Creatures 2 Object Pack 1

With brand new COBs:

  • Electric Gate. This can be used to prevent Norns from going places that they shouldn't! Can be set to allow Norns through one-way, or not allow them from any side. Great for placing next to cliffs, or for locking Norns in rooms for wolfing runs!
  • Puffer Fish. This cute little fish swims towards drowning Norns, inflates, and drags them up to the surface -- keeping them full of Oxygen all the way! Whilst not always successful, they're a useful addition to the ocean.
  • Pop Rocket. A harmless little firework for Albia. Make sure there is plenty of room before using it!

Users in North America may have experienced a sprinkling of German scattered around their Agent Injector after downloading the Object Pack. This is not part of CyberLife's ongoing education program, and you won't find it in Japanese on a German machine! The reason for this was a confusion with Windows that led to the program deciding that United Kingdom English was not United States English, and that the closet language was German... Funnily enough, this problem does not occur the other way around. Needless to say, we've fixed it, so those not familiar with the German language will not need a dictionary to operate the Agent Injector.

Below is a fixed version of this pack, and many apologies for the problem. If you've already downloaded the pack and your agent injector works correctly in English (United Kingdom customers), you do not need to download this fixed version.

Download the object pack now!

To use this pack:

  1. Make sure you have the latest Creatures 2 Executable and Agent Injector update installed on your system.
  2. Download the self-extracting archive.
  3. Make sure that Creatures 2 is not running.
  4. Double click on the downloaded file to start installation.
  5. Run Creatures 2 and start your Agent Injector applet. You can now click on the new items and inject them into Albia.
  6. Have fun!
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