Advanced Hatchery

The Advanced hatchery kit is an amendment to the Creatures2 hatchery designed to allow you to control more directly those eggs which are rendered visible in the hatchery window.

If you run out of eggs, you will be presented with the emergency situation window, in which you will have the option to invoke the advanced editor. Alternatively it can be accessed from the hatchery's help menu.

The Hatchery Window itself has also been updated to include a display of the information stored within the egg files. Those with descriptions provided by developers who have created eggs with the Egg Maker (available from the CDN) will now be more useful to you.

Download the Advanced Hatchery now!

To use this pack:

  1. Make sure that Creatures 2 is not running on your machine.
  2. If you haven't done so already, download and install the EXE update and Object Injector
  3. Download the self-extracting ZIP file.
  4. To unpack it simply double click on the downloaded file: AdvHatchery.exe
  5. The set up program will install the new hatchery to the correct location and backup your current version.
  6. A text document explaining the usage is installed to your Creatures 2 folder.
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