Step 5: Care for them!

Generally speaking, a well fed, well looked after Norn will enjoy good health for most of its life. However, there are hazards out there the novice Norn breeder should be aware of:

Just like our world, Capillata is full of bacteria. They float around the place, and mutate and change even more than your creatures do. Your Norns, however, have a complex biochemistry and an immune system that can fight most infections off. If a Norn comes into contact with bacteria, they may become infected. Although Norns can fight off most infections, some can be deadly, and it's always best to check on the health of your Norns regularly. The HoverDoc and the Containment Chamber both provide a facility for staining bacteria and making them visible with the naked eye. Releasing this staining cloud will dye the bacteria yellow for a short amount of time.

Poisoning can happen as a result of eating spoiled food, bacterial infection, or even ingestion of something nasty in someone else's world. You may, from time to time, find poisoned Norns from someone else's computer wandering around your world!

Norns can also starve if not fed over a long period of time, especially if they get distracted by other Norns or by a nice toy. The treatment for this is obvious: isolate them, and get them to eat something!

However, don't lose hope if you get a sick Norn. There are two powerful medical tools in Capillata designed to diagnose and treat illness:

The HoverDoc is a Shee constructed creature, capable of diagnosing all known Norn diseases, and suggesting a cure. Simply pick up the HoverDoc, and place it near one of your Norns. It will wake up, and give you an idea of the creature's emotional state. By clicking on the blue slide-out panel, you can also check for bacteria, poisons, or get a detailed readout of the Norn's emotional state.

Keyboard Tip
Having trouble finding the HoverDoc? If you hold down CTRL and SHIFT and press H, the game screen will move to the HoverDoc - and he will bounce into the air to help you locate him!

The Containment Area
The containment chamber is where new Norns arrive on your station, and acts as quarantine for new creatures. However, you can also place any of your creatures in there to check their state of health. The workshop display screen will give you more technical chemical information on your Norn's digestion than HoverDoc, but otherwise is capable of much the same things.

You can normally tell a sick creature because they will not act normally. Watch out for the following signs:

When a Norn contracts a bacterial infection, bacteria cling to them, bringing misery and disease. These bacteria are infectious, and can pass on the disease to another Norn if it comes too close to the infected Norn. There are some simple steps you can take to cure an infection:

This also generally applies to hurt or poisoned creatures. 'Doing the rounds' regularly with the HoverDoc - checking each Norn's health - is a good way to have a healthy population of Norns.