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The Last Shee on Albia
- Part One & Part Two
The possibly mythological tale of the last Shee lefton Albia. Recent archeological evidence suggests that the myth may be more grounded in fact than previously thought.

The "Evolution" of a Species
How did our so-familiar Norns come to look like they do? Here's a collection of images from our archives and Steve Grand's original breif to the artists who would create the first Creatures Norn.

The Mythology behind Creatures
Here's a fascinating look at the mythology behind Creatures. It explores the world that Steve Grand (the original designer of Creatures and former Technology Director at CyberLife Technology Ltd.) created for his Norns to live in - a world that was steeped in mystery and history.

Shee mystery unfolds
Ever since Creatures was launched in 1996, people have wondered about the Shee. For the first time in the history of the game, we get a glimpse of what the Shee were like.