocate by not tearing you to bits if it doesen't make it in the game!
<Officer1BDI> Haha, I will.
<C4DEV_andrea> *mind blows up* --> daily feeling of a C4 dev
<C4-Fishing-Scal> so does mine... Why did you tell them about that, Sam? :-)
<LilyNorn> Cute family bonding. ^^
<Papriko> it triggers every time someone uses the words "private" or "banned"
<TehSamm> :D
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> Yeiko that's the reason creatures is as succesfull - there was always an infinitive number of options - even after ears when you think you saw everything - there will be just one norn/grendel who suprises you!
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Haha.
<Panda-mist> Excellenttt
<Doringo> I think norns should have "ticklish" spots that they react to more than others but its probably not that worth implementing.
<C4DEV_andrea> 9.8, age, gender, breed all influence the norn's look
<C4DEV_Sam> thank you SSR I appreciate that! Anyway, if you tear us to bits we won't be able to update and add more awesomeness to the game :D
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.9 How will Creatures learn how to talk? With self-chosen words, or with default terms built into the game? (dk1987)
<Dracia> I must have this game even more...
<DiscoverAlbia> And related: Can you talk to the Norn by typing lines like in C3 or has that changed? (Macwa)
<Panda-mist> I was amazed when I found out how to talk to norns in C3
<C4DEV_andrea> 9.8 breed genes alter the Norn shape. The colors/patterns/eyes are determined by 8 layers of textures (some procedural and some not). All of this is breedable
<dk1987|dealerking> see the actionwheel in the demovid from paris
<Doringo> Like getting norns to learn nouns in C1/C2? Or is that a different thing.
<LilyNorn> At this point in time, I would sell my left arm to get into this game! XD
<NornsOfOurAlbia> I love how it seems to be a work in progress, like you're planning to add so much more to the functioning game (when its released). It's very much in the Creatures Series spirit I think. :D
<Dracia> same here
<Panda-mist> Yes!
<Pirate-rob> I need my left arm
<dk1987|dealerking> i would sell your body at onces for the game^^
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> Lily you're right handed?
<Dracia> anyone needs a kidney?
<C4DEV_andrea> C4 being multiplatform, communication with a Norn goes throught a sort of speech wheel. Not as freestyle, but we have some constraints on that side...
<NornsOfOurAlbia> I'm right handed, you can totally have my right arm.
<DiscoverAlbia> In regards to the actual behaviour of the Norns, will they act like the C3 Norns, knowing everything without needing to be taught, or will they be more like the C1 Norns, where you had to teach them to talk and eat, and which plants were safe to eat, and they really needed us as Hands to help them survive? Personally, I miss my Norns actually needing me to care for them. (LilyNorn)
<LilyNorn> Definitely right handed. Don't need my left on ;D
<LilyNorn> lol
<Macwa> Alla sims wheel?
<Dracia> makes sense
<Panda-mist> Those C3 norns are really independant, yeah.
<TehSamm> okay the link works now. :P
<Dracia> not as fun as typing
<Dracia> but boils down to the same thing
<Doringo> Chance for left handed norns? :P
<Macwa> I love the typing
<@GirlySatan> ill buy an extra arm if you are selling XD
<C4DEV_andrea> 9.9 Words are built into the game but they start with bibble of course. The by repeating commands and using speech-tutoring machine they can learn the full vocabulary
<LilyNorn> I was really sad when my first DS Norn immediately taught himself how to talk and just didn't even need me. :'(
<C4DEV_andrea> Also, they can still talk to each other and share knowledge
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> I just imagine when some of you sell their arms and get the game - but can't play it except with their nose xD
<Panda-mist> Haha
<C4DEV_andrea> yeah, no insta-learn machine when you begin the game
<DiscoverAlbia> Just a clarification on an earlier question: Will the offspring of two different breeds have mixed breed traits? beside colours? (SSR)
<@GirlySatan> oh thats exciting, i always loved that norns taught each other words in C1
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Dude, I have a very skilled nose I have you know.
<@GirlySatan> hehe
<C4DEV_andrea> yes, mixed-breed traits, that's the whole point of breeding :)
<DiscoverAlbia> Can creatures see/fear water or is it invisible like in C2&C3? (MK-Grendel)
<Panda-mist> I love breeding for different traits, I never cared for breeding two that looked alike.
<LilyNorn> But are the Norns more dependant on the Hand? Do they still need you to teach them skills like eating and resting?
<LilyNorn> Cause I miss that.
<C4DEV_andrea> At the moment it is invisible, we want to use CA to trigger a reaction to it though
<DiscoverAlbia> What will the difference be between genders? (lightyagami777)
<Creature700> Why would you miss that? The only animal in the world that is that dependent on another is a human baby.
<@GirlySatan> that is something desirable to other people, Creature700
<LilyNorn> It was one of the draws to the game, taking care of little creatures that otherwise wouldn't make it on their own.
<YeikoVneef> Well you know how FF12 was less fun because it played by itself???
<C4DEV_Sam> the gender differences are currently only cosmetical at the moment.
<DiscoverAlbia> By the way, Andrea and Sam, about how much more time do you have left? Just want to make sure we get through a lot of the popular questions!
<LilyNorn> It was stimulating.
<Pirate-rob> So guys can mate with guys?
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.10 Will Norns be able to have positive same sex interactions? (Not necessarily 'gay', just be able to cultivate same-sex friendships). (Malkin)
<Panda-mist> That'd be cool
<TehSamm> I agreee
<Officer1BDI> Please let this be possible
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> may i suggest a chemical reaction when they touch the water and for users invisible markers around the water - creatures could learn to fear or love it depending on their breed . ca are bad for that purpose
<HolyTomato> nornbuddiessss ;D
<C-Rex> That'd be a good idea!
<Pirate-rob> It's been 1hour and 7 mins
<LilyNorn> So sweet!
<Panda-mist> In nature and with humans sometimes one ends up attracted to the same sex, so it makes sense.
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Time flies.
<C4DEV_andrea> 9.10 yes, they can tickle/slap each other, not same-sex breeding
<@GirlySatan> I would like if norns could have children with the same sex or opposite sex like we had in Terra Nornia and some of the other worlds
<Panda-mist> Yeah it wouldn't work breeding wise
<McDuff> great, cat just bought in a live mouse and it to catch it. BBL
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.11 Will female Norns have the pleasure of "friend-zoning" certain male Norns? Will female Norns be able to actively avoid males that have been mean, or exhibited other bad behaviors, such as not pulling their weight in the community, or ignoring their offspring? (Megane and nimh24)
<LilyNorn> Me like Eem, Eem friend!
<Officer1BDI> Oh no. Good luck, McDuff.
<@GirlySatan> well, like we had dreamed of
<Panda-mist> eww oh boy
<Panda-mist> Poor mouse
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> Satan in that case there would be just one gender if there is no difference....
