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8. Aug. 2002

The creatures-sprites gimp-plugin needed an update for the new GIMP (released in March) on Windows (not Linux!). Only the executable changed, the source code is still the same. I.e. if you have the new GIMP and want to compile the plugin yourself (again) you only need to change the names and path for the gimp/gtk libraries in the Makefile.g95 (but, of course, you can also download the sources with the modified Makefile if you want).

2. Apr. 2002

First release of the gtkScriptorium ! It lets you browse through the injected scripts in a running world.
Sorry to Windows users, but the tool works only with the linuxport of DockingStation and Creatures3.

23. Sep. 2001 (Tina)

New release of easyPRAY (0.4.0). Eventually I got it working on linux and windows. If you waited for it, sorry that it took me so long.

21. Sep. 2001 (Tina)

First release of the Creatures Sprites Plugin for the GIMP!
It loads and saves blk, c16 and s16 images with both the linux and the windows version of the GIMP - the (powerful and free - free with capital F) GNU Image Manipulations Program.
Look under C16 Plug-in for more information and downloads.

18. Sep. 2001 (Meikel)

Version 0.3 of the libc16 as well as the C16 Tools is online. Transparency is now implemented, but still more or less experimental. Please tell me your experiences. I also updated the documentation for the library. It contains now a little wannabee tutorial.
Major changes:

  • S16 is handled (hopefully) correct.
  • BLK is handled (hopefully) correct.

Give it a try and write bug reports to Brandels_Mikesh@web.de or submit them in the bug tracker of our Project page here on Sourceforge.

04. Sep. 2001 (Tina)

Two new 'tools'!!
First the libCreatures - by Michael 'Fuzzie' Milburn - and second a plugin for the GIMP - by me - to load and save the image formats of Creatures.
Actually Fuzzie has already joined the team over a week ago.

29. Aug. 2001 (Tina)

We now have a mailing list where you can discuss about and tell us problems with our tools and announcements take place.
Moreover we set up trackers at sourceforge for reporting bugs, submitting patches and feature requests. You get more information about these features and cvs access when you click on the new created Support item on the left.

21. Aug. 2001 (Meikel)

Hi! There is a new version of LibC16 as well as of the C16 Tools available. See the appropriate section for more information.

16. Aug. 2001 (Tina)

Though we still have problems with linking the c16-tools are now also available for Windows :-
Moreover almost all our pages serve the HTML4.0 standard from the W3C as you might already have seen from the little logo on the lowest left.

PS: (Meikel)

This site is best viewed with any standards compliant browser (eg. Mozilla). If it looks messed up, go and get a better browser.

10. Aug. 2001 (Meikel a. Tina)

Now that you are here you found out that we put all our tools, scripts and programs on their own webpage. They are registered as a Open Source Project called 'c3-ds-tools' at SourceForge. When you click on the SourceForge Logo in the lower left corner you'll be brought to the projects page where you can easily find out what are the latest file releases, later how to browse the sources (cvs) and which bugs are reported. However if you want to know more about all those tools stay here and browse this page. If you want to come back to this site later you can directly type the following URL in your browser:

Any problems or suggestions?
Email --> cevina@users.sourceforge.net
or --> Brandels_Mikesh@web.de