The Atrium is the central area of Capillata. It contains doors to the other three areas of the station, and if your station is docked, it will also contain a lift that will transport your Norns through to the Ark.

Comms Area

This is the central command area for the station, an area where all the other areas can be spied on, and new items added to the ship through the Creator machine.

Camera Displays
Around the space station, you may have noticed little spinning metal gadgets that hang in mid-air. These are remote cameras, and can monitor everything happening in an area. There are six of these cameras, and they each have their own screen. The cameras can be picked up and moved by the Hand or dropped onto a creature. Cameras attached to a creature will follow that creature wherever it goes - until it dies or leaves your ship.

In the Comms area, click on one of the screens to make it appear on the larger central screen - and control its movement using the cursor buttons that are on the right of the large screen.

Each of the camera screens has a button on the frame that will jump you straight to the position of that remote camera.

The Comms Computer
This giant machine can perform a number of functions. The icons on the left allow you to access the pages.

Contact List
This page displays a list of all the other players within the Docking Station universe that you have made contact with. You can see if they are online at this time (obviously you have to be connected yourself!) and classify them as a friend or as a foe. Contacts will be discussed at more length in section 5.

Handy Hint
So you've got pages and pages of contacts and you decide you want to start a new world, but upon starting it you find your contact list empty! Help! Those two buttons on the left of the contact list allow you to export your current contact list, or import new contacts from a previously exported file.

Don't worry about accidentally pressing 'import' - it won't remove your existing contacts only add new ones from a previously exported file on your computer. Importing a contact list is much quicker if you are not connected to the Creature Labs server.

Message Centre
The message centre is where you can send messages, or view messages you have received. See section 5 for more information.

From this page you can start a chat session. See section 5 for more details.

Agent Injector
This section of Comms allows you to add expansion items to Docking Station. If you see no items listed on this page then you need to go and get some to download! Section 7 has more information on finding new items and injecting them.

This page gives you options to control the icons that will appear from time to time to inform you of special events. You can choose which warning icons to display and how many life events to show at one time.

This page of Comms gives you access to important web resources for Docking Station. There are a few standard entries that will appear here: Docking Station Central, Creature Labs Support and Creatures 3 information. If you have obtained additional agent files with web site information in them then these sites will be listed here too, this makes a handy list of all the sites you have obtained agents from!