<Creature700> They cant really add that. Just like the Sims form EA had to tone down that part of their game. They would lose a lot of people up in arms if they did. Hissing and spitting again about turning children or some such
<Panda-mist> Oh yeah..*sigh*
<Panda-mist> It'll definitely make some people mad.
<@GirlySatan> sigh
<Creature700> Yes, which bites.
<C4DEV_andrea> 9.11 This is not specific to gender, Norns like/dislike each other independently from gender.
<Creature700> Well, just hope modding will be allowed. After all they cant whine and hurt the game if its a user made thing can they?
<dk1987|dealerking> why the phrase norn-porn comes into my mind
<DiscoverAlbia> This question was previously answered, I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong, though! In previous creatures titles we had various different creature types, such as purple moutain norns, horse norns ect can we expect actual different types in C4 rather than just colour changed versions of the same norn that we seen so far ? (Creature885)
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.12 How many verbs does a C4 Norn understand? (Ascent)
<SSR> w/eyeah, they said yes
<C4DEV_Sam> 9.12 Slightly more than in C3, I don't remember the number!
<Hellfrozeover> Really EA banned that? I have no idea what EA did, my game runs on modifications.
<C4DEV_andrea> DiscoverAlbia, changes in physical properties (other than colors/patterns) will be limited to the body shape and genome (bigger, thinner, etc.)
<Creature700> Hell, its not banned but its.. Not there.
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.13 Will Norns be able to form opinions about other Norns, without having to interact with them? Will they remember which Norns give bad, or irrelevant advice? (nimh24)
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> dk1987 be happy creatures was pre rule 34
<Officer1BDI> I'm not sure EA banned those interactions; at least in Sims 2 I can have sims date whoever they desire.
<dk1987|dealerking> i dont understand? versuchs mal auf deutsch
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> sei froh das creatures vor der internet rule 34 war - wegen dem norn porn
<DiscoverAlbia> Pretty sure this question also ties in with 9.15 Will Norns form friendships with and animosity towards other Norns? (Hellfrozeover)
<C4DEV_Sam> 9.13 FORF Lobe is still there up and running! ;)
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.14 If Norns do learn speech, will there be a safe-guard in the game to stop the infinite "boo hate emm" "bibble hate emm" "emm hate emm" loop? (CelineSSauve)
<dk1987|dealerking> den witz muss ich wohl nochmal lesen - nie von gehört - back to english
<HolyTomato> well I actually saw rule 34 on tumblr, just one, but it really proves that cruel rule has no exceptions ;m;
<Pirate-rob> Wait for them to awnser Jessica
<SSR> @HFO they probably toned down SPONTANEOUS same sex interactions, you can still make them like whomever you want.
<Panda-mist> Haha that would get crazy, the norns that say "eem like hand" over and over and everyone else followed suit.
<Officer1BDI> @SSR Oh. That makes sense.
<Pirate-rob> Hmm, in this chatroom, who's the hand?
<Creature700> Oh they tones it down, in fact left alone even if say a male sim only flirted with males from teen; leave it and it will right away flirt with the females. So yea.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> dk google einfach mal - später "internet rule 34" ;)
<@Don> Laura of course :) @Pirate-rob
<McDuff> damn, lost it to the bedrooms and the cat went to the neibours so she can't sniff it out
<Pirate-rob> Oh right
<Panda-mist> Oh man
<C4DEV_Sam> 9.15 Same answer applies, FORF lobe all the way!
<C4DEV_andrea> 9.14 We haven't experienced that in all honesty. If we do, we'll find something :)
<DiscoverAlbia> 9.16 How much control will we have over the Norns' personalities? (lightyagami777)
<DiscoverAlbia> (Moving onto the short Shee section next, unless anyone else prefers another section? I'll also get some of the PM questions up inbetween!)
<Panda-mist> Ooh Shee section.
<HolyTomato> thank you so muchhh
<Officer1BDI> Yay! My question's in that section.
<Pirate-rob> Shee Q!
<Creature700> I odn't like the Shee.. Its Jack & and Dexter..
<LilyNorn> Ooh, that's another thing I was wondering! Will the Norns have unique personalities?
<dk1987|dealerking> population and Oldgames where cool
<HolyTomato> I am prepared OwO
<Pirate-rob> Was 9.13 answered?
<Raithial> my body is ready for shee questions
<@Rascii> "C4DEV_Sam: 9.13 FORF Lobe is still there up and running! ;)"
<C4DEV_Sam> exactly :)
<@Rascii> (@Pirate-rob)
<C4DEV_andrea> Norn personality depends on its breed. Of course, life experiences and normal genetic madness intervenes in a Norn personality but we want to give every breed a specific personality (that's something we're working on, so no promises yet)
<Pirate-rob> thanks
<Pirate-rob> Whats that an awnser to?
<DiscoverAlbia> From PM: Will there be power pickups like in C2/C3? (Doringo)
<LilyNorn> C1 personalities were so varied. XD You never get the same one twice1
<LilyNorn> *!
<Doringo> Ooh.
<DiscoverAlbia> Believe that's for question 9.16.
<Papriko> is it possible to get some weird, almost shizophrenic creatures?
<@Rascii> What is FORF?
<dk1987|dealerking> maybe no - just paypickups^^
<@Ghosthande> Friend Or Foe I think?
<Panda-mist> That could be challenging.
<@Rascii> Ah okie.
<@Rascii> Thanks
<Papriko> in C3/DS for example I have been mixing the very shy treehugger norns with the aggressive hardman norns, the result was pretty funny. they could not decide what they are
<danski3> Hello
<malkin> morning all :)
<LilyNorn> I thought FORF was Fight or Flight.
<Yaravana> ack, had to leave the laptop for a few moments. Great to hear that inheriting and combining traits from different breeds in confirmed though.
<Papriko> sometimes they ran in circles, unable to decide if they flee or attack
<@Ghosthande> hehe LilyNorn you may be correct!
<Creature700> I have never been able to play C1, never came to Sweden and when it finally did the computers couldn't play it right.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> c4dev don't forget if you need more ideas for specifical behaviours of breedjust ask in your forum and feel free to use the suggestions ;)
<C4DEV_andrea> DiscoverAlbia, what's the latest question? we're losing track :D
<Creature905Yme> The FORF Lobe is the part of the brain that lets a creature know if other creatures are good or bad

In-game, Shee and Ecosystem

<DiscoverAlbia> Sorry! Here it is again: Will there be power pickups like in C2/C3? (Doringo)
<Doringo> The one about if C4 has power pickups or not I believe.
<DiscoverAlbia> I recommend we keep our responses to only the most necessary to make it easier for Andrea and Sam. This is an awesome chat, though!
<C4DEV_Sam> No power pickup at the moment!
