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    This BoBWarE mirror was last updated, albeit lightly, on the 10th of November 2001.

Source code release

Who we are

    BoBWarE consists of two people: Gordnorn (aka Gordon Tyler), the programmer and webmaster, and Rhodent (aka Rhoda Baker), the ideas person, tester and artistic talent.

What we have made

    We've made a few programs that you can download for free:

    This is what we're famous for - a suite of programs for the games Creatures 1 and Creatures 2. It consists of BoBCoB, a COB editor, SpriteEditor, a sprite file editor, and COBPackager, a compression tool with a special self-extractor for installing Creatures files. Read more...

    Our second piece of software, a tool to be used with Creatures 2. It provides shortcuts and various little tweaks to help while playing the game. Read more...