Step 4: Breed them!

Once you've taught your Norns some basic language, and you're successfully dealing with the moment-to-moment care, such as providing food or entertainment for your Norns as required, you can work towards having your first baby Norn. Norns are usually ready to breed after about an hour of life (that is, an hour of life according to the game time clock. On slower machines, this might be longer than a true hour). This varies because each creature is slightly different, and when you start breeding your own they'll get genetic mutations that may change when (or indeed, if!) they become fertile. You can use Agent Help to find out which life stage your Norns are at.

When Norns are fertile, they release pheromone chemicals that other creatures can detect. Mating is a strong instinct for them, and usually, they'll breed without human interference. However, a little matchmaking can certainly move things along a bit more quickly. Placing a male near an adult female is a good start. If a creature uses the 'push' action on another creature, it can trigger mating. Try saying 'push Norn' to a group of adult Norns, and see what happens! When Norns mate, they make a long kisssssss-pop sound, very unlike a normal kiss.

Females will not always become pregnant after mating, as it depends on where she is in her hormonal cycle. If she does become pregnant, then you'll see a pregnancy Life Event icon appear below the HUD at the top left of the screen.

Clicking on this will take you directly to the expectant female. When she lays her egg (after about ten minutes), an egg event will appear. Clicking on this will take you to the laid egg. Pregnant females have a strong instinct to return to the incubating heat pan to lay, so you may find that a lot of your females chose to lay their eggs very conveniently for hatching!

Once the egg has been laid, you can either leave it to hatch in the wild, or take it to the heat pan, if it has not been laid there to start with.

It is possible to trace a particular Norn's ancestry, by using the Agent Help. Click on your Norn, and then choose the History page. This page lists all important events in the Norn's life, and who was involved. For instance, by the birth event of your Norn, female and male symbols represent the mother and father of that Norn. Click on these symbols will select those parents.