<Pirate-rob> 68 people in chat with pepsi
<@Don> Phew! :)
<Panda-mist> Goodness.
<DiscoverAlbia> 13.1 Will the Shee play a big part in the game? Or is it only the game guide? Are there more Shee than just Master Shee? (HolyTomato)
<C4DEV_andrea> it is an awesome chat, it's really cool being here!
<C4DEV_Sam> and yes FORF stands for friend or foe, part of the brain which determines if other creatures are good or bad
<!Laura> I'm glad you like it, C4DEV_andrea!
<LilyNorn> I think it would be cool if you could design your own Shee avatar. ^^
<@Don> Laura keeps a tidy chat, even it is insane :)
<Panda-mist> Yes thank you!
<C4DEV_andrea> 13.1 We're keeping the surprise on this for now. But you can expect something more :)
<LilyNorn> Yeah, this is the most amazing thing that's ever happened!
<DiscoverAlbia> 13.2 The Shee in C4 seem to greatly depart from Shee in the previous games in terms of both their appearance and level of presence. Did anything in particular inspire you to take the Shee in this direction? Are the Shee in C4 tied to their prequel games' counterparts, or is this essentially a reboot of the species? (Officer1BDI)
<Creature700> I think Shee should have looked more like the Shee in the game.
<Yaravana> indeed. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us!
<DiscoverAlbia> Jumping into Game Mechanics next, as that covers a lot of the PM questions, too!
<HolyTomato> wooho~
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> Creature700 wish game? c1 shee statue c2 shee statue/video or c3 background?
<Yaravana> yay!
<Pirate-rob> C2!!!
<C4DEV_andrea> 13.2 Actually this was a pretty huge debate internally! We looked at all the reference from past games and then we thought about what traits we wanted our Shee to embody
<McDuff> Great question
<DiscoverAlbia> PM question: Will eggs be unbreakable and don't care about the temperature around them? (MK-Grendel)
<Pirate-rob> Why no spikey white hair? :(
<SSR> the cool thing about this community is it's nice but not forcedly nice.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> shee gensplice with everything - those sick basta ehm jeah nice guys
<C4DEV_andrea> 13.2 All, we wanted our character to embody the crazy scientist type while also looking cool
<Creature700> Genesis\MK-Grendel, could have been mixed and would have been nice if it had been looked at
<Panda-mist> Oh, I see
<Creature700> Shee looks like Doc was shooved into the Jack & Dexter games from ps
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> who knows - maybe he just genspliced with a time-traveler...
<!Laura> Aw, SSR's gone :(
<HolyTomato> I still can't imagine shee without a tail and digitigrade legs ;___: master shee just needs a bit of extra alienness
<Pirate-rob> Is she?
<Creature700> He's human... He is no alien or god..
<C4DEV_andrea> 13.2 Ah, about Jak & Dexter, it's true they look similar, but incredibly as it seems, we didn't look at it as an inspiration (Doc, on the other side ;)
<Creature885> I second that on the Shee, also C4 presence makes me think of the player advisor in theme park rather than the mythical being Shee from previous Ctreatures games
<Pirate-rob> Yeah
<@Ghosthande> I like him though, it's like this Shee sees in Norns what people see in baby orangutans.
<C4-Fishing-Scal> HolyTomato: define "alienness" please :-)
<NornsOfOurAlbia> The tone of the Shee seems to be completely different, but C4 does seem to have its own style.
<malkin> not 'completely' different :)
<Creature700> Agree. Shee looks like it was made to be a friendly overly poster character to impress kids moms to make them play
<Officer1BDI> I just keep calling the Master Shee "Emmett" in my head for... reasons, so I suppose if crazy scientist was what you were aiming for then mission accomplished.
<dk1987|dealerking> me too
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Well, that's true, Malkin. Not completely.
<HolyTomato> well it just seems a little bit too human, I like his design, but with just a normal human body it just looks like an orange elf to me
<allaze-eroler> hello
<DiscoverAlbia> Just to bump it since there are a lot of posts: Will eggs be unbreakable and don't care about the temperature around them? (MK-Grendel)
<Panda-mist> ello
<@Ghosthande> Norns are pretty human though, it would be bizarre if their creator was less human looking than his creations...
<malkin> the absentmindedness was always there :)
<Doringo> I like to think of the shee as having multiple breeds. like the norns.
<LilyNorn> I personally find Master Shee's overall appearance to be quite friendly and endearing. ^^
<Creature700> The ornial norns were not! They had large eyes and ears; lowered noes and wide mouths and had tails.. Now they look human
<Doringo> Maybe the lone shee is the last of his breed of shee. making him stand out against other shee.
<Creature700> Or monkies.
<Pirate-rob> The master shee seems just to informed and non-absent-minded if you ask me
<allaze-eroler> hehe true
<C4DEV_andrea> Eggs are unbreakable at the moment yes, but you can move them around (like anything in the world)
<Officer1BDI> I do like his design as a general guide figure, it's just not quite what I was expecting for a Shee. ^_^'
<DiscoverAlbia> Related: Will eggs freeze if touched? (As in stop growing) (LilyNorn)
<@Don> That was frustrating when a moved egg wouldn't hatch on its own.
<@Ghosthande> well when you're talking about traits like digitigrade legs, for instance, C1 Norns are more anthropoid than that
<Doringo> Ah the old C1/C2 rule.
<C4-Fishing-Scal> inside scoop: Andrea has a Back To The Future Delorean car model on his desk ;-)
<HolyTomato> I thought shee could vary in colours just loke norns, that's why lone is blue and master shee orange ;3;
<C4DEV_andrea> Maybe you'll see other things about the Shee, keep your hopes up :)
<C-Rex> I like Master Shee, I think his facial expression in the artwork is hilarious, such a cheesy grin! XD
<Officer1BDI> Ooooh. I'm intrigured.
<@Don> That would have been so much cooler without the 'on his desk' ;)
<Creature700> Nothing will redeem him. He doesn't look like Shee.. Maybe he's a hologram of an old earth human but other thenat zip
<C4DEV_andrea> No, eggs won't freeze if touched
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> rotflmao loves fishing cacttus even more
<DiscoverAlbia> And one question that has been asked numerous times and is a popular one: What about the Ettins and Grendels? Last we heard they weren't being included at launch. Any changes?(Everyone!)
* @Don leads the Ettins in an mexican wave
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> freezed when touched by the hand was something great - like mom always told - don't touch eggs in the wirld or ceep them on your own!
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Haha. Master Shee's main sidekick: Michael J. Norn.
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> i remember reading they could be an expansion
<Panda-mist> Haha
<LilyNorn> My little sister cried when she found out Grendels wouldn't be readily available.
<Yaravana> I would lvoe to see them appear eventually.
<Creature700> I was bummed when I didn't see Ettins.. Such odd little creatures.
