User Interface Components
There are three 'menus' in Creatures 3: the Creature Menu, Options and the Inventory. Clicking on one of these tabs will open the menu. Clicking on it again will close the menu.

Creature Menu
The Creature Menu allows you to see a summary of all of your creatures and their names.

  1. You can click on a creature face in this menu to make it the selected creature (note the red arrow in the menu that floats above the head of the selected creature).
  2. If you have more than 6 creatures in the world then they will be shown 6 at a time, use the left and right arrows to scroll through the list of creatures.
  3. Finally, there are Import and Export buttons (see section 7.3)

Options Menu

  1. Press the quit button to bring up the Exit Game dialogue. You will be asked to confirm this, and the game will then save. Pressing the ESCAPE key has the same effect.
  2. Press the pause button to pause/resume your current game. Pressing the PAUSE key has the same effect.
  3. Pressing the about button will bring up a dialogue with information about your version of Docking Station, copyright information and a list of credits.
  4. Press this button to toggle the game between full screen and windowed mode. Pressing SHIFT+ALT+ENTER has the same effect.
  5. Toggle between Sound Effects and Music. This button is used in conjunction with the volume control below and allows you to choose which aspect of the sound system you wish to alter.
  6. Clicking on this bar will alter the volume level for the aspect selected with button 5 above. Clicking on the bar when it is full will take it to the lowest level of volume, at all other times it will increase the volume by a notch.
  7. Click here to turn on or off the sound effects.
  8. Click here to turn on or off the music.
  9. Click here to turn on or off the creature voice effects.
  10. Click here to alter the maximum number of creatures allowed on your ship. You will need to enter a numerical value.
  11. Click here to alter the breeding limit for the Norns. Once this limit is reached Norn eggs will stop hatching until room has been freed up. You will need to enter a numerical value.
  12. Name the hand. Click here and enter the name you wish the Norns to know you as!
  13. Click here to toggle hand colouring mode. The two modes are default and tinted.
  14. Click here to alter the colouration of the Hand if you are in tinted mode. There are three buttons corresponding to red tint, green tint and blue tint. Setting the colour is achieved by adding the required amounts of red, green and blue.

Your inventory is a little in-game box you can use to carry things as you move around the station. This is handy for storing machines, food or the other bits and pieces you may need on your daily Norn care rounds.