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Creatures 2 Ecology in a Nutshell
A complete rundown of all the plants and animals in Albia, post-volcanic eruption!

Creating art for COBs and Agents Tutorial
Although created for Creatures 2, this tutorial could easily be adapted to Creatures 3 agent creation. Have a look and get arty!

Creatures 3 Genetics Kit Tutorials
A twelve part series of tutorials to help you get started with the C3 Genetics Kit, created by our resident Gene Genie, Lis Morris!

Chemical List for Creatures 3
Wondering what all those chemicals do in Creatures 3? Want to know how to save a dying Norn (or "assist" a Grendel to an untimely death)? This reference is essential. Print it out and put it on the wall - you're gonna need it!

Norn Biochemistry 101 - Part 1
Norn Biochemistry 101 - Part 2

Lis Morris has written a two part series on Norn Biochemistry. If you're wondering how to best take care of your Norns, this is the definitive reference! This article refers equally to Creatures 2 and 3 so, get reading!

What is CyberLife?
What is all this about CyberLife (the technology behind Creatures) and the science of Creatures? Steve Grand, former Technology Director and the "Father" of our furry friends, explains the Philosophy and History of Artificial Life - Creature Labs style.

Creatures 2 Norn Breed Reference
Ever wonder about the different breeds of Norns in Creatures 2? Besides the three that were shipped with the game, there are a number of others available, some from Creature Labs and others by 3rd party developers. We've put together a short and by no means comprehensive guide to Norn breeds.

What's so special about the Boney Grendels?
Looking for something mean and green for your Albia? Lis Morris, gengineer extrordinaire and Creatures Community member, has created a brand new genome to go with our scary Boney Grendel sprites
. In this article, she explains why she did what she did and what you're going to get when you put the boney grendels into your world.

An Introduction to the Genetics in Creatures 2
This introduction to the genetics in Creatures 2 may encourage you to take a closer look at the genes that control each aspect of a creature's biology - its pigmentation, biochemistry, gaits, instincts and brain structure.

Creatures: An Exercise in Creation
Written by Steve Grand, former Technology Director and the creator of Creators, this article assesses how a living organism can be reproduced inside a computer.

Workings of the Norn Brain (back soon)
Take a closer look at the structure of the Norn brain with its 1000 or so interconnecting neurons distributed across 10 lobes.

Understanding Norn Biochemistry
If you're unfamiliar with Biology, seeing a list of different chemicals and not knowing the importance of each can be a little scary. Fear not, help is at hand!

Norn Babblings
Here, Peter Chilvers tells us how the Norn language was developed, revealing all - except the boring mathematics!

The Music Behind Creatures
Another peek at behind the scenes by our own Peter Chlivers who explains how the beautiful and atmospheric music in Creatures 2 was produced.

Evolution in Action
When Brian Hershey started his Norn breeding experiments, he hoped he'd get an opportunity to see evolution in action simply by selecting only the fittest creatures and disregarding the rest. So far, Brian has bred over a thousand Norns, and 120 Norn generations later, he has some fascinating revelations to share.

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