<allaze-eroler> aren't you talking about Micheal J. Fox as a norn ? :p
<C4DEV_andrea> Ettins and Grendels question: we've heard and we want to release them after the release. That said, when you'll see the other Norn breeds I think you have something to keep you busy in the meantime :)
<DiscoverAlbia> 6.1 Does the world and Creature activity continue when the player is not logged into the game? If the Norns are able to continue doing stuff while we are not playing, do we have the option to change this? (Seonta and lightyagami777)
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> decently need grendles to breed once we've seen it all with nouns
<Creature700> 0-0 I want my Bangle norns!!
<malkin> Thanks for looking in to the downtime on the C4 site. :)
<LilyNorn> I'll keep her content with Grendeldolls for now. ^^
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> lol auto correct on my phone sucks
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> when you start the grendel design - make a little fun contest and let you inspirate by fanmade grendel-breeds! PLEAS!!!!!!!!
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> i would love to see a. grendoll
<C4DEV_andrea> 6.1 Not at the moment, it's on our things-to-sort-out-super-fast list
<allaze-eroler> that would be a good idea indeed
<eprillios> Sorry if this has been asked before. Will C4 include support for user-created add-ons? And if yes, on what level? :-)
<C4-Fishing-Scal> allaze-eroler: a parkinson norn, you mean? :-) Sorry for the dark humor, couldn't resist :D
<C4DEV_Sam> We will definitely keep that idea on our mind MK-Grendel!
<DiscoverAlbia> 6.2 What are the system requirements for Creatures 4, for all operating systems and mobile? (Sam999 and Megane)
<DiscoverAlbia> Please PM all questions to me, eprillios.
<LilyNorn> I'm working out a pattern to sew Grendolls for Project Teddy.
<allaze-eroler> C4-Fishing-Scal: haha poor micheal ^^;
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Ha, I wasn't going to go there, Scal, but it did enter my mind. ;)
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> keep me posted Lilly
* @Don has installed a hidden camera to live stream LilyNorn's Grendeldolls online :D
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> oh and theres no need for doing the same for ettins - but thanks from all the grendel fans ^^
<LilyNorn> Keep an eye on my blog luv. All updates are there ;)
<malkin> lol MK XD
<C4DEV_Sam> As far as technical optimization goes we are currently unable to answer the PC/Mac tech specs question, as for mobile the target is equivalent power as iPhone4!
<Papriko> what about Linux?
<DiscoverAlbia> PM question: I remember hearing about one of the goals of the game being to "recreate" the old norn species. How will this work? (Doringo)
<C4DEV_andrea> As a general rule for you C1/C2/C3 related questions...FC is not handling those version, your guess is as good as ours
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> instagram lily? will we see them there?
<LilyNorn> Don't have one unfortunately.
<DiscoverAlbia> Ah, good to know. I'll leave out the original game questions for now, or save them until the very end in case there's something in there that you might be able to answer!
<LilyNorn> All pictures and updates will be here: and on the Facebook page.
<Pirate-rob> Wow, I've been speed reading for the last minute or so
<C4DEV_Sam> Linux is currently not supported at the moment, but one of the key programer of the team is a very strong linux supporter! Can't say more about it :)
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> oh i was sure i saw u on there during the non invasion sorry but i have seen your norn dolls very nice
<Papriko> maybe it'll help at least to decrease the hassle with wine
<allaze-eroler> hum nevermind
<Pirate-rob> My eyes -.-
<C4DEV_Sam> a correct wine support could be a way to make it available on Linux, but again, no promise from our side ;)
<allaze-eroler> C4DEV_Sam: for linux, you can use steam since it's officially open :)
<TehSamm> Steam <3
<Panda-mist> Sounds like a good idea
<DiscoverAlbia> Current question (because even I'm losing track!): I remember hearing about one of the goals of the game being to "recreate" the old norn species. How will this work? (Doringo)
<Pirate-rob> <3
<allaze-eroler> but it need opengl for that ^^;
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> personal c4 has already sway my decision to buy an android tablet
<Creature700_> Dumb internet. I don't want to have to buy an iPhone for the game.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> We breed the old ones out of the new ones!
<@Ghosthande> by species in this case do we mean breeds?
<C4DEV_andrea> you're doing a great job DiscoverAlbia ;)
<Officer1BDI> Yes, thank you so much Jessica!
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> yes u are Thx you labia
<eprillios> DiscoverAlbia: I think you are doing a great job too. :-D
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Go Jessica!
<SSR> Our Jessica is the best :P
<C4DEV_Sam> the game supports OpenGL (Andrea is answering the next question) and thanks Jessica ;)
<Jason_> I have my iPad and Surface Pro waiting for some norny action :P
<Panda-mist> You're doing excellent. :D
<Pirate-rob> Go JessicA
<Papriko> you said FC does not handle the old versions..... my question regarding this is: do you know who does?
<DiscoverAlbia> You're welcome all! I'm on a crazy streak here, but hopefully no one will end up being left out!
<HolyTomato> angry nornito is proud of you jessica ;o;
<LilyNorn> A big round of applause for our wonderful Jessica :)
<C4DEV_andrea> yes, the long-term goal of the game is to recreate all the "pure breeds" of Sphericus through breeding and splicing!
<DiscoverAlbia> 6.3 Is the end game scenario going to be open and sandboxy? (Athenais)
<@Ghosthande> wow guys, I was so distracted by chat I worked an extra half hour and didn't notice
<Pirate-rob> Wow
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> Angry nornito gives you a flowerfull tree,jessica!
<allaze-eroler> then it's good that it work fine with opengl, which mean you can directly port it on steam without any problem ^^
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> Lao
<SSR> i already read that somewhere, but that is AWESOME
<NornsOfOurAlbia> That seems like a really fun goal.
<C4DEV_Sam> 6.3 Open and sandboxy? Totally! And ready for updates :)
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> nornito
<LilyNorn> O:
<Creature700_> If you use Steam, it will be very easy to implant mod's because Steam has a large support area for that already.
<SSR> I was proposing recreating the old breeds as a fan goal, but it's so cool that you're doing it.
<Officer1BDI> Yaaay!
<Yaravana> sounds great
<LilyNorn> Huzzah! Huzzah for sandboxy!
<DiscoverAlbia> 6.4 Will we be able to have multiple worlds with one account? (Athenais and Malkin)
<Panda-mist> :D
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> i second that huzzah
<C4-Fishing-Scal> Important Remark regarding time:
<!Laura> Aftran?!
<NornsOfOurAlbia> I love extra sand in my sandbox.
<Aftran> Hi. :)
<Don> You came :)
<Papriko> "ready for updates" minecraft-ish? you get the current version game and over time new features are added which you can freely suck from the net?
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> emmmmm
<!Laura> hello!
