The Workshop

The Workshop is the area of the ship in which the generally useful stuff is kept. Here, you'll find the portals used for Internet travel, plus the containment chamber that controls Norn's ingress and egress and monitors their health.

Portal Dispenser
This machine makes portals, which are doors to other worlds. It can also program them- giving them a name and a destination. When in programming mode, the portal dispenser 'borrows' the screen of the containment area to the right. Once a portal is made and programmed, Norns can wander freely between the connected worlds with no help from the user. If your Norn doesn't like you, maybe it'll decide to leave...

Teleporter Base
This is the central hub of the Capillata teleport system. There are three movable teleport pads: yellow, green, and blue. These can be picked up by the Hand, and placed wherever you wish. Once activated, these three teleport pads will transport a Norn back to the teleporter base. There are three button controls on the teleporter base, one in each colour to represent the three teleporter pads. Clicking on one of these will teleport the Norn onto the teleport pad of that colour. These can be very useful for providing quick movement around the ship, going from one pad to the base - and then onto a different pad.

Training Dummy
Got a Norn that does nothing but slap other Norns? This dummy appears to be another Norn to your creatures (Norns are sometimes not all that bright). When they perform an action on the dummy, a speech bubble will appear and tell you what action they performed. You can use it, along with slaps and tickles, to retrain a bad Norn for rehabilitation into Norn society. Clicking on the hat of the training dummy morphs it into one of the other species a Norn could run into (see section 4.5) - the training follows the same method but this time the lesson will be in regard to this new species.

Containment Chamber
This is a little room inside a room, into which new arriving Norns appear. Within it, you can check over their health to make sure they won't do any harm to your present Norns, or send the Norn on again if you don't want it! You can find out more about the features of the Containment area in section 5.

Some visitors you may get

The Shee created three main species during their time on Albia. In fact, they may have created more which haven't been discovered yet! One of these you will have already met: the Norn. If you have just the Docking Station installed on your computer, these are the only creatures you will be able to create as eggs in your world. However, if you have Creatures 3 installed as well, you may get some other species visiting your world:

Norns (Cyberlifeogenis cutis)
You don't know what a Norn is? Have you been reading this manual at all? Norns are cute loveable creatures, who love each other's company, and are very curious - in fact, they have a penchant for getting themselves into trouble.

Grendels (Cyberlifeogenis vicious)
With all that cuteness and innocence packaged into the furry Norn the Shee had plenty of nasty material left over and the Grendels are the result of that striving for balance! They carry disease, steal eggs, and like to find an innocent Norn and beat it up. Keep them away from your Norns if you possibly can! They can be seriously nasty and even though you can see some short-term improvement in their behaviour towards Norns if you train them, they often revert back to their animal nature.

Ettins (Cyberlifeogenis kleptomania)
The Ettins were made to be workers, cleaners and caretakers. However, they have not been kept fully occupied during the long voyage from Albia and their idea of tidying is to remove everything not stapled down! They love hoarding machines of any kind, and can be a real pest at times. However, they are harmless to your Norns, if not very sociable.
You can use the doors in Capillata to keep Ettins and Grendels apart from your Norns, if you wish. Each door has three symbols next to it- one for each species. Clicking on a symbol will make it toggle between red and green. A green symbol means that species can pass, and a red symbol means that it cannot operate the door. Be warned, though- if you operate a door, all creatures will pass through it, regardless of species, if they are near enough!