Step 6: Give them a good burial!

It is said that nothing in life is inevitable, save death and taxes, and this is partly true for Norns. They don't pay taxes, but they are bound to shuffle off their mortal coil sooner or later, hopefully later. The natural life span for a Norn is about seven hours, although you may get longer lived mutants if you're lucky. Of course, they can die of disease or misfortune before this time, so it's up to you to try and give them a full and long life.

When a Norn dies, a death event will appear below the HUD. You can click on this to proceed to the dead Norn. You can say whatever last words you wish over your departed one by using Agent Help on the body and adding text to their history information. With time the body will disappear in a haze of sparkly fog.

If you have had a Norn die for no apparent reason, the HoverDoc can perform post-mortems, and tell you what went wrong.