<C4-Fishing-Scal> we have reached the time limit we had set on this here... (night time)
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Naw.
<LilyNorn> Aww...
<DiscoverAlbia> *screams* Goodness!
<C4-Fishing-Scal> we're ready to take in 30 minutes of this though...
<C4-Fishing-Scal> So!

<allaze-eroler> no, nevermind ^^;
<Panda-mist> Alright!
<dk1987|dealerking> can the rest of the questions be anseret in a news-post?
<C4DEV_andrea> 6.4 Not planned at the moment. Maybe that can change after release if there is a huge request for it
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> everybody is now quiet but jessica and the devs!
<DiscoverAlbia> Is it better to allow Andrea and Sam to work on the answers to the prepared questions? And we can focus on getting the PM questions answered?
<C4-Fishing-Scal> Focus and regroup, and prioritize your questions right - countdown starts now!
<Yaravana> it would be nice to have that so you can separate breeding projects and such.
<Yaravana> I liked having multiple worlds for different breeding goals
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> yea
<DiscoverAlbia> As in a blog post or something. Or I can pick through and find the more important/popular questions that have been asked.
<LilyNorn> Do the population ones!
<malkin> like a cutesy world with butterfly norns, and a vicious world with tough breeds.
<Creature700_> I still want to know why in the trailer was a ball clicked, and the norn forced to go to it?
<C4-Fishing-Scal> oh yeah. there'll definitely be some follow-up blog post. Don't worry about that.
<C4-Fishing-Scal> Most likely next week.
<C4-Fishing-Scal> We'll answer most relevant questions that have been skipped here.
<C4DEV_andrea> DiscoverAlbia, you pick the questions, we answer :)
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> please i request that more pictures and maybe video Thx for the QA development than and Jessica Thx you for moderating
<C4-Fishing-Scal> While summarizing the whole dialog too.
<DiscoverAlbia> Got it! Going for it right now!
<SSR> then we just shush
<Papriko> we also could make a collection of all questions and send them as a big chunk
<HolyTomato> I need to go sleep now T^T I'll hope you guys get as much questions answered as possible
<DiscoverAlbia> 11.1 Will there be a population limit? (Seonta and dk1987)
<Papriko> then there is less time pressure as right now
<allaze-eroler> oh
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> shut ppl down
<Pirate-rob> Kick anyone who sdpeaks :)
<C4DEV_Sam> 11.1 Yes there will be a norn population limit, it will depends on each environement, but even more on the optimization we do and how many Norns the game will able to support without slowing down the whole game, making it impossible to play
<DiscoverAlbia> 8.11 How will mutations work? Is there an aspect of randomness to it like in the original games, or do mutations need to be "unlocked" i.e. bought with in-game or out-of-game currency or unlocked in the course of the storyline? (LivewareProblem)
<C4DEV_andrea> 8.11 They work like in the original game but will probably be less frequent (and do not affect movement). You can give your Norn a heavy metals cocktail whenever you feel the need to though to raise those chances!
<C4-Fishing-Scal> I tried before ^^ :-)
<DiscoverAlbia> 5.6 In the future, would it be possible to play with the Norns offline and when you have available internet be able to update to the server? (TehSamm)
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> yes seRs help
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> plz answers
<C4DEV_andrea> 5.6 *No, you'll probably stay connected for a while if your connection drops but you will still need require a connection to play (I know this will be troublesome to some people, but it is a requirement for us)
<DiscoverAlbia> Probably only need a short response to this one since it's a little long: 8.4 Compare a C4 Norn's genetics to a C3 Norn's genetics. How many genes, on average, comprise a C4 Norn? More than a C3 Norn? Are they still rule-based in the same way? Do they still evolve and mutate in a similar fashion? (Ascent)
<Tobin_cr-CNDN> ll sry it got crazy in the last bit here
<FreakVenDor> Almost forgot the Q&A was tonight! x__x
<Panda-mist> That went by fast haha. This hour.
<Panda-mist> You made it just in time.
<Creature700_> Uncool on the internet.. I have a cap on mine; I live all the way in Swden, do you know how bad a connection that is?
<FreakVenDor> Anyway, Hello everyone! (:
<Doringo> I just wonder what Ganon's Up to!
<C4DEV_Sam> 8.4 The C4 Norn genetics is very very similar, it is still rule-based in the same way, they evolve and mutate in the same fashion. I can say we use a bit more of instincts, new stimulus, and neuro-emitters :)
<DiscoverAlbia> 3.4 Are there harmful or fatal areas of the world (like C2's volcanic area or the C3 piranha pool)? (Ascent)
<Ganon> Fishing Cactus are the BEST <3
<C4DEV_andrea> Thanks Ganon! :)
<Panda-mist> I think so too, some companies don't even care what the fans think. But Fishing Cactus is super kind.
<Papriko> oh yes, more neuro-emitters
<allaze-eroler> big difference indeed :)
<C4DEV_Sam> 3.4 Yes, there are fatal areas, won't say more. ;)
<Papriko> looking at C3 genomes, there were pretty few of em
<Papriko> like 0-1
<DiscoverAlbia> 8.7 Can Highlander (immortal) Norns exist? Can they occur naturally? (Ascent)
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> i hope this doesn'T incude the dead genes - because i hate it when they get lost with a mutation and everybody becomes immortal -.-
<SSR> "Even in a virtual world..." oh yeah!
<FreakVenDor> They're going at 8pm pst right?
<C4DEV_Sam> @Papriko I can see you are a true genetic connoisseur ;)
<Papriko> not that much, I am more an allrounder :P
<allaze-eroler> connaisseur not connoisseur pp
<allaze-eroler> ^^
<C4-Fishing-Scal> connaisseur in French.
<Papriko> I know everything a bit, but there is nothing I am really great at
<C4-Fishing-Scal> connoisseur, as mis-borrowed by Americans.
<allaze-eroler> oh
<Officer1BDI> Sorry about that. :P
<Pirate-rob> As far as I remember you're good with everything
<allaze-eroler> that explain why XD
<SSR> Papriko makes agents 'n stuff.
<C4DEV_andrea> 8.7 Up to now, we have never witnessed a highlander Norn. Maybe because we usually play with many Norns and...well....there can be only one...
<C4-Fishing-Scal> we try to adjust to English, and here you are bashing us for doing so :d
<DiscoverAlbia> 11.2 What if you have no more Norns? Will be like in C3/DS where any time you are free to get new eggs? (dk1987)
<allaze-eroler> by the way, i'm from France ^^;
<Creature700_> Thats why you don't correct people in spelling. Likely your wrong
<SSR> Oh, have there been questions on custom content?
<allaze-eroler> ok
<Papriko> actually C3 had an egg limit
<Papriko> by default population limit +4
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Aw, Scal.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> higlanders appear randomly but when they do - they become the only one father of all others and you have to kill all of them for preventing imortallity!
