Boney Grendel

These new Grendels have a brand new Genome developed by Lis Morris, a Creatures Community member. They use a protoype Grendel sprite and feature the following:

  • Greater intelligence.
  • Immunity to heavy metal poisoning: Grendels spend a lot of their time in the volcano, where the high radioactivity gives them heavy metal poisoning. This is why your grendels so often have a cross next to their 'bones' organ.
  • A whole new personality: more aggressive, but also liable to become very afraid and run away when slapped. Basically, a typical bully, and a coward at heart.
  • A new 'dancing' gait.
  • Easily made breedable.
  • Longer live span: These Grendels would live for five hours, given no mishaps. Normal Grendels only live for two and a half

Download the Boney Grendels now!

To use this pack:

  1. Make sure that Creatures 2 is not running on your machine.
  2. If you haven't done so already, download and install the EXE update and Object Injector
  3. Download the Boney Grendel's self-extracting archive to your machine.
  4. Install this archive and reboot your machine
  5. You will now find that you have two green grendel eggs in the Hatchery.
  6. You will also find that there is a new entry in the Object Injector, the Boney Grendel Update. This allow them to breed.
  7. Have fun with your new Grendels!
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