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Creatures Date-Line

Cupid NornWhen your Norns are ready to breed, you can download Norns of breeding age from our database and increase the genetic diversity of your Creatures population. It's easy to import the Norns into the game - all you have to do is download the .exp file of your chosen Norn and import it into the game using the File menu - Import Creature option.

Urgent: We need to build our database of breedable age Norns. You can tell if your Norn is ready to breed: The male Norns will have high levels of the hormone testosterone and the female Norns will have high level of the hormone estrogen. (Check on the Biochem tab in the Science Kit to see).

To submit your Norn into our Date-line database, please email your Norn to, providing its name, gender, norn type, age, lineage and a description.

Also coming soon is the Date-Line Wheel O' Love so you can find your Norn that special someone - randomly!