<Papriko> after that natural breeding will block, though you can still forcefully create more using egglayers
<C4DEV_andrea> 11.2 Yes, if you have no more Norn you can get new Eggs
<C4-Fishing-Scal> just joking of course ^^ ;-)
<FreakVenDor> In my experience, highlanders are also super breeders which tends to cause problems -_-;
<DiscoverAlbia> 6.13 Is the action-wheel form of interaction, similar to The Sims, final? If so, does a Norn have the choice to disobey an order, or is he forced to obey? Must he learn or unlock the actions in the wheel? (dk1987)
<allaze-eroler> rohhh stop daydreaming XD
<Papriko> oh, this way XD
<C4-Fishing-Scal> We never get offended by anything, that's our secret.
<Creature700_> I hated the Highlander. Soon as I spotted one it was straight to looking up its history track all those norns down and to the air lock!
<LilyNorn> I appreciate that you guys have been so kind as to give us this opportunity. :)
<Papriko> there are ways to check for highlanders, lol
<!Laura> Hear, hear Lily :)
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> Pleas make a maximum egg limit as well - only as much eggs as norns are possible - ptherwise we will drown in eggs!
<allaze-eroler> true
<Panda-mist> Yes, thank you so much! *refills the tea cups for Fishing Cactus*
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Yeah, definitely feeling the love here tonight. Group hug everyone (or you know, just me, hugging everyone awkwardly).
<Papriko> I love drowning in eggs
<C4DEV_andrea> 6.13 the action wheel (we need to find a better name for this, please suggest^^ ) is basically a way of communicating. When you press one of the commands it's like typing a message in C3
<Papriko> better too many rather than too few
<Yaravana> Yeah that was an issue I often got stuck with. Once they kiss-pop they never stop. >>
<allaze-eroler> this way, it can be safe for old graphic card
<FreakVenDor> yay hugssss. :p
<C4DEV_andrea> the Norns can totally disobey
<SSR> some Suggestions later on the forum, maybe
<Officer1BDI> Excellent.
<@GirlySatan> yay
<C4DEV_andrea> yeah, I meant on the forums, thanks SSR
<Panda-mist> Norn rebellers haha.
<DiscoverAlbia> (Let me know about the time limit: I can try to squeeze in a few more questions without making Andrea and Sam stay much longer!)
<Creature700_> So the action wheel cant force a norn to do something if it doesn't know what that item is?
<C4DEV_Sam> disobey, especially if sick, not fed, tired, you know :)
<DiscoverAlbia> 6.14 Is there a way to toggle off the option to NOT have gravestones laying around when a Norn dies? Also, will there be a graveyard kit of sorts? (Norngirl)
<C4DEV_andrea> Creature700, no it can't
<Creature700_> Yay!! -Is happy-
<Pirate-rob> Angry Nornito will not obey!
<@Don> If the Norns have such short lifespans that will be a lot of gravestones after a few months..
<C4DEV_andrea> cool :)
<Creature700_> I was worried their free will was wiped.
<Yaravana> sounds good! I've always liked that, even if it drives me batty sometimes. being able to ignore you makes the norns feel alive
<Creature700_> Something
<Panda-mist> Yeah, I like it too.
<C4DEV_andrea> 6.14 Yes, you can discard them or move them where you want and create your own small cemetery
<Panda-mist> It's also more challenging.
<DiscoverAlbia> 15.1 Is the game going to be linked to Facebook or some other social network? (Seonta)
<Papriko> please not....
<@GirlySatan> aw ill totally make a little cemetery
<SSR> And write little epitaphs I sope.
<Papriko> I hate FB
<Creature700_> My fav Norn Digger hated me.. Never listed to what I said at all. Mean bugger kkilled everyone.
<C4DEV_andrea> it's a bit easier than in C3 since you can grab them and move them around. It's less stressful
<ChosenPredator> lol alot of people waiting for the facebook question
<Officer1BDI> If it is, I hope that's not mandatory. I don't have a FB account for a reason. >_>
<Creature700_> I never use FB
<Panda-mist> I only sign in..sometimes...on FB
<Creature700_> Fb is a creepy place filled with stalkers.
<C4DEV_andrea> FB is definitely not mandatory
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> some out of the german creatures community don't even want to go on facebook for norn action figures winning contests
<Pirate-rob> No one in CC likes facebook
<Panda-mist> whew
<Officer1BDI> Oh thank you.
<@GirlySatan> i have not had that experience with facebook at least
<DiscoverAlbia> 14.1 Will there be a suggestion box for the shop? (Malkin)
<allaze-eroler> and thx god that i don't use facebutt !
<Creature700_> Yay. Facebook is nothing but trouble.
<C4DEV_andrea> 15.1 Social networks are not mandatory, you'll be able to share some events and add friends from social networks if you want
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Awesome!
<C4DEV_andrea> 14.1 What do you mean?
<!Laura> I think it's thanks to Facebook that word spread about this Q&A so much :)
<!Laura> im amazed
<C4DEV_Sam> but even its not a strong focus Zynga-like. You won't be prompter to share on FB/Twitter every 2 actions.
<@Ghosthande> yeah, our record used to be what, 32 people in at once? Now it's 66!
<LilyNorn> :D
<SSR> only? :P
<Panda-mist> Facebook is cool but yeah I wouldn't want to have to sign in all the time to play the game, I usually just check in a week or so.
<DiscoverAlbia> 14.1 is in regards to the in-game shop. Will suggestions be able to be sent in? What about third-party content?
<Pirate-rob> Wow
<Creature700_> I think Steam would be a much better choice then facebook. Steam is safer and the chats and the like are better moderated
<malkin> Like, say I've got an idea for a toy or a cob that I'd really like to see in C4, can I write in to the shop people and suggest it as an idea, C4DEV_andrea?
<Yaravana> I would love the option for people to make content. So many awesome 3rd party content for the earlier games.
<dk1987|dealerking> but steam dont work with iphones or do they?
<FreakVenDor> I know norns have the tendency to group together, but I felt this was much to extreme in c3. I hope the norns have a bit more of a tendency to wander off and explore more often. :)
<Creature700_> You really shouldn't want an iphone.. Really should read what you sign
<SSR> FVD probably something we can get tweaked in beta
<Pirate-rob> We've about hit the two hour mark
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> maybe make it possible for people creating 3D designs -(artists) and programmers give them cool features - and then the people buy them for golden eggs and both getr some eggs in percent
<C4DEV_andrea> 14.1 Yeah of course. User generated content is something we'll discuss after the release. The production pipeline is obviously ore complex than it was before (3D, animation etc.) so we'll need to create a good creation canvas if we want to do that.
<C4-Fishing-Scal> five more minutes!
