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Science Links

Here are some websites that we recommend you visit as they are great resources on Biology, Genetics and Artificial Intelligence. If you know of any other sites that you would like to recommend for listing here, please mail us.


Biology4Kids - You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this site. Includes the chemistry of biology, how biology is studied, cell structures and ecology.

Online Biology Book - This has a large amount of information about all aspects of biology and includes an extensive glossary.


The Genetics Page - An easy-to-understand introduction to the world of genetics.

The Gene School - Learn everything from the basics to today's genetic applications.

Artificial Life/Intelligence

Introduction to the Science of Artificial Intelligence
- Find out more about what Artificial Intelligence is and how Artificial Intelligence may impact our lives in the near future.

Artificial Life Online - This site is maintained by the Santa Fe Institute, where much of research work into Artificial Life is conducted. A good read for the A-life enthusiast.