Loveable and mischievous, sweet yet stubborn, Norns are the result of a Shee experiment in genetic engineering. Norns are actually artificial life creatures, with a genetically-specified brain, biochemistry and digital DNA that is passed down through generations. Creatures 3 gives you an endless supply of Norn eggs so you can raise, teach and breed your own Norns.

Norns posses rudimentary language skills and can communicate with you and with each other. Once you've taught them the meanings of words, you can ask them what they're doing, how they are feeling and what they're thinking. You are then able to explore their world with them and make it safe for future generations. You can also experiment with genetic engineering yourself. The Norn genetics can be manipulated to create different breeds with their own personalities. You'll find a host of information about genetically-engineering creatures on the Creatures Community website and also in the Creatures Development Network.