<DiscoverAlbia> Will be be able to see what our Norn is looking at like in C1 and C2? (YeikoVneef)
<Pirate-rob> and c3
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> second life got a really bad creation canvas but peopke created still great stuff - because they wanted the money
<C4DEV_Sam> It will be fairly clear what the norn is looking at, the Norn tracks agents with its eye and head :)
<LilyNorn> It was hard to see what they were looking at in C3.
<DiscoverAlbia> C3 didn't initially come with the Creature's eye view.
<Creature700_> Nope the eye view was a user created mod
<Pirate-rob> C3 came with green pointer though
<allaze-eroler> C4DEV_andrea: you can take some inspiration from portal 2 editor level
<LilyNorn> aww! Cute! Eyes on the prize, little Norns!
<DiscoverAlbia> 2.2 What are you most proud of in C4? (Malkin)
<C4DEV_Sam> but no arrow or such things
<Pirate-rob> Sam999, you're late
<sam999> A few more questions. If you arn't handling the older games, then who is? And how do I contact them?
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> just a little but, sam
<@Ghosthande> just a little butt... not a big butt though.
<Panda-mist> *snorts*
<!Laura> sam999, Jessica (DiscoverAlbia) is asking the questions :)
<Pirate-rob> Lol, everyone is only joining now
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> and the devs go in less then 5 min
<C4DEV_andrea> old games ---> Bigben
<Ascent> Could we do some ecosystem questions? Plants? Insects?
<Panda-mist> True that.
<Pirate-rob> Spam Bigben wid dem letters
<@Ghosthande> ooh that would be interesting
<SSR> +1 for ecosystem
<Panda-mist> <3
<FreakVenDor> good thing I showed up, I thought it wasn't going to happen for another few hours >_>
<C4DEV_andrea> ya, spam dem!
<Pirate-rob> :D
<LilyNorn> I shall!
<Panda-mist> I want to thank you for deciding to implement the ecosystem as well! I love it.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> will we be able for extracting chemicals out of the objecst and inject them in the norns?
<DiscoverAlbia> Bascially a big ecoystem question. Any and all details! 3.6 Are there insects? How many and what kinds? What do they do? Plants? Critters? (Ascent)
<C4DEV_Sam> We still are but we will leave soon!
<@Don> I'm hoping a clue as to the next Creatures 4 Norn competition will come up soon ;)
<DiscoverAlbia> Last question wasn't answered, but that's OK!
<C4DEV_Sam> We will answer all the other questions in a further blog post ;)
<LilyNorn> Yay!
<Mysterics> Well I would question that are social interactions restricted according to gender? :P
<C4-Fishing-Scal> The guys are not comfortable answering the pride question... Cause they're humble you see ;-)
<SSR> Mysterics answered
<FreakVenDor> well before you leave I want to thank you guys for making a sequel to my favorite game ever. ;__;
<DiscoverAlbia> Ha ha!
<eprillios> Thanks for answering the questions, and thanks to Jessica and the CC Chat team too! :-)
<@Ghosthande> this has been a lot of fun, thank you all! :)
<Panda-mist> Yes, thank you so much and for being awesome.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> one easyoption every thing get a chemical number in their code and a gigant blender extracts them - so you have to get them out of the things for healing your creatures
<@GirlySatan> thank you
<Yaravana> Thanks you for taking so much time to speak with us.
<!Laura> Thanks :)
<DiscoverAlbia> Thanks to everyone here for being awesome!
<yifski> Thanks!
<allaze-eroler> hum embarassing question : can we be able to see their... err.... genitalia ? ^^;
<SSR> wait for the ecosystem answer before you say goodbye!
<LilyNorn> Thanks so much! It's been so wonderful to meet you guys!
<C4DEV_andrea> 3.6 insects, yes and some of them can harm Norns. Plants and weeds and mushrooms and critters too
<Pirate-rob> Thank you so much!!!

Stay Tuned

<DiscoverAlbia> But I would like to know if this question could be answered: When will be next Norn competition be? (Don)
<C4-Fishing-Scal> Norn Competitions: there should be one up in less than two weeks. And it won't be the only one :-)
<FreakVenDor> We lovee you guysss :D
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> it was nice to talk with you - i hope we will do that again some day ^_^
<Panda-mist> Yeah!
<DiscoverAlbia> Yay! Time for any more questions, or would you like to leave it here?
<dk1987|dealerking> when we can see the next vid?^^
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Yeah, thank you Fishing Cactus folk and thank you everyone else. This has been a really fun (but hectic!) chat.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> pleas make no instand kill - but second time kill and really painfull things
<Mysterics> yeah apparently I've been answered but i don't see anything
<@Don> Oooo.... and Are the Norn models in just two colours? Are they both males? I badly would like to know :)
<SSR> yaay! *claps* Ty Jessica, chat mods(useless tho you are here :P ), and devs!
<!Laura> useless?
<C4DEV_andrea> no instant kill, noted :)
<Pirate-rob> Hopefully by joining this chat we won some norns :)
<LilyNorn> Ha ha!
<SSR> you didn't have to ban anyone :P
<@GirlySatan> ah
<C4-Fishing-Scal> hint about the norn competitions: the next one should be on our facebook.
<Raithial> and at the very least, we had a blast of a time :3
<Ascent> Thank you C4Devs! Really happy to have my questions answered, and very excited about the game.
<Pirate-rob> woo!
<SSR> oh dear, don't prove me wrong now *runs*
<C4DEV_Sam> It will soon be time to go! That was really nice sharing this moment with you guys!
<@Ghosthande> wow, thanks for the appreciation SSR
<C4-Fishing-Scal> we're also planning a little something around tumblr (but that's for later).
<@Ghosthande> you're just a bundle of joy today
<Panda-mist> Thanks again!
<C4DEV_andrea> thank you everyone for being here, it was fun and hectic!
<LilyNorn> I'm making a note now to watch that FB page like a hawk!
<Raithial> thanks to all of ya~ and thanks Fishing Cactus~
<SSR> @Ghosthande I'm sure you know I was joking
<DiscoverAlbia> Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!
<@Rascii> Thanks for coming, Sam, Scal and andrea. :)
<@Ghosthande> ;_;
<C4-Fishing-Scal> and I wouldn't rule out scoring a quick-one on the fly by following us on twitter ;-)
<Panda-mist> Ohh awesome, I run a Creatures tumblr too!!
<LilyNorn> Thanls so much!
<DiscoverAlbia> Everyone here was great!
<LilyNorn> *Thanks
<!Laura> Thank you Fishing Cactus!
<SSR> Grazie andrea! Ty Sam!
<C4-Fishing-Scal> In other words: check our social media ;-)
<ChosenPredator> I wish I could ask them to answer some of the ones on the forum, lol. thank you guys
<eprillios> Thanks everyone again. :-)
<DiscoverAlbia> I apologize if anyone was left out: I tried my best to mix in a bunch of questions!
