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Creature Labs Mall is closed! Creature Labs Mall is closed!
It's true. Unfortunately we had to close our online store, the Creature Labs Mall. Over the years that we have kept the mall open, it steadily became the sole place to find many of our Creatures games and especially our large, exclusive range of download-only add-ons and expansion packs. But despite this fact, and despite various sales, special deals, and adverts all over our sites, we have not been able to generate enough revenue from the mall to justify keeping it open and supported by our staff.

The mall closed at around 15:30 GMT on the 4th of February, 2003. Any remaining mall or purchase related queries will continue to be dealt with by our Support representative past that time. So if you have an existing query, there is no need to be concerned by the closure of the mall -- your queries will be answered.

On behalf of Creature Labs and our staff, we wish to thank everyone who has supported the Creature Labs Mall over the years -- especially the dedicated fanatics who felt compelled to buy everything Creatures we had to offer. If it hadn't been for such patronage, we would have had to close the mall much sooner than today.


Sale update: Creatures Strategy book gone! Sale update: Creatures Strategy book gone!
We've just sold our last copy of the official strategies and secrets guide for Creatures 1. There is still a small amount left of the strategy guide for Creatures 2 left -- but hurry before our sale is over or you may miss out!

Sale update: Creatures Adventures sold out! Sale update: Creatures Adventures sold out!
They've all gone! The last few boxes of Creatures Adventures packed with a special Activity Pack have now left our distributors. We no longer have Creatures Adventures available at the Creature Labs Mall -- but there are still loads of other great Creatures items for sale. Hurry while stocks last -- don't leave it till it's too late!

Draconian Norns at Bug's Lair Draconian Norns at Bug's Lair
Fresh with the New Year come the Draconian Norns for Creatures 3 and Docking Station. These Norns have a completely new and unique appearance. Unlike most third party breeds, the images of the Draconian Norns are not obviously based on any of the existing official breeds by Creature Labs. They also come with an optional set of whacky new voices, which can replace the original Norn voices if you prefer. The Draconian Norns have been created by a small but talented team of third party developers including Pagan Gerbil, Trollop (aka Bug) and TwilightCat. Download them now at Bug's Lair, discuss them in the Docking Station Forums.

Seasons Greetings from Creature Labs Seasons Greetings from Creature Labs
Wishing you all a safe, peaceful and joyful time over the season. All the best for the New Year from all the staff and Norns at Creature Labs.

Christmas & New Year Sale Christmas & New Year Sale
We've just started a massive sale at the Creature Labs Mall. You can buy all of our Norn Packs and New Breed sets for drastically less when you buy them together in a group.

You can choose from either all Norn Packs, all New Breeds or all Norn Packs AND New Breeds. Also available are two themed "3 Packs" of Norn breed sets -- it's a question of Nature or Nurture.

We've drastically reduced the price of Creatures Playground. Creatures 3 has been slashed in price, and you can now buy it bundled with FREE merchandise! Check out either: C3 & Norn T-Shirt, C3 & Grendel T-Shirt, C3 & Poster Pack. Plus the price of our T-Shirts and our Poster Pack have been reduced so low, we're almost charging you purely for postage!

Click here for more information on our Christmas & New Year Sale.


Snow in the Meso?! Snow in the Meso?!
Now you can have snow in Docking Station! Created by Liger, this Winter Snow agent is the perfect way to bring a white Christmas to your pet creatures aboard the Docking Station Capillata. You can find a link to download it at Albia 2000.

Creatures Christmas Cards Creatures Christmas Cards
Creatures Community member Alien has a great new online Christmas Card service on her site. Simply choose the card you wish to send, fill out the details, and a link to the card and your message will be sent by email to anyone you choose. Perhaps the perfect way to wish a fellow Creatures fan greetings of the season!

What Creature are you? What Creature are you?
So are you a chilled out Bondi Norn or a fragile and timid Treehugger? Maybe your innate wild side means you can only ever identify with all things Grendel! Creatures Community member DClick has made a cool new quiz to help you discover which breed of Creature you most identify with. Go take a look! Exactly what kind of Creature are you?!

You can discuss this in the Docking Station Forums.


Grendel Bug Squashed Grendel Bug Squashed
A few of our customers reported an annoying error in the Banshee Grendels sold prior to November 2002. This error has now been fixed. If you bought them before November and are experiencing the error, please contact our Support individual and we'll be able to set-up a page for you to download the updated version from.

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