Roamer  4307
Norn Statistics  4050
Electronic Butler  3741
Mystery Agent  3736
Selective Force Field  3502

Roamer  4.57
Electronic Butler  4.51
Norn Statistics  4.06
Mystery Agent  3.92
Selective Force Field  3.56

[Calculated by dividing the number of downloads by the number of days the agent had been available]

Bounty Bug

These agents are designed for Docking Station only.

That is, they are only intended to work with docked DS/C3 worlds or standalone DS worlds, though some may work in standalone C3 worlds. The C3 creator in docked worlds can be used to inject them.

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Please do not make any of these agents available directly from any other web site without my permission.

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Electronic Butler 1.0 [21k]

13 Oct 2001



This electronic device monitors the speech of creatures anywhere in the world.

Any complaining of hunger or boredom are served up with the appropriate food or a toy. Food is created anew and toys are selected from what's already in the world and moved near the creature.

Please read the readme.txt file included with the agent.

Norn of Infertility 1.4 [11k]

08 Apr 2001
03 Jun 2001


This agent checks for possible immortal and fast-aging Norns and attempts to keep them infertile.

It does this by checking 3 possible indicators:

  1. Norns older than 9 hours may be immortal.
  2. Norns with 2 or more toxins in their body over 95 may be immortal.
  3. Norns that reached adult before they were 30 minutes old are probably fast-agers.

If any of these checks are matched then a "boing" sound will be heard and the Norn's name that is displayed above the NoK will have 1 or more extra letters added in front of it followed by a ! as follows:

O = Old
T = Toxins
A = Aging

Norns are checked every 5 minutes and are forced infertile every 20 seconds. Infertility cannot be guaranteed, as fertility rises constantly with time, though it should greatly reduce the chance of pregnancies. There is also the possibility that an immortal/fast-ager will warp in and reproduce between the Norn of Infertility's checks.

Updates for version 1.4

  • If the NoI tried to check a Norn as it left through the warp then an error would occur. This should now be fixed.
  • Fast-aging was being checked against the Youth stage instead of the Adult stage as was intended. This was still a valid test but has now been changed to Adult stage.
  • The NoI no longer falls through elevator shafts and upper level floors.
  • The agent can now be injected using the C3 creator machine without causing errors (or killing the machine if auto-kill is enabled).
For a full version history please see readme.txt in the zip file.

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