Creatures 2 Christmas Pack

Make a Norn happy this Christmas with a selection of festive items to bring seasonal joy to Albia. This pack has the following three items in it:

Christmas_98.cob - this COB file will automatically be placed into your Creatures2/images folder and will appear in your agent injector.

Santa.exe - this contains Santa and all the files he needs to be viewed. You should find a Santa.exp file in your Creatures2 folder after this executable is run.

Christmas98.txt - you're reading it now!

The objects you can now inject are as follows:

  1. Grendel Frost - this will cool down your world as the spirit of Ice Grendel dances in Albia. This cooling effect will allow snow to fall.
  2. Fairy Lights - Injects a string of a Christmas lights in the incubator area. You can clone a string of lights by clicking on it - the copy can then be placed wherever you want them. All lights are controlled by the control box which dictates the flash sequence the lights use.
  3. Turkey - festive food for creatures.
  4. Christmas Pudding - that oh-so-traditional English dessert.
  5. Santa's Little Helper - a festive-look learning critter
  6. Fairy Godmother - A little fairy who will make your creatures feel better with a wave of her wand.

Download the Christmas pack now! (626Kb)

To use this pack:

  1. You must download the Updated Object Injector and install it before you can inject any of the Christmas COBs.
  2. Download the self-extracting archive to any location on your computer (the desktop is a good place).
  3. Make sure that Creatures 2 is not running.
  4. Double click on the downloaded file to extract the COB file.
  5. Run Creatures 2 and start your Agent Injector Applet. You can now click on the new items and inject them into Albia. You can also choose to import Santa from the file/import menu.
  6. Ho ho ho and have a very happy holiday!
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