Using the World Switcher

After you shut down the Docking Station for the first time, you will be presented with the World Switcher on starting or exiting the game. The Docking Station lets you have more than one world in which to play. These different worlds are kept totally separate, so if several people want to play on the one machine, it can be done without too many punch-ups - each person can have their own world. You will be presented with a list of all currently existing worlds, and an icon showing whether these worlds are 'docked' to C3 or not. You can choose to load whichever world you would like to play with.

World Switcher Options:

List of Worlds
At the top of the world switcher box is a list of all your current saved worlds. Click on a world to select it. You will need to select a world in order to load it, delete it, or protect it with a password. Double clicking on a world will select and load it automatically.

Load a World
Click on this to start playing with your currently selected Docking Station world.

Password protect a world
You can choose to give a world a password. If you try and load a world that has a password, you'll need to enter the password in order to play with that world. As always, whatever you do, don't forget your password!

Delete a World
If you've finished playing with a world, you can choose to delete it forever by selecting it and clicking on this button. If you delete a world, it will be gone for good, along with any Norns that were in it! If your world is password protected, you will need to enter your password in order to delete it.

Create a New World
Click on this to create a new world. You'll be asked to enter a name for your world, and if you have Creatures 3 installed, you can choose to play either with just Capillata, or with Capillata docked onto the Shee Ark. The text beneath the central button will inform you which version you have chosen.

Exit Docking Station
Clicking on this will quit the game and return you to your desktop.