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Butterfly & Book

We've added a new section to the Library dedicated to Creatures Artwork. Our first feature is a set of Anime style drawings by the fabulously talented Wafuru
(of Scorpion Norn Fame). Check it out and stay tuned for more art features coming soon!

This area is packed full of reference material about Creatures. There's a history section that gives you a look into Albia past and present, including a study of the mythology behind the game. The ecology section will feature articles about the Albian world. If you're interested in the science behind Creatures then our science section makes fascinating reading. Learn about the Norn brain, biochemistry, genetics and much more.

If you want a laugh then dive into our Comedy section and see what those Norns have to say for themselves. Our ever-popular breeders' stories just get better and better. Read our latest ones inspired by Creatures 2 and also take a look back at those written for Creatures 1.

Finally, what fiction section could be complete without songs and poems written by those in the Creatures communit


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