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"The Golden Shee Award," posted by: Frimlin, 00:07am 13th of February 2001.
The Golden Shee Award
Yes, it is quite true! In 1998 an earlier version of this site was voted the most popular Creatures site in the Golden Shee Awards. I was quite pleased by the award, of course. But I've never felt like it has gone to my head. It's has always been an interesting story to tell though. Especially now that I work at Creature Labs.

The actual Golden Shee Award was an animated GIF of approximately 152k - too big for me to keep on the main page of the old site back in 1998. I've put it on here for now, but later I'll move it to another page. I just wanted to see it sitting there spinning around again. It brings back some good old memories... :-)


"Small update," posted by: Frimlin, 7:00pm 11th of February 2001.
Just updated the layout a bit and added a few old graphics including two more Wood Norn images and this one of El Norno the Norn Genetic Wizard - anyone remember him from my old Genetics Kit Tutorials?

El Norno - the Norn Genetics Wizard

"Wood Norns for download," posted by: Frimlin, 10:22pm 10th of February 2001.
Wood Norns
The Original
Wood Norn Page

Welcome! :-)

   Yes, I decided to reopen my Creatures site. There isn't much here right now. But people wanted to know where the Wood Norns were so I thought it best to put them up here for everyone to download.

Anyone interested in seeing a reappearance of Frimlin's Gelsemium Vendor? ;-)