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How to use the Genetic Splicer

Below are the steps needed for you to use the genetic splicer. First of all familiarise yourself with picture 1 below, this will give you information on where the buttons are and where you can actually find the genetic splicing machine.

Picture 1

1. To get the genetic splicer to work, you need to turn it on in the room directly under the cheese machine. This is where you can get the Neuroscience kit (see picture 2). Click on the machine in the left hand corner; this powers up the genetic splicer. The 'displays' will animate once the device is activated.

Picture 2

2. Next you need to get two creatures into the splicer room - any two creatures will do: Ettins, Grendels or Norns. You need to lock them into position in the two cylinders to the right of the main control panel (see picture 3).

Picture 3

3. Once you have locked them into place, press on the middle switch once only and the genetic splicer will begin working (see picture 4). Fairly soon an egg should be delivered in the area below the splicing room (see picture 5). Make sure you do not touch the egg! It won't hatch if you do. Both of the Creatures in the splicing machine will be killed, however, as their genetic material is used to make the new creature.

Picture 4

Picture 5

We hope that this information helps you. Enjoy your new creature!