<Pirate-rob> Thanks!
<@Ghosthande> don't forget you're welcome back any time ;)
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Yes! I want a little Norn figure to take photos of too. Facebook shall be watched closely. :D
<@Don> Brilliant chat, thank you guys!
<SSR> and Scal, ty
<DiscoverAlbia> Definitely come visit us here anytime!
<C4DEV_andrea> Di niente ;) !
<YeikoVneef> Thanks for coming to answer some question!!! Good luck with the rst!
<Panda-mist> You did great Jessica!
<Yaravana> Thank you DiscoverAlbia. You did a marvelous job.
<LilyNorn> I love you guys! ^^
<NornsOfOurAlbia> High fives for everyone.

Signing Off

<C4-Fishing-Scal> Thank you, everybody!
<Pirate-rob> Don't bother collecting your sanity, you'll never leave!
<Panda-mist> I love everyone!
<C4-Fishing-Scal> you guys (and gals) rock!
<C4DEV_andrea> Yup, big applause for DiscoverAlbia :)
<LilyNorn> Aww! ^^
<C4DEV_Sam> I Bro-Fist all of you through my screen! :D
* !Laura claps
<SSR> Ascent: option considered and discarded.
<Ascent> Thank you Jessica!
<DiscoverAlbia> Big applause for Scal, Andrea, and Sam of course!
<C4-Fishing-Scal> I love "almost" everyone.
<@Don> Are there just two male Norn models in the limited edition set? :)
* Pirate-rob claps
<Ascent> Ah, okay.
<LilyNorn> *applauds*
<YeikoVneef> *applauds*
* @Don applauds
<dk1987|dealerking> *aplause*
<C4-Fishing-Scal> but I'll be nice and keep to myself who I don't really like.
<DiscoverAlbia> It's me, isn't it? Ha ha!
<C4DEV_Sam> hahaha
<Pirate-rob> Or me?
<LilyNorn> Not me I hope! lol
<NornsOfOurAlbia> I get confused because my name is Jessica as well. Totally getting an inflated ego here. ;)
<C4-Fishing-Scal> ;-)
<Pirate-rob> Lol
<ChosenPredator> The website for creatures is down lol
<eprillios> It's great to see the Creatures series and the community is still alive and well. :-)
<SSR> Naah, it's me because i said "shh" to someone :P
<DiscoverAlbia> Ha ha! Jessica is just a good name in general!
<dk1987|dealerking> why the site is down so often the last days?
<C4-Fishing-Scal> Thanks so much for your help, Jessica. It would have been chaos without your help ;-)
<Mysterics> is having a server error right now
<DiscoverAlbia> Aww, thanks! I tried my best: You know I'm always here to support Fishing Cactus and C4!
<C4DEV_Sam> Yes, thanks again to you Jessica, and everyone else of course :)
<C4-Fishing-Scal> spreading the chatlog on twitter now.
<Pirate-rob> wow
<DiscoverAlbia> Note that the site is not in Fishing Cactus's hands everyone: This is someone else's responsibility.
<C4-Fishing-Scal> Will have the follow-up blog article by early/mid next week.
<Panda-mist> I'll put it on my tumblr too!
<DiscoverAlbia> Awesome! I'll keep an eye out for the post!
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Haha, oh boy.
<C4DEV_andrea> yeah we can only spam Bigben about their website...they're looking into it
<LilyNorn> I cry happy tears now!
<Panda-mist> Dat Bigben.
<allaze-eroler> it's already back for about the site ^^;
<Pirate-rob> Elastic Muffin!
<Panda-mist> Hey!!
<SSR> hahaha welcome XD
<C4-Fishing-Scal> about the c4 web site: bigben has been struggling with it for days. It's a cache config prob. Their service provider has been strictly instructed to look a clear look into it over the next few days... Sorry for the trouble.
<DiscoverAlbia> Thanks again for some great answers! Can't wait to hear even more about C4 in the future!
<eprillios> HiyA EM. :-)
<SSR> nice time to join us :P
<eprillios> * Hiya
<ElasticMuffin> hi, saw FC's tweet and just here to lurk. Guess I'm a bit late :P
<@Don> and lets not forget to thank Laura, the woman behind CC Chat :)
<@Rascii> Hiya, EM.
<Panda-mist> Yeah, thanks Laura!
<Pirate-rob> Yeah yeah, thanks Laura! :)
<eprillios> Thanks, Laura. :-)
<LilyNorn> Thank you Laura!
<LilyNorn> :D
<@Ghosthande> Thank you Laura, who had the virtual equivalent of 66 people running around in her living room ;)
<@Rascii> Yay, Laura :D
<C4DEV_Sam> yes Laura! High five!
<!Laura> lol :P
<DiscoverAlbia> Ha ha! Yay, Laura! This was a great place to chat. Worked out very well!
<!Laura> thanks guys, feeling the love!
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> yeah laura!
<YeikoVneef> *applauds some more*
<Hellfrozeover> Yay Laura :D
* Pirate-rob claps
<Panda-mist> *pours tea for Laura*
* Pirate-rob awards cookies to all who helped
<@Don> Everyone finished their carrots and cheese?
<Panda-mist> *pours tea for everyone else too*
<NornsOfOurAlbia> I'm jumping on the couch, like a Tom Cruise on Oprah. Laura's probably getting annoyed.
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> *cleans up te mess he made*
<Panda-mist> Yes it was good!
<Pirate-rob> *nom nom*
<LilyNorn> I'm getting weird looks now cause I'm actually crying! XD
<C4DEV_andrea> Bye everyone!
<SSR> *dips tea in cookie*
<DiscoverAlbia> My Norn figurines will be very interested to read this chat log... Perhaps I'll have some pictures of them later on!
<Pirate-rob> Lol
<DiscoverAlbia> Bye!
<LilyNorn> Bye!!
<Panda-mist> Aww
<eprillios> Bye and thanks again! :-)
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Bye Andrea!
<SSR> bye!
<Panda-mist> Bye guys!
<C4DEV_Sam> all right everyone, last sip of tea for me! Have a good night everyone! Thanks for this Creatures love demonstration! That was really awesome! :D
<Pirate-rob> Bye!
<DiscoverAlbia> Take care!
<@Don> Bye guys :)
<LilyNorn> Thanks a million!
<!Laura> bye :)
<Panda-mist> See you, thanks again!
<YeikoVneef> Bye bye *waves*
<C4-Fishing-Scal> bye everybody!
<eprillios> Bye! :-)
<C4-Fishing-Scal> thanks for your support!
<NornsOfOurAlbia> Yay, bye!
* Pirate-rob Waves!
<LilyNorn> :'D
<Genesis\MK-Grendel> bye
<C4-Fishing-Scal> we're out now :-)