Creatures 2 Genome Pack FAQ
This update will upgrade your Creatures 2 Digital DNA to Genome 54 (please note that if you have Creatures 2 version 1.038 or above, you do not need this update). The Norns supplied in this pack are designed to be more robust in general as well as have improved behavior. Many minor tweaks have been made, and for the technically minded and those interested in the details of what we've updated, the major changes are detailed below:

Creatures Digital DNA

The structure of your Norns, Grendels and Ettins is based on Digital DNA™ -- a genetic structure that describes the building blocks of the creatures themselves, including their biochemistries, brain lobes, instincts and the poses they can get their bodies into. The below list describes the changes we've made since the original release of Creatures 2. If you'd like to learn more about why these changes were made, click here to read the Genetics Update FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

  • Some drives have been given priority over others, so that the primary drives (eating and reproducing) which keep the species alive, are given priority over secondary drives (eg NFP, boredom) in dictating the activity of a Norn.
  • Norns now require a larger amount of food in their stomachs to feel full.
  • The problem with causing damage to the uterus instead of to the heart when Norns become obese has been fixed. They also need to be a lot more obese now before any damage will be caused.
  • The feeling of fullness depletes hunger. Fullness now depletes less hunger than before, so if the Norn snacks it will not necessarily totally deplete its hungry feeling, just slightly reduce it.
  • Norns get more nutrition from eating now. This means that the rate at which they eat should better satisfy their energy requirements.
  • A new regulation mechanism ensures that glycolysis only burns glucose when the Norn is low on ATP.
  • Anaerobic respiration has been made more biologically realistic (many thanks are extended to Lis Morris for her contributions to this).
  • The feelings of crowdedness and loneliness wear off faster than before.
  • Various stimuli have been changed to bring the amounts of punishment and reward more in line with the rest of the stimuli. This means that the stimuli should now contribute about equally to the learning process.
  • Norns have a couple of new instincts to encourage them to do be more active when they're bored.
  • Muscle tissue/protein use balance has been adjusted. This should increase a creature's life span.

In addition to the above changes, the bloodstream now has an oxygen-carrying capability, to allow the Norn a few more seconds of life underwater. Many thanks are extended to Lis Morris for providing us with the genes for this.