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Agents are objects that you can inject into your worlds using the creator.  Read the "Read Me" file for information on how to allow your creator to inject the new agent into your world.  Agents are marked as to weather they use the C3 creatore or the DS creatore. All files are zipped using winzip, but agent files are still rather large, so they may corrupt during download. If this happens try downloading again later as the web site must be busy for corruption to occur.  All agents on this site are made by Darcie Clements.
Scyther V1.0 Released October 8th 2000. Scyther is a Pokemon agent and will interact with my other Pokemon agents. They can reproduce, fight, fly, walk and generally be Scyther like. Males are green, females are blue, they do not have any use other then being a toy. This agent is dedicated to Pearl, my deceased cat. Creatures 3
Dragon V1.0 Last upgraded June 10th, 2000. This critter reproduces in an array of colors and eats Hoppity. It is a good addition to the Norn Ecosystem. Creatures 3
Oddish Last upgraded July 19th, 2000. Oddish uses attack to kill bacteria and to battle. It can evolve into Gloom and Vileplume. I recomend that you get this agent when you get the Jigglypuff agent. Don't forget to read the readme. Creatures 3
Easter Bunny A colorfull bunny that makes a colorfull food, Easter Eggs! Creatures 3
Sea Dragons Add some more color to your oceans with Seadragons! Ramoth friends have moved into C3 and they breed in a seemingly never ending number of colors! (Coad based on rainbow sharkling) Creatures 3
Jigglypuff Last Upgraded July 12, 2000. Jigglypuff is a cute Pokemon, but even non-Pokemon lovers will enjoy this agent. Jigglypuffs feature standard toy stimuly, but behave like animals. They can respond to each other, other objects and to you and your creatures. Becarefull if your Jigglypuffs evolve because the adults can give birth. Jigglypuffs can interact with Scyther, Oddish, Gloom and Vileplume! Please read the README file as it contains importent information. Creatures 3
Peach Vendor  The Peach Vendor will make peaches for your Creatures to eat. Peaches are a Fruit and have the same affect on Creatures as apples. This Agent is very useful for when norns are starved of protean because you can make as many Peaches as you want. Creatures 3
Sick Bay Vendors A collection of vendors to give your creatures a never ending supply of extra strong potion and lots of food, fruit and seeds.Creatures 3