Where can I buy Creatures 2 in my country?
Your local computer software retail outlet might have the software for you or if not you can often purchase it from Amazon or eBay.

Can I still use my old Norns from the original Creatures?
Yes. There is a converter that will do its best to convert Creatures 1 Norns to a Creatures 2 genetic format.

For what age range is Creatures 2 suitable?
Aged 10 and upwards. The nature of the product means that different people find different ways of enjoying it.

What do I get when I buy Creatures 2?
You get a CD-ROM for Creatures 2 and a manual. As a Creatures owner, you have access to vast wealth of information on the Internet including over 400 independent web sites, two newsgroups and hundreds of free downloads.

Are the creatures actually alive?
This is a matter of great debate! Their behaviour is not programmed, and they are based on real life. They have their own Digital DNA, biochemistry and complex biologically-inspired brains. As to whether they are alive, it is something for you to decide yourself once you've interacted with them!

Do they really think and communicate?
Yes. They can talk to you, and each other, and you can talk to them too - so long as you have taught them the words.

What happens when Norns die?
When Norns experience brain death, they die and cannot be recovered. It is possible to store some words and a picture to go with them so that you can remember the ones that have passed away.

Are you planning any other products?
Yes. Details are not available at this time, however. Keep watching the Creature Labs website for details of new products.

I'd like to develop Creatures Objects for Creatures 2. What do I do?
Information on our Creatures Developer Network is available on the Creatures Lab web site.

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