The COB Attic

Here, demonstrated by my capable assistant Fig, are a number of objects for the delight (or otherwise) of your norns and grendels.

Please be sure to read the text files enclosed with each COB for installation instructions. You will also need a copy of Winzip to extract them, which you can download here.

PLEASE NOTE: At the moment I'm something of a beginner at COB programming. That said, I take every care to ensure that the COBs available on this web page are safe to use and free from error (as is the case with the COBs offered below, to the best of my knowledge). Should a COB you download from this site prove to be defective please let me know and I will try to fix the offending COB. However it should be noted that the COBs are provided as seen, and I accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of data resulting from the use of these programs. Sorry.

Moon Cheese Replicator

Moon Cheese

''Mmm, 64 slices of Albian cheese...''

Moon Cheese is an extra-nutritious extraterrestrial variant of the Albian dairy product. Now, with the handy-dandy Moon Cheese Replicator, your norns need never be short of this tasty food again! Alternatively Moon Cheese is available in single pieces.
Cheesey Sock vendor

Cheesey Socks

''Phew, what's that cheesey smell?''

Fig the Grendel has rather smelly feet, a condition which is only made worse when he wears sweat socks to keep his scaly green toes warm. Luckily these socks are quite good for norns to eat, being high in fibre and low in saturated fat. Parmesan, anyone?
Noodles Inna Pot Vendor

Noodles Inna Pot

''Love that monosodium glutamate flavour...''

Need a tasty but filling snack to fill that gap between meals? Try Noodles Inna Pot, they're high in taste, but with virtually no nutritional value... guaranteed!
Fig Tree

''Frankly, I don't give a fig...''

Here's the tree from which Fig takes his name, bearing sweet and nutritious fruit for the delight of your creatures.

The Punchbag offers a convenient outlet for the Grendel's aggression that doesn't involve beating up norns. Fig hasn't quite got it right, though.
Beer Keg

The Beer Keg will provide your creatures with a supply of cold, refreshing beer. Mmm, beer...
Medicinal Compound

''Oh, we'll drink a drink a drink to Lily the pink the pink the pink...''

Invented by the celebrated Lily the Pink, this Medicinal Compound is guaranteed to prove most efficacious in every case.
Hologram Projector

''Wipe them out... all of them.''

The Hologram Projector can be set to comfort lonely norns, or to scare them away from places where they are not wanted. Useful indeed.


Music, Maestro!

The Organ provides soaring melodies and mood music to the Temple. Very nice. [Not quite complete]


His Master's Voice...

The Gramophone allows your creatures to appreciate music wherever they may be. Well, listen to music at least...

Ornamental Fish

I'd like to be under the sea, in an octopus' garden in the shade...

The Albian Purple Pond Guppy is a graceful Ornamental Fish found in the pond below the Waterfall. Just the thing to calm down overexcited norns.
Seaside Telescope

''I can see my house from here...''

The Seaside Telescope is located on the jetty above the Submarine Cave, giving an interesting view over the Desert Island. Perfect for relieving boredom on those lazy afternoons waiting for the paddleboat.

Albian Rocket Squid


The Albian Rocket Squid is one of the more... unusual examples of Albia's ocean wildlife. Don't ask...

Coconut Crab

Feeding time...

Coconut Crabs are a species of edible land crustacean found on the Desert Island, where they exist solely on coconuts. You can download the Coconut COB to feed them from Cyberlife's Creatures website.

Lightning Bug

[ZAP!] ''Graah!'' [ZAP!] ''Graaah!'' [ZAP!] ''Stoopid bug!'' [Squish]

The Lightning Bug is a newly-arrived variety of Albian fauna, with a novel defensive mechanism. Lightning Bugs are also quite nutritious, if your norns can hold on long enough to eat them! Lightning Bugs eat the Bouncing Carrot variants which are available for download from Cyberlife's Creatures website.

Herb Pack

Lovely flowers...

A selection of three new varieties of Albian flora, all with beneficial effects for your creatures.

Weed Pack

''Grah, nasty plants.''

Three more new varieties of Albian flora, these ones with detrimental effects for your creatures. Or get both the Weed Pack and the Herb Pack in one package with the Plant Pack.
Wasp Nest

''Graaah! They're defending themselves somehow!''

The Wasp Nest is buzzing with angry insects, which have a very nasty sting. The Wasps are particularly attracted to the sweet taste of honey, so watch out. Picnics in Albia will never be the same again.
Virus Injections

''Time for your shots...''

Here are a selection of unpleasant infections, designed to test the resilience of your creatures. Virus agents Red, Green, Blue, White and Black, each with different pathology and effects. Use with caution, as these can be very dangerous to your creatures' health
Virus Bombs

''It's gonna blow!''

Explosive devices capable of wide-range infection, carrying the above selection of unpleasant diseases, intended to test the resilience of your creatures.

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